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Inktober 2019-23: Phases

"Fog Demons always, always generate banks of fog to hide their approach and isolate their prey. That's how they get their name," the Prince said once the echoes of the creature's shrill hunting scream had died away. "But fog is water vapour, and water has two other phases: liquid and solid."

Ryvin looked at the monster, frozen in ice. It might have seemed an unusual time for a lecture to someone in a different profession, but she rather appreciated it. The fact that she was still alive after facing an A-rank, Pheme-class monster was a contributing factor.

"Our magics work differently," the Prince continued, "but we both know the workings of Ice. We can force water vapour to undergo a phase shift. This thing essentially handed us the weapon of its own demise, thinking it was the tool of its victory. As long as you know how to wield Ice and keep your ears open, a Fog Demon is nothing to worry about."

"Thank you, your highness," Ryvin said, sincerely. "This has been most instructive. Is there anything else you would like to teach me?"

"Following on the previous lesson, it pays to carry an iron hammer, but a rock will do in a pinch. A heavy one, mind."

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Nor shall you thaw. ;p

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Well... maybe. But by then they'll already have bludgeoned him into small pieces.

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Oh wow, very cool! I really like the action going on in this scene!
Also, I always enjoy your little detailed descriptions to help set the mood, or flesh out the meaning behind the piece! :)
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Heh, thank you! ^_^ (And I see what you did there. ;) 'Cool', indeed!)
I'm glad you enjoy the descriptions. Often, I find people wouldn't get what I was drawing without them. ^^; But getting used to giving descriptions has sure helped me with drawing/writing my comic, Sarcantasy.
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You're very welcome! Haha glad you caught on to that! xD
Indeed, the descriptions are always entertaining to read! Eh, idk about that, at least, I know that I can understand what's going on without the description, but I get what you mean though. I'm glad it has helped you improve your writing though, that's great!
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