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Pet the Halfling-moment

"Beware, oh Hero, that when you are offered everything you ever wanted, the price does not lead you astray."

This is a bit of crossover-fanart for fishcapades's project, The Handbook of Heroes (
It seems the forever lonely Gunslinger has wandered onto my world of Ird somehow, and has run into a party that is willing to let him join! Hooray for him -- except I may have mentioned how chibis can't resist the siren song of locks and oatmeal raisin cookies... (…)

It seems that if Gunslinger isn't careful, he's about to become part of a massive cookie-related crime spree, and all because his new party wants to see him get his fair share of the loot. Oh dear, oh dearie me...

DISCLAIMER: The character known as "Gunslinger" belongs to :iconfishcapades: and Colin Stricklin. I make NO claim to him. This is fanart.
The chibis, on the other hand, are all mine.
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Dec 27, 2020, 7:21:58 PM
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ar dat Is a really big boy, or the chibi are more tiny from what I think

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Well, yeah. Gunslinger is a Halfling. ^_^

They may be smaller than full-sized humans, but definitely bigger than Chibis...

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jajajajaj And to think what I wanted to do to one of my Big boys big gals, like, a random encounter with the chibis! I imagined them small but now I know that it would be more of an Atack of Titans style encounter

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Well, they may be small, but if they have the time to prepare and can use the environment to their advantage...

... ever read Gulliver's Travels? ;)

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A, that's true! It's going to be funny, a tough imperial soldier and a sweet war medic. In a similar situation, the big man yelling "CURS YOU WOMAN, I'll crush you when I break this bowler and ropes!" and the war medic responding "Hey, they are too small and cute to hurt them, we can talk about it! They are also not a threat, not a clear one" ignoring the fact that the surprise attack by some chibis was capable of capturing creatures so corpulent and huge (and militarily trained XD)

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jajajaja really one, and more whit the fact, will they are yealling to each other, for moments they will ignore they are being captured, examined, investigated or whatever else the chibis would do in that situation

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Well, they'd definitely steal any biscuits.

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