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Sarcantasy 002

By Grendelkin

You have no idea why you're here, but now that you're awake... you feel cold and uncomfortable up here. You clumsily clamber off the stone table and go to have a look at the small pile of gear someone left lying around.

You find a backpack with bedroll. This is basic camping gear, to help you sleep semi-comfortably, no matter your surroundings. Just, y'know, so long as those surroundings aren't too extreme or instantly lethal.

You find a set of clothing. Not exactly stylish, not exactly a fur coat, but it looks like it would fit.

You find a crummy shortsword. Seriously, this thing looks like the weaponsmith had an off day when he forged it. It comes with its own sheath and weapon-belt, though, so that's something.

Would you like to Equip an Item, or would you prefer to Explore a bit further first? 

VOTE CLOSED. Move on to…
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Aug 5, 2018, 7:22:38 PM
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She's got a cute butt. :)
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
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Dang, digging the ROG elements. I need to get some duds on, I am turning into a Remoracicle. 
Grendelkin's avatar
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Put on some clothing. Cold in here, and I don't fancy the idea of wandering around naked.
yeah, definitely!
And then see what's in the pack
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Equip all the things! Hmm... unless they're cursed. Eek!
Grendelkin's avatar
In which order? ^_^
MagusFerox's avatar
Clothes first. Open the pack and see what's in it! And I'd unsheathe that sword and have a look at its condition. 
Poke about with/at the big, square thing. Examine the motifes.
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