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OCs: Madeleine



Gender: Female

Distinguishing marks: Twin puncture scars on neck; Eye of Osiris-tattoo over belly-button.

Orientation: Biromantic asexual.

Combat: Journeyman jeet kune do; Journeyman twin daggers; Journeyman pistol-and-dagger combo; Journeyman twin pistols.

Magic: Journeyman Wizard (specialties in Attack, Defence, Enhancement).

Psionics: Journeyman psychic (Kineticism, Obscuring, Precognition, Telepathy).

Character song: Nightcore, 'Pretty little psycho' -

Madeleine (she'll tolerate "Madeline" but despises being called "Maddy") boasts that she's Cassie's best student ever. Regardless whether this is true or not, she's been the Executioner's apprentice long enough that Cassie actually has a nickname for her.
If anyone else would dare call Madeleine "Panda", it probably wouldn't end well.... ^^;
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she looks so fierce :D (Big Grin)
and cute at the same time! you should stay proud :D (Big Grin)

(lol realized i should have written comment here!)