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Sutesh, known as the Stranger in her desert homeland, started out as the patron deity of foreigners, storms and scorpions. She was wildly impopular and considered to be a sponsor of thieves, assassins, rebels, usurpers and foreign invaders.
When trade with the outside world started, foreign merchants were forbidden by local authorities to pay homage to any deity other than Sutesh while in the desert lands on pain of death - and the deity's fortunes started to turn.
Like it or not, merchants have money and foreigners bring new ideas and philosophies. As trade swelled, so did the number of Sutesh's followers, until her temples in the foreign quarters rivaled those of the other members of the desert pantheon. Her priests were suddenly in high demand to oversee trade agreements, bless new ventures, and do all the other things priests do. In time, the worship of Sutesh spread beyond the deserts where it was founded.

As a person, Sutesh is amoral, mercurial, vain and self-indulgent, but not wholly malicious. While she will bless any venture which calls for her, especially unlawful ones, if forced to choose to support good or evil, she chooses good. Sutesh is powerful and delights in chaos, but prefers attacking from the back or the flanks over outright melée - not out of cowardice, but to ensure a swift victory.
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