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Silva and Bubble 20190519 155412-1 by Grendelkin Silva and Bubble 20190519 155412-1 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 2 3 Daisy 20190519 152342-1 by Grendelkin Daisy 20190519 152342-1 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 2 1 Sarcantasy 092 by Grendelkin
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Sarcantasy 092 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 6 2
Sarcantasy 091 by Grendelkin
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Sarcantasy 091 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 3 3
Delar Kinless
Male Half-Urken Caster (Fontanist) 4 / Mystic (Priest) 1 (Antu-Hakh)
BEA 08   COM 12   CHI 00
DEX 14   EMO 10   ESP 00
HEA 16   INT 14   LUK 06
SPD 12   MEM 12   MAG 04
STR 14   WIL 18   PAT 06
Emergency Focus
Focus Item
Spellcasting (HEA)
Swift Focus
Blade of the Patron (Blessings)
Life/Death Mystery
Expert Swordsman (tsuru)
Expert Swordsman (Window Behind the Ivy)
Master Swordsman (Stained Glass)
Sword Form Originator (Window Behind the Ivy) -- bonus to Sword Form equal to character level
Breed Like a Rodent, Magical Bloodline, Nighteyes, Urken Passion
Outcast, Ugly, Urken Bloodfrenzy
Arcane Lore 5
Creature Lore 2
Foraging 3
Hunting 3
Linguistics 3 (Arkan, Edda, Urken)
Religious Lore 2
Sword Forms 6 (Stained Glass)
Sword Forms 4 (tsuru)
Sword Forms 9 (Window Behind the Ivy)
World Lore 3
:icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 4 0
Daisy Greenleaf
Female (?) Warrior 1
BEA 16   COM 12   CHI 00
DEX 10   EMO 10   ESP 00
HEA 12   INT 10   LUK 02
SPD 10   MEM 12   MAG 00
STR 12   WIL 08   PAT 01
Armour Proficiency: Light
Oversized Weapon Use
Weapon Proficiency: Longsword
Dread Squire I: Swordbearer
X, X, Natural Chronomancy, Natural Necromancy
X, X, Pulse in the Field
Creature Lore 2
Linguistics 1 (Arkan, Edda)
Sword Forms: Stained Glass 2 -- Sword Art: Stained Glass Shatterpoint
9 Gold
Beautifying top +2
Delar's spare shirt
Delar's spare trousers
Grim Death - ghostly longsword
Growling Lion - oversized longsword
Red Ribbon
Silk gentleman's underwear (Deadman Knight)
:icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 4 0
Sarcantasy 090 by Grendelkin
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Sarcantasy 090 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 5 2
Sarcantasy 089 by Grendelkin
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Kitten in my backyard - Updates + Pics
Several weeks ago, I made a journal about a kitten that's been hanging around my backyard. We (my mom and I) decided to name her Sheba.
Sheba has become very comfortable in our yard. She rolls around the ground, plays with some of the weeds, and chirps at birds that come to eat the seeds my mom feeds them. She doesn't seem to be scared of me at all while I'm behind the door, but when I open it, she hides under some flowers.
Yesterday, I observed a cute behavior from her and my female cat, Bassett: the two of them were playing against the door! Three times to be exact, though this would be four times total. Sheba was even looking for her after she finished eating. They like to tap the glass and roll around. It's very cute seeing their tails puff up too. I know they are playing because neither are hissing or showing signs of aggression. We can't have them actually interact without the door though because we haven't been able to trap Sheba to take her to the vet, but I think this i
:icontaralen:Taralen 3 13
:icondreaming-witch:Dreaming-Witch 3 7
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Sarcantasy 093, first set of sketches and inking... failed. >_<
Back to the drawing board. Literally.
Puns... >_<
Silva and Bubble 20190519 155412-1
Another quick doodle, this time of my character Silva harassing the brilliant Foxhatart's Bubblegum. (Copyright for Bubblegum belongs 100% to :iconfoxhatart:, I make no claim.)
Poor Bubble just has awful luck with my ladies, especially ones who love his floppy ears. ;)
Daisy 20190519 152342-1
Just a quick doodle of my character, Daisy Greenleaf, "in all her necromantic finery".
( A cookie to the first person to recognize that quote. ;) )
Sarcantasy 091
Previously, on…

= = = = = = = = = = = =

"I'm not going to let you hurt anyone!" you shout as you center yourself, just as Delar taught you, setting the full strength of your body behind your blade. "Who are you?!"

You lunge on the 'you' - and you feel it's going wrong even before your blade touches the shadow. 

Crippled it may be, unable to move at its best, its life may be oozing out of the wound you struck before -- but that does not mean the horrible thing is paralyzed. It jerks its head to the side just before Grim Death cuts into it, and… ewww...
The sword sort of slices into the tarry mess that is the shadow's skin and tears it! There is something … someone? … underneath the horrible stuff, you can tell...

"I am," the stranger inside the shadow whispers, his voice hoarse with pain and hatred, "Lord of Nightthrone … conqueror of death … your destroyer!"

Your sword is stuck in the shadow's skin, and the enemy in front of you suddenly lunges at you. A three-fingered claw goes hurtling towards your face, you barely register the thought you should stop tugging at your sword and dodge when...

Something small comes hurtling into your field of vision and interposes itself between you and the claw. The middle digit slams into the new arrival, bending double, and the attack is checked.
It's the talking, floating skull-thing you met before!

"Why'd you just rush ahead?" it wails. "You have to wait for me! I can't protect you from necromancy if you just leave me behind!"

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Vote closed!
Please proceed to:…
Sarcantasy 092
Previously, on…

= = = = = = = = = = = =

You decide to accept the skull-thing's help and -- something just clicks inside your mind.
This is not an outside force, not truly a separate thing. This is part of you, of your 'natural necromancy' … you feel it.

You don't know how you do what comes next. That is rather the point; what you do is an instinct you suddenly discover lurking at the back of your mind, a wordless impulse beneath conscious thought drawing the power out of your core and out of the air, making it surround you like armour.

It feels like a layer of armour, your own necromancy guarding you against foreign, hostile necromancy. The way it manifests … you suspect that is special, caused by your current condition as a spirit or whatever you are. It probably also has something to do with the way you feel about it now, the way you're thinking about it.

From one moment to another, you are wrapped in armour. Necromancy made manifest, solid as steel, light as a thought, marked with the sign of the Skull.

Nor is it just armour; the power radiates forth from you, and you see the shadow's claw start to bleach and scatter little flakes of darkness as your two powers clash … and its starts to wither and fail. The power courses down your arms and into Grim Death, blending with the blade's own power, turning the shadow-substance gripping it to slop and goo.
You pull it loose almost effortlessly.

"What -- who -- what?!" the shadow hisses as it yanks back its wounded appendage and struggles to refirm its oozing substance. "Who are you? Who sent you?!"

You do not answer. As before, you see your moment. You only need to step into it now, while the shadow is wavering, confused and angry. With the rage of the ghosts thundering through Grim Death, with your own power shielding you and weakening the enemy, you charge and slice…!

There is a sound like rotten cloth tearing, accompanied by a cry that starts too high for your ears to hear, but rapidly descends the tone ladder until it becomes a full-throated shriek of pain and disbelief.

"My cloak! You tore my cloak!" cries the … ghost? … its voice full of dread.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

What will you say?
What will you do?



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

1. "Am I supposed to be afraid? Sorry, but it's hard to frighten the dead." 

2. "Nom. If you don't kill me, you don't have to return to the Doom."

3. "You think your confessions with my hand at your throat mean anything?!" 

4. "Alive or undead, you are coming with me."

5. "I am not stupid. I know what 'give up' means.
That does not mean I will."

6. "How come you don't care where you're going?"
"'Cause how you got there is the worthier part."

7. "Preacher, don't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killing?"
 "Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps." *cocks gun*

8. "You were nothing but a newborn when I learned how to use a weapon."

9. "Nasty? You don't want to get 'nasty' with me? My people invented the concept!"
 "Your people may have invented the concept..." *unsheathes blade* "...but mine perfected it."

10. "It's just clothes and a haircut, you know? Just because other people who look like me are sad all the time doesn't mean I have to be."

11. "Your problems are completely alien to me. It's like a bear complaining to a shark that its knees hurt."

12. "You can't run if you want to be number one."

13. "We don't need to go siphon gas out of a car. I have thermite."

14. "Not today."
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