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Alternative magic
Most magic used on Ird could be defined as 'grey'.
Standard magic is not overwhelmingly good, nor overwhelmingly evil; it is one of the great tools that the Noids used to eke out a place for themselves in the often hostile world of Ird, alongside psionics, science, religion, the class system, the party system, and other methods.
Black and white magic do exist, but it is rare to find devoted practitioners; each requires a devotion to respectively evil and good in every casting, and while the results of such devotion are considerable, the effort is considered prohibitive by many.
Likewise, certain alternative forms of magic are considered to be prohibitive, though not for reasons of effort, but rather because of negative repercussions they can have on the caster.
= = = = = = = = = = = =
'Grey' magic is understood, fairly reliable, even scientifically quantifiable up to a certain point. Experiments in blending grey magic with science and psionics are commonplace in Ird's great universitie
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Creature -- an addendum to the Class system
The earliest Noids had a rough time surviving on Ird; they were surrounded on all sides by creatures which possessed natural abilities - or at least the potential to develop natural abilities - that allowed them to outclass the Noids on nearly all fronts. Nowadays, the Class system is globally in effect, and any creature with either the wit and will to choose to do so, or else with appropriate guidance from a creature with the appropriate knowledge and skills, may advance in a Class and gain powerful abilities.
This does not mean that the predators have lost theirs.
Beings like, for example, the Halokai in Sarcantasy's Team B, may choose to advance in a Class when they gain sufficient xp. But they may also choose to advance as a Creature.
Creature is technically not the same as the Classes, but it functions in a similar way. By gathering xp, a being that belongs to a specific subset of the lifeforms on Ird may choose to advance their natural abilities, as others mi
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Sarcantasy 070 by Grendelkin Sarcantasy 070 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 3 5 Inktober 2018 . 16 by Grendelkin Inktober 2018 . 16 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 1 4 Inktober 2018 . 15 by Grendelkin Inktober 2018 . 15 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 2 3 Inktober 2018 . 14 by Grendelkin Inktober 2018 . 14 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 4 3
Setsubun . 24
Nagato started to beat the drum, providing the beat. We could have found a tape that included drums, but Koizumi had vetoed that idea and said something complicated about 'evoking a primal response'. I let it go because I got the odd impression that Nagato wanted to do it.
Three white-clad girls - Koizumi, Taniguchi and Kunikida - danced out into the circle, bowed to each other, turned outward, bowed to the audience I hoped and prayed they couldn't see, then turned inward again and clasped hands.
The boombox started to play its tune; violins screamed, copper instruments droned, and the drum thundered under and over all. I could barely see Nagato's hands move, he was drumming so fast. His face remained as impassive as ever, though.
I heard my cue in the music and danced out onto the circle, the skirt of Makuro's black hakama whirling about my legs. A voice started to sing. I never bothered to ask Koizumi which member of the Organization provided the vocals included in the music tape. Or
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Setsubun . 23
Since joining the SOS-dan, I have been subjected to many strange experiences. I have watched red giants destroying a silent, lifeless world, and be cut apart themselves by spheres of soft, blue radiance with humans at their center. I have been in a room that was being restructured around me, while a classmate tried to murder me in order to see how Haruki would respond. And I have been at a manor on an otherwise uninhabited island, where a murder mystery was taking place.
And I have seen the Oni fighting with the fate of the world at stake, though they did it for meat and beans.
All in all, I could die a happy woman if I never have to see that sort of thing again. From now on, I want my Oni to be nothing more than men in masks at festivals.
And so it should not be surprising that I was first at the school gate on Sunday. I had anticipated that it would be locked, had not really expected the place to be bustling with activity, but it was ... quiet.
No birds were singing in the trees, the
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Setsubun . 22
The rest of that day passed … in an unpleasant manner. First, Haruki spent all the time during class until lunch, tugging on my hair and whispering questions and orders at me, until the teacher thought he was trying to cheat somehow.
I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m afraid there is no way to cheat at writing down dictation. If there were, I surely would have started using it a while back, as your particular brand of dictation has the power to put me right to sleep.
Lunch rolled around, and Haruki was annoyed because he hadn’t managed to break me. I saw his head turn around like that of a hunting feline, saw what he was looking at. Right there and then, we had an impromptu race to Taniguchi and Kunikida’s table. Thank you, unadulterated desperation, and the adrenaline you bring. I got there first and managed to grab the idiot duo by the elbow and drag them away from Haruki.
No, you can not talk to Haruki. No, Haruki, you can not talk to them. Let go of that!
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Setsubun . 21
Apart from Taniguchi being an idiot for Tsuruya-sempai and my having to keep my little brother under control, the first rehearsal actually went much better than I had anticipated. That is, until everyone decided that yes, they would like to stay for dinner at my place.
Dad was quite the gracious host, giving my brother and myself money to go buy some of that special ramen for everyone. Said chore was made slightly more trying by the fact that Nagato mutely insisted on accompanying us … I’m not sure what motivated him, since he didn’t say a single word the whole trip, despite my little brother’s attempts to engage him in conversation about the mock battle part of the ‘play’. Maybe he wanted to carry the bags, since that is what he did.
Back at the house, dinner was … livelier than usual. Mom was very surprised when she came home and found dad setting the table for a house full of high school students, but Tsuruya-san charmed her as easily as he
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Setsubun . 20
Getting Taniguchi to join in with my ‘play’ was simplicity itself, once I’d dropped Tsuruya-san’s name. Kunikida’s agreeing to help out was practically a foregone conclusion once Taniguchi was in. Those two are really close friends, huh … And getting Tsuruya-san to agree to my unreasonable demands … was really depressingly easy.
I phoned him up after escaping from the clubroom and Haruki, while I was making my way home. Before I escaped, Haruki kept going on about neck massages being the next best thing after scalp massages for providing someone with an uninterrupted sleep, but I didn’t really feel comfortable with him going there …
“Oh, hey there, Kyon-chan!” Tsuruya-san’s voice cheerfully boomed out of my cell phone. “Nyahaha, been a while, been a while, eh? What’s up, calling me out of the blue? I’m kidding, I’m glad to hear from you, so what’s shaking?”
Me, actually. I’
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Setsubun . 19
After class, Haruki dragged me off to the clubroom and sat me down at the table before anyone else even got there. Wait, since when is Nagato not already waiting for the rest of us to arrive?
Gradually, the rest of the SOS-dan trickles into the room. Nagato's expression was unreadable as usual, and he immediately seized a book and started reading. Itsuko smiled impishly when she saw Haruki abusing my hair, and set up a go board. When Asahina-sempai came in and just stood there looking dumbfounded, she gently guided him to the seat opposite hers and asked him to play against her.
Hey, I'll play you! Right here! Just tag me out of this situation first, will you?
No? Great. That's just super, really.
Haruki kept tugging and twisting on my hair, the others kept doing nothing to alleviate my suffering. The only noises were the clicking of game pieces on the go board, the soft rustling of book pages, and Haruki muttering about ways he could ‘improve my new look’.
It was prett
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Mature content
Setsubun . 18 :icongrendelkin:Grendelkin 1 0



Sarcantasy 039
Last time, on…

"Ahh, this is more like it!" Emma says as she briefly turns her back and switches her heart-shaped eyepatch with the new one made of black silk. "Much more my style!"

"Never held one of these before," Isabeau comments as she holds up the heavy crossbow. "Back home it's always longbows, longbows, longbows. I've seen one in a lesser lord's trophy chamber, but... Ohoho, feel the power in this badboy! I'm gonna save up my xp to buy a proficiency!"

You ask Delar whether he's happy with his... ceramic egg thingie.

"It's a golem core," he corrects you. "You can construct a new golem around one of these, if you're a caster or a mystic with the know-how and power to do it. On the inside, there's a lot of tiny cogs inscribed with instructions. Any construct-crafter would pay good coin for one of these. Or, you know, there's a Fontanist spell that it would allow me to cast: instant golem to do my bidding for about four minutes, and then the golem goes poof and the core as well."

"Could be fun," Isabeau suggests. "Imagine the look on your enemies' faces if you magic a golem out of thin air."

"I'll... think about it," Delar hedges.

You use the string to tie your hair back -- and you feel it change!
Before you can panic, the string has become a lovely, red silk ribbon. Your companions dutifully compliment you on how it looks.

When you suggest Dice might not be all bad, though, they all grimly shake their heads.

"He's a jerk through and through," Emma says. "Come on; let's heal up and get moving."

"Or we could heal up and camp out," Delar suggests. "We've nearly burned through your healing kiiii -- uh, your TLC already, and I can only intone a limited number of healing prayers every day. We have plenty to eat here."

Isabeau licks her chops at the notion of eating the cheese golem...

= = = = = = = = = = = =

(Just ignore the panel on the right. It probably doesn't mean anything important. ;p)

= = = = = = = = = = = =

VOTE CLOSED! Please proceed to… and don't trip over the timewarp. ;)
Sarcantasy 038
Previously, on…

While Emma goes to see what she can do for Isabeau, you stand up to Dice and demand to know what he means by 'prizes', goldurnit!

"So suspicious!" Dice rattles/chuckles. "Very well, have a look at your fabulous take-away gifts!"

Five items appear out of nowhere, spinning gently in the air. Their appearance makes you quite ignore a startled gasp and muffled curse behind you...

"One quality eyepatch, black silk," Dice says, "for the Malborn courtesan who resents looking like one. One heavy crossbow with full quiver, for the rebel Elf. The quiver is a bonus for charging into the fray so bravely. One fully-functional golem core for the caster who doesn't dare cast freely. And for the girl who doesn't know who or what she is and can't fight alone... a twice-looped red string. Tie your hair up with it, you look too shaggy. Enjoy them and see you in a month - or not!"

Cackling/rattling, Dice disappears, and the items fall at your feet.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

VOTE CLOSED! Please continue to:…



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