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You decide to equip the suit of clothes first.
Sheesh, there really isn't much to this outfit, and it's kinda tight. Have you gained weight? You really can't remember. Well, it fits anyway, and the fabric feels kinda nice against your skin; very smooth and soft and...

Did you just hear a noise? Behind you?

Turning, you are horrified to be confronted by a towering Crypt Golem! Or is it a Crypt Elemental...? Heck, you don't know! It's a minor miracle you knew this much!
Whatever it is, it looks like it's angry with you for some reason...
Backing up slowly, you can't help but think: 'I was sleeping on that thing's HEAD?!'

Fast action is required. Will you:
+ Try communicating with the thing?
+ Equip one more item? (You don't think you can snag more than one before the big guy makes his move.)
+ Try to fight this thing barehanded?
+ Run for it? (There's an open doorway leading out of this room.)

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