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Inktober 2019-27: Knife

By Grendelkin
"Ah, I am glad we got to meet again, child," Adam said as he flowed into a horribly familiar stance.

Ryvin did not ask who had taught the villainous Utar the two-handed variant of mulinello-duelling, she just shifted into the alba vuota-stance, reading to claim point-of-line ... and the bastard moved into the fasi lunari.
She felt her heart clench - and Adam started to laugh.

"Yes," he said. "After our last encounter, I decided to study your style of swordfighting. I followed your trail right back to your original fencing master. Your father was most impressed! He even called me his star pupil. Of course, he was less happy with me after my graduation battle."

Anger and fear bubbled up from the bottom of Ryvin's mind. She quashed them down. Last time she met Adam, she only survived because Cassandra and the Prince had been there. They'd overwhelmed Adam together, forced him to flee. Overwhelmed him...

"I know everything your dear old Papa did of the mulinello and more," Adam said as he flowed toward her. "And more. You couldn't defeat me with the sword if I didn't. I am going to kill you, with this sword your father gave me as a graduation gift, and you'll die not knowing what I did to him."

Ryvin moved into a standard sampo, an opening cut -- then whipped her off-hand forward. Adam dodged, but with a shallow cut under his eye. Even though he'd clearly trained with Ryvin's Dad, he just as clearly hadn't spent any time with her Mum. Not that women back home taught the knife to anyone other than their daughters.

Twirling the curved knife into a reverse grip, Ryvin shifted into lateral vrajitoare, a stance of Mégère sa Canne.
Adam was good. He was very good. But he was neither creative nor flexible. He had expected to face a mulinello swordswoman; if she could overwhelm him, keep him occupied until the rest of the team caught up...
'I need to find out what he did to Dad!'
Ryvin moved into the first vicious, lightning-fast attack sequence.

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Time to kick some ass! ^^
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Ohh very thrilling! :D
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