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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
Mature content
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
A Determined Dip
The men pulled the boat farther into the sea, until half the company jumped aboard. The last few stragglers were ensuring that the boat was out, the ropes were in and no man had forgotten anything.
"Erik, someone wants to say goodbye to you," Dag nodded his head behind one of the men who was just pulling himself into the boat, "again."
Erik turned and his eyes widened as he caught sight of her. 
Britt, with her dress hitched up to her knees in one hand, and the other holding onto her large stomach that held their child, was running full pelt down the sand and towards the sea.
"Erik!" She screamed, laughing as she splashed her bare feet into the water. Erik was only just shaking himself from the shook when he made his way to the front of the boat and met her as she came up to meet him. She still laughed as she now became submerged in the water, up to the stomach.
"Britt, get out," Erik laughed along with her as she reached for his hand, "The Water is too cold, you'll freeze!"
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice
C4: We fight for our right~
The day had not been kind to them this time. The clouds had been a warning sign.
As the ponies trotted on through the mud, the rain hammered down all around them. Druili was thankful for the cloak she had brought, because whilst it wasn't keeping her dry or warm, it was at least protecting her armor she wore. Her chain mail shirt had been specially designed for her and she would not like to see it rust.
Dori had called out to Gandalf, asking him about the possibility of stopping the weather, to which Druili looked at Ori, both of whom shared the back today.
"I think we already know the answer to that."
Ori chuckled and readjusted his bag again, trying desperately to protect the parchment inside.
"Did you want my cloak, Ori?" Druili may not have wanted to get her Armour rusty, but she didn't want to see Ori's writings become ruined by the rain.
"No, no, keep it," Ori tucked the bundle back inside his coat, "It's perfectly safe now, it's just awkward to hold t
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 8
Lupis Veniunt: Luna Plena
C2: Luna Plena
“Last stop boys and girls, we're here!” The bus driver yelled back the short distance and sure enough, came to a rough halt which jolted Victoria forward in her seat. She may have had her life saved, but a whine from in front of her told her Keisha hadn't been so lucky with something of hers.
“That was my last bag of gummi bears Phil! You could have done that gentler.”
“I would, but I think I'm speaking for everyone here when I say,” Phil the bus driver stood up and was waving everyone off the bus, “bathroom' are just across the road next to the town house everyone!”
The few passengers that Victoria didn't know piled off quickly and followed Phil to the said bathrooms.
Victoria took the time, making sure she had all her bags and books and easing her feet back into her shoes.
Pretty but painful.
Just as she stepped out of her seat, an unexpected bump caused the books balanced nicely in her arms to plop down onto the seat, on
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
Mature content
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 3
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice
Chapter 2: On the way
"I asked you a question!" Thorin steadied his horse as it nervously paced about beneath him, startled by his loud bellow of annoyance.
She took a deep breath and prepared herself, knowing that she probably wasn't going to win any arguments, however, she answered.
"I told you, Uncle: I'm here to join you. I want to help and offer my services-"
"Stop talking."
Thorin' glare did not cease, but she had a moment to cast her glance behind him, catching the other's expression'.
Fili and Kili' joint fear. Bilbo' curiosity. And of course, Gandalf' amusement.
Unexpectedly, Thorin approached her, trotting his horse so he could reach out and grab her if he wanted to.
"Listen to me closely child," his voice was more even and lowered so the other's could barely hear, "when you asked me once, I said no. When you disobeyed me and asked my sister, I yet again made sure that you knew how I felt. And yet, here you are. So it seems I didn't make myself clear enough. Go Home. You are
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 3
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice
~Chapter 1: Not Welcome~
Everything inside the small house was content enough. Content as it could have been with a band of dwarves, a wizard and a disgruntled hobbit squabbling over the adventure they were to take. At least the dishes had been cleaned.
None of them bothered to look outside. And why would they? Hobbits were not the only creatures on middle earth that were good at sneaking quietly by without getting noticed.
The figure made sure to stay in the shadows. It would be no good being detected now, there'd still be a chance of Thorin sending them back home and being in the Shire, as she was now, was possibly not an ideal location to be abandoned and have to turn back all the way home, when she'd barely seen any excitement or adventure.
Back to the quiet peace of farmland his sister owned.
Back to the mundane existence and the place of waiting.
Waiting for news of a battle. A dragon slain, the last of it's kind. A Throne and legacy reclaimed.
Waiting for word of their deaths.
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 1
Mature content
Delusions of Cola 33 WE'RE BACK...for now. :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 4
The Shadmock: Something Wicked this way comes
~Chapter 2: Something wicked this way comes~
He heard the knock at the door and checked his pocket watch as he slowly made his way to the front door.
Two minutes early.
Yet he wasn't going to open the door, just because she was early.
Even if it was raining. Taking his time, he eventually UN-bolted the last of his locks on the door and made a show of keeping to the shadows as he opened the door.
The sight that welcomed him was definitely unexpected.
“Mr. Wellintsworth?” Jessica said with a large smile on her face, as if she was not dripping wet and waiting to be invited into a stranger' house to work. He noted that she did not have an umbrella, or a hood, but that her hair and legs were miraculously dry.
“You may call me Sir.” His voice sounded far too breathy, more than he was comfortable with and cleared his throat.
“My apologies, Sir,” Her smile did not falter and she gazed at him with a hopeful expression, “if it is alright with you sir, I
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 2 0
My DA Family: L4D1
Chapter 1: Something like a recipe…
Kat cautiously stirred the last spoonful of spice in.
She done it ‘cautiously’ because last time, her spice had caused a small explosion in the kitchen. She never let Ripki or Hana in the kitchen again after that, not unattended at least.
When nothing unusual occurred, she sighed in relief  and shook in some salt.
“Abi, do you know what time Mandy is getting back?” She turned away briefly address her sister, forgetting she was still shaking, “I’ll need to know whether or not to serve her one with everyone else or save one for later.”
Abi looked up from her work and towards the large, art deco clock on the wall.
“Should be here any minute, but remember how she likes to stroll through the park.”
Kat nodded and turned back around, quickly stopping her hand motions and looking down at the pot.
“Ah well, it will be a teensy bit salty.” She muttered to herself.
Giving it a good st
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
Mature content
Delusions of Cola 32 :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 3
Mature content
Delusions of cola 31: Sleepover :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 1 13
Mature content
Delusions of cola...30 p2 :icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
The hospital lights are a sickly green.
Or is that just the walls?
Everything seems distorted and I can't seem to care to look around properly.
My attention is here.
There's a small lump of flesh in a plastic box.
It has a heartbeat.
It has a gender.
It has one of those knitted hats on to keep it warm.
That seems to be the biggest thing in the box.
It's safe in this little world.
For us, we have to travel by plane or boat to see the vast world we know.
But for this being,
it's world is in the box,
in a room,
where a strange, large lump of flesh is gazing in.
Observing it.
It seems to like the quiet tunes,
drifting from the radio in the corner,
and I oblige the horrified noise it makes,
and turn off the offending song.
It seems to like my voice,
even if I whisper words that are incorrect or made up.
Maybe it likes the sound of my voice,
or the knowledge that I have not left its side.
That I'm still here,
and the quiet,
unsaid promise that,
I always shall be.
I press my fingertips lightl
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 0 0
The Mirror of Videns
~The Mirror of Videns~
The 'mirror' in question, did not appear to be a mirror at all. She found it curious, as looking at it, it appeared to be a strange and obscure sculpture.
Four large, curved, marble arms, seemed to hoover in the air, hanging by an invisible thread. They were held together by each hand, grasping at the other's elbow, as if a four way fight for dominance was occurring, for all eternity.
Elsa turned to Shilvera, who motioned with a nod of her head, for the girl to approach.
It was only when stepping forward, did she see how it could resemble a mirror. The glass was...odd.
Although it was clear, the light cast from the overhead torches, rippled along the surface, as if it were alive and moving.
She could just make out her reflection, but the texture seemed...familiar to her.
Leaning forward, hesitantly, uncertainly, she took a small breath in and puckered her lips, breathing out the air. The ripple in the 'glass' confirmed her theories.
“It's a bubble.”
:icongrenadierjorinde:GrenadierJorinde 1 1


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God how I love this random shizness XD


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C6: In Dreams

Druili turned towards Bilbo, who had joined her side when the path became wider.
"So?" She raised an eyebrow at him.
"The...Warg?" He looked back at her, hoping he didn't have to elaborate more.
"Ah." Druili remembered her promise.
After finding the path again, they found themselves on a steady declining bridge of sorts, that would take them directly into Rivendell. But again, they seemed to be a good twenty minute walk...maybe even an hour if they had to stop again for Bombur and Bofur to catch up.
"I wasn't born with these beautiful marks you know," she waved a hand in front of her face, "some kings and queens have to pay to look this good, hours having their make-up done and leeches and all sorts of lotions and potions applied."
Kili and Fili chuckled in front of her and Bilbo looked between them all, rather perplexed.
He'd noticed her scars, but none of the others really talked about it, so he never felt the need to ask. But he had observed and watched her some nights, as she slept.
The three, large red welts, spread across her face, went from the top of her head, to her cheek. One appeared to run down, straight her from her eyebrow, down across her eye and ending just before her nose. The other came to sit just on the side of her nose and could have been missed. But the most notable one sat straight across her lips. It ran vertically at a slant and it was deeper than the other two. SO much so, that it pulled her lips in a way she seemed to have a permanent pout going on.
"No," Druili chuckled and turned away from him, looking at the sky that was turning a beautiful cherry red, "as you've was a Warg. I was...oh...Fourteen? Kili, how old was I?"
Kili turned fully towards them, but continued to walk backwards.
"Fourteen, because the year before, you broke the boys nose when he tried to kiss you during the festival."
"Oh yes," Druili smiled fondly to herself, "I remember now. Dancing, good food...mother having to apologize to another mother for me before I ran off and hid with you two under a table for the rest of the night." 
Bilbo's eyes widened at the vague description.
"But anyway, you wanted to know," she cast a sideways glance at him again, "how I got my lovely looks?"

 “Stupid Dunderhead, twitching, brother of mine.” Druili mumbled angrily and swatted at a nearby bush with her long twig, both out of boredom and frustration.
It'd been sometime since she'd found herself parted from her brothers and the little prank they had obviously pulled on her had obviously gone wrong since she was now genuinely lost. They'd just told her to walk towards the stream and find the treasure that was buried there.
She headed in the general direction she was sure they had come from, though it'd been over an hour and now, the smell she'd been following didn't smell like home anymore. 
"Follow your nose they said," she spoke out loud, not caring if anyone did hear her talking to herself anymore, "it will always lead you home they said. All I can smell is...I don't know."
She stopped and took another sniff through her nose. There was something else she was smelling. When she'd started walking, she could smell the town scents. That became wild flowers and a smoky, cooking scent from an abandoned campfire. Now...she smelled something she'd never encountered before.
She couldn't quite put her finger on it. It fur. It smelled a little like one of Uncle Thorin' coats, when he left it against the chair too long, by the fireplace. And for some reason, it smelled damp.

A growl drew her attention. An inhuman growl she had never heard before.
Slowly, she craned her head over her shoulder and caught sight of a great beast, standing not far from her. She gasped and turned around. 
'There is a Warg running loose the next town over. Be careful when you're out and DON'T stay out on your own.' 
Dis had told all of them at breakfast just a few days ago and they'd spent an entire day going on a 'hunt', before forgetting about it the very next day.
And now, the beast slowly approached her. She remained perfectly still as sheer terror gripped hold of her. It came closer and closer and it's eyes never left hers.
She heard a slight crunch and quickly glanced down to see the stick, still clutched in her hand. It was thick enough that she had trouble breaking it with both her hands, hence why she'd been swatting at things as if it were a sword.
She glanced back up at the beast and slowly brought the other end of the stick to her other hand. 
It was sharp enough, maybe. She knew she wouldn't be able to outrun it. She knew that there was no where to hide in this open field. 
"I will not...I will not be afraid." She moved the stick to hold it tightly at the bottom, pointing it directly towards the creature. She waited. The beast stopped for a moment, observing her, before a deep, guttural growl escaped it's mouth and it charged at her. Her eyes widened in horror as it jumped the last distance and she raised her arms in the air, with the intention of bringing the stick down and whacking it on it's head. But she never got that far. The impact of the Warg flying into her knocked her clean off her feet and she fell hard on the ground. The wind was knocked out of her, but she barely had time to draw a breath, before the beast sank it's teeth into her side.
The pain was blinding and she couldn't breath. The grip on her chest was too much for her small body. A searing ache spread through her.
Had it not been for the beast suddenly jerking her about, she'd surely have blacked out. It felt like her small chest was being pushed together by two forces, desperately trying to break her.

Her survival kicked back in. Whilst the knock down had surprised her, she hadn't let go of the stick. Turning it towards herself, she felt for the sharper end and aimed it. Hitting the creature's head repeatedly, it didn't seem to have any effect. But on the fifth or sixth strike, she struck gold.
With one swift and hard thrust, she felt victorious when the sharp stick stuck swiftly in the beast's eye. She let go of it as the beast shook it's head and released her, desperately trying to remove the stick from it's eye.
Clutching her chest, she stood up quickly and tried to back away from the beast, but in it's flurry of panicked shaking, it struck out and she felt it's paw swipe heavily against her face. Stumbling backwards, she hadn't realized she was on the top of a slope and for a moment, she felt herself fly backwards through the air, before her back connected with the ground. The momentum and force caused her to roll down and away and she tumbled for a good ten seconds before managing to stop herself.
She lay in the dirt, still, hoping that if it saw her, it would just leave her be.
Nothing happened.
She glanced up and saw nothing. She could hear the whining and scurrying above her, but the beast did not come to her. The sounds began to drift away.
As she heard the sound of the howls of anguish drift faraway, she realized, that no amount of climbing would get her unstuck from her current situation. She settled herself down in the dirt and dare not look around her, for fear she'd encounter a spider or some snake in the grass.
She gently placed her hand over her face and felt the wound, wincing at the sting at the long gash that had formed due to the sharp claws. She glanced down at her chest and a sob escaped her before she could stop it. A gaping hole with mangled flesh hanging around it, punctured her side. Tiny other indentations had been made along the way, but not as bad as that. She gathered her skirts up and held them to herself, not wanting to look at the damage. For once, she'd agreed to a skirt over her trousers, just to appease her mother. And now, they could be used to stem the flow of the blood.
She looked around her and saw a stream. But she was exhausted and couldn't find the strength to move towards it to clean herself. Instead, she laid herself down and listened to the soft trickling.
She waited. She knew someone would come, eventually. 
She just hoped her mother wouldn't be angry with her for being late.
That was her last thought before the blackness came across her vision and she fell asleep.

"And the next thing I remember, I woke up in my nice, warm bed. A week had passed and I was SO stiff and my entire head was covered in bandages and I smelled of so much ointment," Druili' face creased in recollection of the foul medicine she had been forced to take to help the healing process, "Mother was there of course, dashing back and forth to make sure I ate, drank and was clean. I just remember sleeping a lot for another week or two before I was allowed to walk around again."
Bilbo gazed at the girl sadly. He didn't pity her at all, but he remembered a similar story to one of the younger Hobbit girls' that was back in the shire. She'd received a nasty scar from an accident when she was younger and whilst she said it didn't bother her, he remembered her sweet, shy nature. Seemingly, he thought Druili was the complete opposite, but now, as she spoke, he saw something in her face that made him think of the other girl.
"Where Fili and Kili there to help?" Bilbo noticed the two in front of him glance back, having been listening to the story.
"Oh yes," She grinned at their backs, "Worse nursemaids on Middle Earth these two. Couldn't do my bandages up, spilled my tea and were more noisy than good. Still...they didn't know that I knew."
Fili turned around, confusion evident in his features.
"Knew what?"
"I may have been a little delirious from the medicine and fever, but I remember those days and nights you thought I was out of it," she gave her brother a tender smile, "I remember all those times you held my hand and cleaned my forehead when the medicine made me hotter. I was very grateful to you both for that."
Kili and Fili shared a look.
"...What?" Druili didn't like that one bit.
Fili chuckled.
"That wasn't us. You had another permanent visitor."
Druili scoffed at them.
"Shut up, the only ones that I remember being there were you two, mam, Thorin and the doctor bloke," She turned to Bilbo as if he would show her support, "and I didn't see him holding my hand  as he was a grumpy bugger."
She turned back to her brothers, who had both stopped and just looked at her.
"It's true." Fili' eyes were as earnest as his tone.
"When we were told to let you rest and mother needed a help preparing your food...Thorin was the one who was with you."
Druili stopped so suddenly, she felt Bifur walk into her back. She quickly gathered herself back up and walked again, forcing Fili and Kili to walk too, but closer.
"What?" She demanded from that, genuinely interested in a part of the story she herself did not know.
"Should we tell her?" Fili looked at Kili with an incline of his head towards Thorin. Kili looked over to where his uncle was still leading at the front, deep in conversation with Gandalf.
"I think it's time."

“Have you found her yet?” Dis' wrung her hands in front of her, as if trying to keep them warm. Dwalin looked back at her and shook his head before walking back off down the path, turning in a direction he had not been yet.
Fili and Kili were standing behind their mother, trying to control their emotions. Fili had spoken in a while and his entire body was stiff and rigid as he lost himself to his thoughts. Kili meanwhile, had lost control of his tears, not caring who saw him.
"Boys," Dis turned to them but didn't bother to look at them as she walked by, "it will be all right. She'll be fine, it's know it's not your fault."
"We should be out there looking for her with the others!" Fili barked out, not realizing the tone he had take with her and Dis couldn't find it in her heart to tell him off.
"It IS our fault, mum," Kili' lips quivered and he sniffed back more tears, "we thought...we thought it'd be funny and now, she's out there. Alone. With that THING on the loose."
"Just...Don't think about it," Dis shut her eyes tight and bowed her head low, "It'll be fine."
Dis had given up on attempting to clean to pass the time and occupy herself. Instead, she just paced back and forth and continuously probed Kili and Fili about the smallest details.
"And you're SURE she was east, by the river?" She stopped in front of Fili, who sighed and turned his head away, ashamed.
"Yes," He gulped recalling how he'd told her to go and find the treasure they'd buried, "we wanted her to get covered in mud so when she came home, you''d tell her off and she'd have to go to bed without her dessert. We wanted it for ourselves."
Kili suddenly slammed both his hands against the table and shook his head.
"It was so stupid! She'd be here if only-"Kili was cut off as they heard a shout from outside.
All three ran to the door, that was still wide open. Thorin marched up the path, his expression grave and his arms full with a small figure, covered in his coat.
"You found her!" Dis made to run out but stopped, noticing just how still her daughter was and how worried Thorin looked.
"Move aside, she needs the bedroom!" Thorin didn't need to yell, his commanding tone being enough. They all moved aside, but not away as Thorin marched straight by and into her bedroom. He carefully placed the figure down on the bed and turned to the boys.
"Fili, go get the healer, he should be home." 
Fili didn't want to budge at first, but Dis carefully pushed him towards the door. His eyes glued to his sister' figure.
"Go, she's home." Dis whispered into his ear as he found himself walking out the door, before he broke into a run down the path.
"Kili, go fill a bowl with clean, hot water and grab a towel," Thorin turned to Dis and signaled her forward, "she's been asking for you."
Dis crouched down by the bed and began to removed the coat that covered the child.
Kili had never moved so fast in his life. He filled the bowl up from the stove in the kitchen, ready for that night's now forgotten dinner and he filled it enough that some of it splashed outside on the table when he moved hastily. He threw a clean cloth over his shoulder and walked quickly back to the room, glancing down at the bowl and back towards his sister' room, trying not to spill anymore. He made his way to the small bedside table, not paying attention at all to the figure's there, until Dis spoke.
"Oh, my poor baby." Dis sob broke through his concentration and as he set the bowl down on the table, he finally looked at his sister.
The coat had been pulled back and Kili felt sick just looking at the damage on her. Her entire torso was plastered with blood and her face and chest were covered in wounds. Any skin that wasn't dyed a deep red had turned a sickly white and for all Kili knew, he was looking at his first corpse.
"Dru," He sobbed anew as he stared down at his sister, "she's dead. It's all my fault."
Thorin reached around for the cloth on the boys shoulder and quickly dunked it into the water.
"No, she's not Kili," He said sternly, but his voice sounded different, "she's alive and she's home now."
Kili watched as Thorin hurriedly pressed the towel against the girl's face and sure enough, as the blood came away, Druili' undamaged eye flickered briefly open, before shutting again.
The quiet whine was almost inaudible, but Dis immediately began to stroke down Druili' hair.
"I'm here, my darling," She spoke through sobs, "I'm right here and I won't leave you."
"Dru...I'm sorry," Kili choked out as her wounds were cleaned and fresh blood seeped through, "I'm sorry."
"Dis, take over." Thorin pressed the damp towel into his sister's hand and stood up. He grabbed Kili firmly by the shoulder's and walk him backwards out of the room.
"Come away, lad," Thorin' grip wasn't rough, but he wouldn't relinquish his grip until they were standing outside the doorway, "Come away, you ca see her later."
Their attention was drawn back to Fili barreling in through the front door, followed by a gentleman following at a more sedate pace.
"I got him, I told him to come quickly, but I didn't know what was wrong, so I just said she was hurt and-" Fili came to stand before them in the doorway, but a cry emitted from the room.
They all turned to where Dis was holding onto her daughter's shoulders as Druili cried out again. She'd pulled aside the fabric of her dress the best she could, but in peeling away the layers, exposed the raw and open wound to the air. Druili cried out.
"Mam, it hurts!" Her eyes were shut but her mouth hung wide as she screamed.

Fili looked into the room, gasping at the sight of his sister. He stumbled back, but Thorin caught him and moved him aside as the healer walked straight by and into the room.
They watched wordlessly, as he walked over to the bed, deposited his pouch on a vacant chair and tapped Dis on the shoulder. They didn't hear what he said, but the next thing they knew, he walked over to the door and grabbed the handle.
"Stay close, you may be needed." He addressed Thorin before shutting the door, not really waiting for a response. 
Whilst they were now shut off to the scene within the room, they could still hear the sound of Druili' gut wrenching sobs. Kili hadn't stopped sobbing, but Fili finally let his tears run down his face.
"She...she was only meant to get dirty," He gazed downwards as the tears poured down his face and into his beard, "I didn't want for this to happen."
"You couldn't know." Thorin gave his shoulder a tentative squeeze.
"She's going to die. She's going to die," Kili turned to Thorin and looked at him, "I won't be able to tell her I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry for tricking her. I'm sorry for all the horrible tricks. I'm sorry-"
"You must NOT blame yourselves." 
Thorin grasped both boys by one shoulder each, pulling them closer and forcing them to look at him, his gaze penetrating them.
"This is NO one's fault. She'll be all right."
Thorin' voice was husky, as if he was trying to restrain his own emotions.
"Fili...go fill up some more water from the well," He released his elder nephews shoulder, "Kili, go find Dwalin and any of the other's still searching and let them know she's been find. But don't wander off the path and come back soon." He released Kili also and gently pushed them in opposing directions.
As Kili fled out through the front of the house, Fili silently obeyed, grabbing a clean bucket from the floor. On any other day, he'd have hesitated and fought about getting water from the well, the walk tricky up and down the back path, but he did it without one word of complaint. He hurriedly dried his tears on his own sleeve and walked back, preparing for whatever was to happen.

They'd sat in their joined room, awaiting word for what felt like hours. They'd been relieved of their duties and Druili' frantic cries and screams had died down and everything in the house was hushed. The sun had set, Thorin had made the boys eat some bread and fruit and they didn't complain. They weren't even that hungry.
They heard the floorboards creak outside their room and a gentle tapping at the slightly open door. They both sat up as their mother appeared.
"Is she-" Kili got up, but stopped when he saw Dis' exhausted face.
"It's all right," she gave a weak smile, "she's sleeping. The doctor has gone home, but he's left us with medicine and instructions."
She wandered in, her small Chamberstick holding up a long candle as she approached her boy. Fili now stood with his brother and and looked at her.
"Can we see her?"
Dis looked set to say no, but she glanced between the two and realized, if she said no now, they wouldn't sleep at all tonight.
"Quickly, but you have to be quiet and not wake her," she turned to the two of them, her expression hardening, "the next few days are going to hard on all of us, so we're going to take it in turns to look after her. She'll need help eating, drinking, getting changed, taking her medicine and having her bandages changed. If it gets too hard...If it's too much for either of you, you have to tell me. Don't try to a stubborn male, you hear me?"
Both of them nodded and she smiled sadly at them.
"I heard you boys earlier, and you need not blame yourselves. You did everything you could to find her and you came to find me as soon as you couldn't."
Kili and Fili, still feeling the raw edges of guilt, merely nodded automatically.
"Very well...come on, let's go see her."
They made their way through the darkened house, Fili and Kili grabbing hold of one another's hands like they were still children themselves.
As they came to the door, Dis stepped to the side and signaled them in.
"Go. Quietly now."
As Fili and then Kili entered, she gave them each a tender gesture; a small pat on their head and a reassuring rub on their shoulder.
The room was lit only by the candle that now sat next to the bowl of water. The contents were no longer blood red, but green, dyed with the leaves that lay in the bottom.
Fili and Kili first cast a glance at their Uncle, who had pulled up a chair close to the bed, dabbing away at the girl's exposed forehead, before they approached the figure.
Neither said anything, but took in the sight of her.
Clean, white bed sheets and a fresh night shirt had replaced the blood soaked items from earlier, which now lay discarded at the bottom of the bed on the floor. Her arms were out of the sheets and surprisingly, unscathed and clean.
Druili' hair had been pulled back over the pillow, so as not to obstruct the passage of the bandages wrapped around half of her head. The eye closest to them was bandaged, so even if she had woken, she wouldn't of seen them straight away. The scar across her lips however, was on display and whilst it was small, it was deep enough for them to know that she'd have it forever.
For the second time in her life, she'd had to have her beard shaved down, so only some measly sideburns remained, as the bandages closed over one side of her face.
They couldn't see the rest of her dressing, the sheet covers pulled up to her collarbone, but they knew she'd be bandaged around her chest also.
Kili had run out of tears and shut his eyes tight as they burned with the want to cry more. Fili could only stare as her good eye, wanting her to open it and look at him, reassuring him she was in fact alive.
"Time for bed, boys." Thorin didn't turn around to address them, merely squeezed out the old water from the cloth into the bucket at his feet.
Kili turned around and looked at his mother, the soft glow of the candle beckoning to him to join her, out of this sad room.
On second thought, Kili quietly walked to the end of the bed and picked up the discarded and bloodied sheets and clothes at the bottom of the bed.
"I'll wash these tonight." He said quietly.
"Nay, son," Dis called softly to him, "tomorrow. They can wait until tomorrow just...put them in the basket in the kitchen. Come on."
He walked out towards his mother's outstretched hand and paused to turn back and look at Fili, who was still standing there, his back and shoulder's taught.
"Uncle...if we go to sleep, who will stay with her? What if she wakes in the night and needs something?" His voice whispered, more from fear that if he spoke louder, he would break into a sob again.
Thorin' hand came up and Fili watched as he placed his large hand over that of Druili', not being able to see his Uncle's face in the darkened room.
"I will."

Druili didn't know that she'd stopped again until she felt a hand on her shoulder.
"Dru," Bilbo gently shook her out of her day dream, "Dru, we're nearly there."
She turned to Bilbo and then back to her brother's, who had maintained walking whilst telling the story.
"And he did," Fili fiddled his his long hair with his back still turned to her, "He was still there next morning when mother set him off to his own house to sleep."
"Came back later, after his sleep to take over again," Kili kept turning back to her, walking backwards along the path, "that's how he spent the next week and a half, just...watching you, making sure you were ok and giving mother a break."
Druili's mouth hung open like a codfish.
"And we had to do all your chores for you." Fili scoffed at her, mock upset.
"I know. And yet, when we both got the flu, mother made us do all the laundry still."
"You mean, she made YOU do it," Fili quickly smirked at his little brother, "I had my head in a bucket most of the time."
"Boys!" Druili snapped at them, shaking her head in disbelief, "and you say I go off on a tangent when distracted!"
They both cast her looks before Kili smiled, almost sweetly at her.
"AND, I bet you didn't know, HE was the one who led the search party to find you."
Druili hadn't.
"You're both having me on." She scowled, now feeling like they were taking the piss out of her. 
"Oh, no lass," Balin turned round in front of Fili and Kili, addressing her directly, "What they say is true. Your Uncle borrowed a horse and searched within three miles, back and forth of the lake. Luckily, he was still fond of hunting so it was easier to find you...after he found the Warg."
"He found the Warg?!" Druili gasped in astonishment, having never given a second thought to the beast that nearly took her life.
"Oh yes. You did a grand job there lass," Balin chuckled heartily, "he found it dying in a field from it's wound. Had to put the thing out of it's misery the state you left it in."
"...that first kill?" Druili had remembered going hunting with her brother's later and killing other Warg' and beasts alike, but never knew she'd killed that particular Warg with nothing more than a stick, "and I didn't get a chance to cook it?!"
Fili and Kili burst into laughter and both faced Balin, who merely smiled and shook his head as they continued walking.
"She ALWAYS makes it come back to food somehow, doesn't she?" Fili patted his brother' shoulder, eliciting a chuckle from the younger dwarf.
"I mean, you've SEEN the way she eats, right? She gives Bombur a run for his money." Kili laughed much more loudly than he should have at that joke.
But Druili wasn't really listening to their ribbing. Bilbo observed as she worried her bottom lip between her teeth and spoke again, mostly to herself.
"He...held my hand?"
She looked up towards the front of the group, but Thorin could not hear them. In all the years since the attack, he'd never uttered a word to her about it, nor did he allow her to know that he'd had a fundamental part in finding her.
It seems, Thorin could be full of surprises.


When they finally arrived in Rivendell, they were still feeling very hostile towards this group of Elves, whom they'd never met before. They were greeted with open arms, promises of food and no ill will was felt at all.
Except, maybe for Thorin.
Druili just knew she was starving, tired and really wanted to sit down. She felt that, if the Elves wanted to use her to clean the toilets, she would be happy to oblige, as long as she got food beforehand.
But before the meal could start, everyone was whisked off to separate rooms.
Druili was walking with her brother', when a tall, slender female stepped out in front of her.
"Your room, my lady." She smiled sweetly and waved to an open door by her side.
Druili didn't even argue, merely looked towards her brother' who stood there and waited for the okay. She grunted and nodded at them, before turning and walking straight into the room, which had a very inviting smell about it.
She didn't really take in much. It was white, clean and bare except for a bed.
But her eyes were drawn to the opening at a side, which led onto a small garden.
"Your bath is ready for you, should you wish to use it." 
She turned to the elf maiden, who nodded her head and slowly exited the room.
"Urm...thanks." Druili knew, if her mother was here, she'd have swatted at her about 'manners', but then, with all the stories that Thorin had told about the elves over the years, she still wasn't One hundred per cent certain about where they were.
When the door clicked shut, Druili turned back towards the garden and sure enough, built into the ground was a deep, large bath, the size of her bedroom floor. It was filled with soapy, hot water, steam rising steadily from the top.
Her eyes widened as she sniffed through her nose and a wave of peppermint hit her senses.
Her favorite smell.

"Maybe this place isn't so bad." She said to the room and immediately and messily threw her stuff into a pile on the bed. She Practically fought her way out of her boots, only undoing half the laces as she eagerly crept towards the bath.
Tying her hair back, she made a vow to take her time in washing it much later, when she'd have all the time in the world to soak it, brush it and allow the natural curls to dry in the warm air of the night.
Standing right by the edge, she dipped her toe in and gasped at how GOOD it felt. She didn't waste anymore time. Slipping into the water slowly, she found her feet only just touched the bottom whilst the water came up to her chin.
"Bliss." She hissed out the last bit as she swam around, allowing the calming waters to wash over her. Her relaxation was interrupted when her doors opened again, slowly.
"My lady." The Elf maid appeared again, stepping inside and shutting the door behind her, so no prying eyes could peek in.
"Oh...hello," Druili was wondering what she was supposed to do in this situation, "Urm...the bath is lovely. Great."
Eilonwy politely nodded her head, as if satisfied by this news, before moving over to the items on the bed. Druili noticed a long garment draped over her arm. She began to pick things up and move weapons and Armour to the side.
"What are doing? I can clean it up if you need me to?"
Eilonwy shook her head and carried on.
"My lady mustn't trouble herself," She unfolded the garment in her arm and let it fall down, "I will take these items for cleaning and you may have this one to wear this evening."
Druili's eyes widened in horror as she gazed at the silky, white creation. It was long, flowing and perhaps one of the most beautiful dresses she had even seen. But she couldn't wear it. She never wore dresses when she was little because she didn't like them, but the Leather holster had made it almost impossible for her now. Some days, she longed for a certain dress, knowing full well she'd never be able to wear it without her Holster out and on show for everyone to see.
She shook her head clear and gulped down the growing panic.
"No, no," Druili came over to the side and felt around under the water for signs of steps or a ladder, "it's fine, really, I don't need new clothes."
"I'm afraid you do, my lady," Eilonwy gave her another polite bow, still picking up the items of clothing and trying to figure out what was clothes and what was...tatters, "your clothes are in desperate need of mending and washing."
Eilonwy carefully placed trousers, coat, tunic and leather pouch on her arm.
The last bit of Druili' dignity fled.

She quickly found the steps leading out of the tub and scrambled desperately up and out, not giving Eilonwy a chance to turn away or leave.
Druili was well aware she was naked, standing up in front of a stranger. A perfectly, beautiful stranger, who could most likely see her large scars. But she had to put her foot down.
"Please, what's your name?"
Eilonwy maintained eye contact and Druili could feel her own body turn bright red and the hot water had nothing to do with it.
"Eilonwy, my lady."
"Well...Eilonwy," Druili looked at her, aware her tone was borderline pleading, "please...don't take my clothes. If you must, take my Armour and clean it, by all means, but...not those. I can't wear a dress. I'm not even sure it'd fit me what with..differences and all." She waved her hand vaguely in the air and hoped that the elf would get the message.
Eilonwy' gaze fell slightly and quickly, but she maintained her sedate smile at Druili.
"I understand. I will clean your clothes and come back with them  as soon as they are clean and then, you may join for the meal. Unless, you would like me to procure you a different dress for this evening?"
Druili smiled back and slowly lowered herself back into the tub.
"No, please, just my clothes. I don't...I don't DO dresses, really. I can't move around in them that well. Clumsy feet that trip over themselves. Arms with a tendency to dip into soups. And...thighs that need to be separated by at least one layer of fabric."
She chuckled slightly and whilst that last one was embarrassing to admit, her heart gave a little leap when Eilonwy actually cracked a real smile at her.
"Very well, my lady. No dresses. I promise."
"Thank you." She meant her thanks this time.
When Eilonwy left with the bundle still clutched in her arms, Dru sighed softly as she leaned her head against the back of the bath, her legs coming out in front of her as she floated up to the surface.
"DEFINITELY, not a bad place at all."


Eilonwy had kept her promise, returning not only with her original clothes clean and mended, her leather chest holster even buffed, but with an additional clean tunic and riding trousers, that she wondered how they had come by. They seemed an almost perfect fit for her. 
"Mustn't offend our hosts." She pulled on the clothes and admired their softness and stitch work. She'd never been patient enough to sew together whole garments, only being able to mend coats and sew on buttons where they needed to go. She then carefully put her boots back on, reminding herself that all the hassle she was going through now with the laces, was her own fault, but that didn't seem to sour her mood at all.
Practically skipping out the room, she felt as if she'd washed at least a year's worth of dirt and grime.
"My lady." Eilonwy approached her and nodded her head in a low bow.
"Hello...and thank you," Druili held her arms out quickly, showing off the clothes, "truly...You didn't have to, but...the clean clothes are definitely a good change. So...thank you."
Eilonwy' eyes twinkled with amusement and she turned away, walking slowly down the hall.
"Your friends await, my lady." 
Druili actually had to jog a little to keep up, because whilst Eilonwy was slow and graceful, she still had longer legs than her.
"You don't have to call me that, by the way," Druili tried to peek up at the face, but found she also had to look in front of her to stop herself from tripping, "You can just call me Druili. Or, Dru."
"Very well, my Lady Druili." Eilonwy cast a brief, sideways glance at the shorter women as they rounded the corner.
Druili just rolled her eyes.
"Sure, or that."
As they came into view, she spotted the other's gathered round in the open courtyard, the majority in freshly cleaned clothes also.
They turned to look at her and greeted her with cheers as if they had been waiting for her specific arrival.
"'re so clean." Kili clutched his chest, pretending to look shocked, but Druili merely threw him a sweet smile as she joined his side.
"I know, can you believe THIS is what it looks like, brother?" She reached over and grabbed hold of his cheeks in both hands.
"Ow, get off!" He slapped her hands away, but laughed with her and pulled her into a headlock as they walked with the rest of the group to the table that had been prepared for them.
"You took ages," Fili arched his brow at her as he took his seat, "couldn't find the right dress?"
"I will NOT wear a dress. Let alone one designed for...elves." She whispered the last word, not wanting to cause real offence when she had not had anything bad happen to her...yet.
"Oh, remember the time Uncle Thorin wanted you to help mother out and ordered you inside in the dress?"
Kili laughed at his brother' reminder.
"You threw a fit and ran straight into a mud puddle. The state of you."
Druili threw her brother a scowl, before smiling with malice at him.
"Yes, and I remember...wiping your smile off of your face when I brought you down with me."
Kili abruptly stopped laughing.
"That wasn't funny."
Fili meanwhile was laughing harder as the rest of the group joined in, listening to the story.
"It was! When she grabbed your hair and you cried for mother! I couldn't even help you I was laughing so hard."
Kili retaliated by giving his brother a sharp jab in the leg, but Fili managed to get him smiling.
Dwalin observed how Thorin seemed to be pointedly ignoring this group conversation, feigning great interest in what Gandalf was saying.

As the laughter died out and musicians began to play, a discontentment fell among the group. The music was not to their taste and neither was the food. Ori complained about the lack of chips and Dwalin the lack of meat. But it seemed, not everyone was complaining. Bombur and Druili picked at the food happily, but when she turned to Kili, she spotted him smiling and giving a playful wink to someone. Turning, she saw her maid, Eilonwy, slowly playing a harp and gazing at him with interest.
Turning back with disbelief evident on her features, she also caught Dwalin' scowl at his behavior, as had Kili.
"Really? Can't you ever leave a maiden alone in at least one place you visit?" She questioned her brother, knowing full well how he liked to flaunt his charms. Whilst the other dwarf women in his village had giggled at his lack of beard, there were some young human maidens that somehow found him irresistible. 
Kili almost looked guilty as he addressed both her and Dwalin.
"I can't say I fancy Elves myself, too thin. They're all high cheekbones and creamy skin. Not enough facial hair for me." He tried to backtrack, but Druili wasn't having any of it. She turned to Fili and made a gagging motion before turning back to Kili, her hand absently reaching for a piece of vegetable that she popped into her mouth.
An elegant figure moved behind them and Kili lent to whisper conspiratorially with Bofur.
"Although," he gave a sort of wink as he tried to draw the others in to his 'beauty' spotting, "that one there's not bad." Kili turned to look at the figure along with the others. Druili was the first to notice. She turned around, slammed her head on the table and began to snort and shake.
"Is she having a fit?" Kili looked confused at the top of Druili's head.
Dwalin was the one to break the news to him.
"That's not an elf maid."
The figure turned around, revealing a male elf, playing the harp slowly, with a blank expression on his face. He was too close NOT to have heard the compliment directed at him.
Druili suddenly shot back up and began to snort louder, trying desperately to control her laughter as she chewed on her food. Her arms wrapped around her stomach and she seemed to be shaking so hard, she jostled Fili next to her. Dwalin didn't help the situation by winking at Kili, who in turn could only look embarrassed and slowly turn a lovely shade of red. The other members of the company began to laugh also and she finally let out a cackle, only to draw her breath in and forget she still had food in her mouth.
"That's funny." Kili looked shamefaced and she inhaled sharply as she tried to get air into her lungs.
She gasped as the item fell against her throat and began to pat herself on the chest, trying to dislodge it.
Fili had luckily seen this coming and with one almighty THWACK, directly between her shoulder blades, the food shot out with such force, it flew out of her mouth and hit Dwalin, directly on his arm.
A few deep, shuddering breaths later, Druili focused. Everyone was still laughing. She turned to Fili, giving him a small nod and looked around. Dwalin merely flicked the food off of his bicep, Kili was still looking at his plate and waiting for the ground to swallow him up, Bofur kept winking at him and Thorin...Thorin was laughing straight at Druili.
Druili beamed at him and began to laugh again and he didn't falter. He actually seemed to be enjoying himself and whilst she wasn't in anymore pain, she could feel something closing around her heart, squeezing, threatening to turn her laughter into happy tears.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice
In which there's an attack, some hand holding and HUH NAKED BATH TIME

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C5~ The hunt is on
After everyone had dressed and their equipment gathered, Thorin and Gandalf had deduced that the troll's had in fact been moving by a series of caves and underground tunnels by day, so as to avoid the daylight.
The tall wizard led the way and found the burrow beneath a cluster of trees.
"Oh, What's that stench?!" Nori recoiled and almost refused to go forward.
"It smells like...Kili' boots when he doesn't wash." Druili reached up and clasped her hand to her nose, ignoring the glare that Kili gave her.
"It's a Troll-hoard." Gandalf didn't seem as perturbed as the rest of the group, "be careful what you touch."
As they marched on, everyone struggled to contain their disgust at the overwhelming smell that was effecting them.
Thorin' torch illuminated the dark cavern around them and soon, Bofur stumbled onto some treasure.
Literally, piles of treasure and gold lay on the floor in a corner.
"Seems a shame to just leave it lying around," Bofur nudged some of the loose coins with his boot, "Anyone could take it."
"Agreed. Nori. Get a shovel."
Druili darted forward and used her free hand to snatch one coin.
"Wait," she flipped it into the air and caught it easily, "we haven't had a coin flip decision at all this trip." Bofur and her shared a conspiratorial wink each and she darted back off before Thorin could come over and tell her off.
She approached Oin who was holding both his hands on his lower back and wincing.
"Are you alright, Oin? D'ya want a piggy bank?" She smiled as he jumped and shook his head, smiling at her.
"No lass, I'm all right. Just spending half the night in a sack wasn't exactly comfortable."
She took a few steps away from him, nodding in understanding. Dwalin was just standing there, his hammer on the ground as he lent against it.
She placed her arm on his and gave him a sweet smile, before turning back to Oin.
"Oh, it's fine Oin. I was going to make Dwalin carry you anyway."
Dwalin slowly turned and scowled down at her, but she kept on smiling, especially when Oin laughed.
Walking around the cave, the other's, including Thorin, began to find horde's of weapons. From swords, to daggers, to axes and even, as Dru found a large mace. She could have happily picked up the lot, but she knew she couldn't carry more than necessary. Having her hammer and her axes brought her comfort, but she missed the sword play she was used to at home. She also missed the archery competitions her and Kili used to have.
Bending over, she uncovered a small, simple dagger in it's sheath, left among piles of fabric.
"Waste not, want not." She picked it up and tied it to the small pouch on her hip. She made a promise to practice throwing them whenever the company had a chance in the evening. Smirking, she drew out the blade and held it on front of her.
"Hey Fili," she called to her brother, "If I gave you some of the gold coins, would you stick an apple in your mouth and stand in the corner for me?" She waggled the dagger mischievously and Fili merely shook his head and turned away.
"Five coins for anyone who wants to help me practice?" She glanced around, but everyone either ignored her or were too busy finding their own weapons.
"Suit yourself, you never know when I might need it in the future." She sheathed the dagger again and wandered back towards the boys, now digging a hole in the dirt.
"You could not wish for a FINER blade!" She turned to Gandalf's cry, noting how Thorin was now looking at the sword he'd picked up in disgust. He glanced between her, Gandalf and the sword, before determinedly pulling the sword out. The blade was indeed beautiful and she noted the intricate markings and details along the side, unlike any she'd seen before.

'Elf Blade.'

He seemed to be content enough and whilst his expression was blank, he pushed the sword back into it's own sheath and carried on scouting around, clutching it to his side.
She smiled at Gandalf who merely winked at her, before she turned back to the boys.
"And what do you suppose you're going to do with that, boys?" She watched them eagerly close the lid and push the box they had now filled into the hole.
"I'd give some of it to my lad," Glóin glanced up at her as they now began the job of filling the hole back in with dirt, "and maybe...a cottage for my wife, when we rebuild dale. She's always on at me about having her own sewing room, away from where I work."
Bofur chuckled and glanced at her also.
"Toy shop. Me and Bifur could go back to the mines, but I think we'd be well within our rights to relax a little."
"There's a few people I...owe money to," Nori shiftily avoided her gaze but was smiling as he stated, "and then, whatever's left...not sure. What about you?"
Druili seemed to think for a moment.
"Cake shop."
Dwalin actually turned towards her, obviously surprised as the others.
"I didn't know you were a baker, lass?"
She arched her brows and turned to him.
"I'm not. I'd buy a cake shop and eat everything." The company all laughed at her confession, before Thorin' voice broke through the reverie.
"Let's get out of this foul place," He marched back towards the entrance from which they had come, "Come on, let's go."

As they made their way back into daylight, Druili caught up with her brother.
"What about you," she placed her hand on Kili' shoulder as she pulled herself up and over a log, "If you had the gold to buy anything, what would it be?"
Kili thought for a moment, before giving her the biggest grin.
"A Dashing prince with money? I wouldn't need to buy anything," He reached out and poked her nose, "all the fair maidens would be tripping themselves up to give me their kisses."
Druili recoiled and made a gagging noise, just as Fili came over.
"Is he boosting about all the ladies he loves again?" He playfully thumped Kili on the back and Druili just rolled her eyes.
"DON'T get him started on that, he wont' shut up if we talk about any of them."
Kili looked mock offended, his hands splaying flat on his chest.
"How DARE you," He pointed his finger out, going between the both of them, "I'll have you know, that Rosemary Highwall is someone who I admire greatly-"
"UGH, PLEASE!" Fili and Druili both groaned and laughed, knowing full well what to say in this situation.
Druili suddenly turned to Fili, pouted her lips and opened her eyes wide.
"Oh Kili," her voice became an octave higher, "would you fire that bow again? I just...I can't seem to grasp how fast it goes."
Fili buffed out his chest and lowered his voice to sound like his brother.
"Why certainly," he pretended to sheath an invisible bow and arrow and glanced at her over his shoulder, "maybe you should stand closer-"
"Something's coming!"
All three jumped at Thorin' bark and were immediately on guard, their weapons drawn and out. The company banded together in the wooded area, everyone glancing around them for any sign of enemies.
"THIEVES! FIRE! MURDER!" A large number of animals came bursting through, followed by a figure in brown on a sleigh of some kind. The company jumped back in surprise, but didn't lower their weapons just yet, as the sleigh came to a stop almost right in the middle of them, effectively parting them in two.
"Radagast! It's Radagast the Brown!" Gandalf moved forward, a large and relieved smile on his face. "Well," he approached the figure, his expression changing to one of uncertainty, "What on earth are you doing here?"
"I was looking for you Gandalf," Radagast seemed on edge, "something's wrong. Something's TERRIBLY wrong!"
Druili leaned in and whispered to her siblings.
"Is that man covered in bird droppings?"
"I think so." Kili grimaced, but lowered his bow and arrow slightly."
She shifted her attention back to the two wizards in front of her.
Radagast was pointing at Gandalf and getting ready to say something. But it looked as if he was forgetting it, just as soon as he remembered.
"Just give me a minute," he glanced between the ground and Gandalf, "Oh. I had a thought and now I've lost it!"
"Sounds like you and your bad memory." Fili chuckled but gasped as Druili purposefully stood on his foot.
"It was right there on the tip of my tongue!" Radagast stilled and turned slowly back to Gandalf, "'s not a thought at all!"
To Druili, it sounded like he was caught eating something.
As Gandalf reached forward, Radagast opened wide and Druili watched in shock as the elder wizard carefully pulled a long creature out of the other's mouth.
"It's a silly old, stick insect!"
Gandalf happily let it fall back into Radagast' hand, who allowed the small creature to scuttle away into his coat.
"Well that's...lovely." Druili blinked fast a couple of times, trying desperately to erase the image from her head. The company only nodded in a mix of bemusement and confusion.


As the two wizards parted away from the company, everybody gave them some space, some purposefully not going to far as to hear what they were saying.
Druili wasn't really listening. Now that danger wasn't imminent for the group, she cast her gaze up.
"Psst, Bombur," Nudging the larger dwarf and pointing upwards, "Give us a boost and I can get some of those berries down."
"Why do you ALWAYS think about food?" Kili turned to his sister and watched as Bombur happily complied, helping her clamber up onto a branch.
"And I suppose you don't want anything? Just say the word, and I'll let you go hungry, dear brother." Druili scuttled along one side of the branch, testing it's strength by bouncing up and down slightly. She grabbed a handful of berries and leaves, shoving them haphazardly into her pocket.
"Fine...But get those big berries from the top!" Kili pointed over her head and she complied, happily tossing them down and pelting him with them, "Oi!"
"Come on, Bombur can catch them with ease." She demonstrated by dropping them down in quick sequence, Bombur happily gobbling each one.
"Get down. Now." Druili stopped smiling and looked over to the harsh tones that came from Thorin. Obediently, she clambered down, but just as she prepared herself for the tiny leap down, she slipped. Unable to grasp the branch quick enough, she rolled inelegantly off of it and toppled the short distance towards the ground. Luckily, her wonderful brother was there to catch her.
With a grunt, Kili righted her and just shook his head.
"And why do you ALWAYS manage to fall out of trees?"
Druili quickly dusted herself off of leaves and twigs and pulled a face at him.
"I didn't use my pickaxes this time, plus I was in a hurry. AND, when you catch me, try not to squash what berries I still have in my pockets!"
"How about 'Thanks Kili, for not letting me hit the ground and hurt myself'?" He smirked at her and mocked her stance, both of their hands on each other' hips as they playfully glowered at one another.
"WHO wanted the berries from the top? Greedy guts." She reached out and prodded his stomach with her finger, which elicited a short gasp from him.
"Will you BOTH stop treating this like it's a game!" Thorin looked between the two and approached them, his shoulders back as if ready for a fight.
Kili just nodded his head and turned away, unable to face anymore of his Uncle's glower.
"Sorry uncle." Druili did not look away from Thorin, but was very sincere. She hated how he made her feel like a little dwarfling, just from the intense way he looked at her. His glower deepened and he took a step toward her, as if to scold her behavior more.
The howl that rang out around them helpfully interrupted the moment.
"Was that a wolf?" Bilbo drew closer to Druili and looked terrified. She hoped he wouldn't hold her hand.
"Wolves? No, that is not a wolf." Bofur looked around him for where the noise came from.
Then suddenly, a deep growl was heard behind them. Everyone turned just in time to see a large Warg in between two trees, before it lunged.
And Druili was directly in it's path.


She froze. For the first time on this journey, she wasn't ready to fight straight away. The creature had leaped at her. Her senses kicked in and she did the only thing she could.
She ducked.
The creature bounded over her and she felt it's back legs skim her hair.
A commotion broke out behind her and she swiveled, kneeling in the dirt to see Dori being pulled out of the warg's way as Thorin ended the beast's life with a powerful thrust of his sword. Another Warg however appeared behind and Kili stealthily shot it down. It tried again to get up and attack, but Dwalin dealt a blow to the back of the creatures head.
"Warg Scouts!" Thorin pulled his sword free of the creature and stepped towards the group, "which means an Orc pack is not far behind."
Druili quickly stood as Gandalf began to approach Thorin, asking him if he had told anyone about his quest.
Druili meanwhile, looked guiltily at Dori and drew close to him to help steady him.
"I'm so sorry." She breathed out, her voice quivering uncontrollably. Dori could see she was still shaking.
"It's alright lass, it gave everyone a fright as well," He placed his hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her, "it's understandable with you and uh...past history."
She nodded, gulping down the saliva in her throat and trying to steady her beating heart. She had merely been surprised, that's all. It wouldn't happen again.
"We have to get out of here." Dwalin' voice was close and drew her back to the real world, away from her own thoughts and actually calming her.
"We can't! We have no ponies!"
And then Ori' voice immediately made her heart beat fast again.
"They Bolted!"
Looking around desperately, Druili was at least thankful she hadn't put all her supplies on the ponies. Just some of the food stash she'd had. She'd have to break the news to Bombur gently, later when it was safe.
"I'll draw them off!" Radagast boldly offered and Druili felt like she should have really listened to this wizard, regardless of his unusual appearance.
"These are Gundaband Wargs. They will outrun you!" Gandalf turned to him, hoping to save his friend from making a foolish mistake.
But Radagast stood his ground, and Druili was impressed by his determination.
"THESE are Rhosgobel Rabbits. I'd like to see them try."
A plan was quickly formulated and the group gathered and began to edge towards the forest, just as the Wargs and their orc riders approached.
"I like him." Druili nodded her head towards the wizard as he hopped back on his sleigh and quickly departed. She said that mostly to herself, but Oin grunted in approval.
They made their way out of the woods and quickly hid behind some rocks, everyone trying to sneakily observe as the wizard disappeared from view with the beasts at his heels.
"Come on!" Gandalf called back and led the way, everyone running to keep up.
She listened with the other' as the pack came closer, Radagast having led them so they were running in front of them. Everyone stopped.
“Stay together." Gandalf said to them and took off, quickly followed by everyone else.
"Move!" Thorin commanded and made sure the others were off and going in the same direction.
Druili made sure to keep up the best she could. She was a fighter not a runner and she could feel the occasional jabs from Bifur, reminding her that he was right behind her and one of the only to notice that she was slowing herself down. Her heart was still beating like mad from that attack in the forest and she didn't know how to slow it.
They kept running by the rocks, only to stop again when Radagast and the party came into view in front of them. Ori had almost kept running, but Thorin had caught him and throw him back behind him, keeping him safe.
They waited until it was safe before carrying on.
Druili had by now caught up with her brother's.
"My legs...are killing me." She huffed out and lent against the rock behind her.
"Come on, just think of it like the time you had to run away from Mother when she caught you taking that pie she'd just baked." Kili smiled but was himself gasping for breath.
"That's because...That's because you dunderheads shouted, 'Look out, she's coming!'" Druili smiled nonetheless at the memory.
"We have to move!" Fili grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her onward as everyone indeed began to run again.
As the party again drew near, everyone ran towards a larger rock, built into the hill. They hid and Druili pressed herself against it as the other's did.
They'd been found.
She could hear the Warg growl and sniff around atop the rock, knowing that'd it soon be upon them.
She prepared herself and saw Kili readying his arrows and Ori with his slingshot.
The fear had gone. Replaced was that need she felt. The need to fight.
“I'm not missing out on the fun.” She muttered to herself, knowing that this was far from fun.
She remembered the moves all too well. The days where Fili and Kili played alongside her and showed her what their uncle Thorin had taught them.
Sparring sessions with Dwalin that she was sure he had grown as fond of as herself.
And when Thorin had caught her practicing and she challenged him. She even had the upper hand at one point, until he had kicked out her knee and she fell down like tree. He had knelt to look at her face and at first, she had thought he was checking if her hurt her. But his glare was cold and he had merely said, 'fighting is not for females. Never let me catch you again.'
Of course, he never caught her again. She was cautious, but she still practiced.

They took down the creature and Orc from the rock, but as it slid down, it let out a shriek and alerted the group still chasing Radagast. Everyone knew this, because they heard the creatures shout in the distance and the sound grew nearer and nearer. The creature with them was quickly killed, but Gandalf was only looking out to where the approaching storm was coming.
"Move. RUN!" He barked and set off, everyone following and happy to oblige.
Over the open fields they ran and practically flew, the larger rocks and boulders disappearing. Druili didn't seem to be having anymore trouble keeping up. Her legs burned, but her heart no longer sung in fear.
The beasts seemed to be gathering from all directions. The group spread farther apart as they looked around.
“Where's Gandalf?!” She heard a shout and looked around her to where Gandalf had been only a few moments ago.
“He's abandoned us!” Dwalin said gruffly and for the first time, she felt like turning around and smacking him on his head.
“He would never.” She hissed at him and didn't even cower at his glare.
She turned her attention back towards the hunters.
When the first of them came bounding at her she darted off, not listening to anything behind her.
“Druili!” A shout that could only be Thorin' was heard as she felt her heart pump hard in her chest.
The creature gave an awful shout as she drew nearer.
'First one. Quick smack to the back and the head and then end it.' She told herself as she readied her hammer.
She ran straight into the orc with his sword held high as if to slice her in two. Of course, not suspecting any sort of strategy, she found the space she needed to quickly pass him. She swung the hammer and twisted her body in a circle, feeling a crack as the metal connected with the ribs. Another pivot on her leg and she felt the reverberations as the skull cracked and the creature fell forward. She knew it wasn't enough and with the killing blow, she used the Warg as an advantage.
As it rounded on her again, she ran towards it and jumped, using it's head to hoist herself as high as she could. When she bought her hammer down between the shoulder blades, she expected the sudden buck and fell backwards, her body twisting as her weight came down upon the Orc, her hammer poised and ready.
The metal came down and she felt the crack and the skin tear. Something that felt like the inside of the fruit pies her mother made. She rolled off as quick as she could and stood back up.
Hearing the Warg whine in pain, she butted it on it's windpipe with her hammer. Quick. But not painless. She quickly looked around and saw more coming and was all ready to fight off more, but a sharp tug on her back and the sudden feeling of being taken off of the ground was enough to send her into a fit.
“Put me down!” She went to turn around and kick whoever had grabbed her, but catching sight of the familiar blonde hair, she went easy and instead, jabbed him with her elbows.'
“Gandalf found a way, stop struggling you stupid toad!” Fili smacked her in the side lightly to stop her striking him. She was jostled back and forth but maintained a tight hold on her hammer.
"Put me down, I can run perfectly well without you carrying me!"
He suddenly pulled her backwards and she became out of sorts when Thorin turned to her with a look in his eye she'd not seen before. It was only for a brief second, but...relief?
She made to turn around to argue and help her brother, but the yet again, she was caught unawares as she was pushed forward and she fell head first down the hole. Painful as it was skidding half the way and bumping herself on the edges, she quickly got up to glare up at the perpetrator.
“You wait until I get hold of you! If the Orcs don't get you Fili, I will!” She looked up and saw Fili was just sliding down himself, waiting on Kili right after him. She kept to her word and as soon as she saw him, pushed him against the wall in anger. Of course, Kili slammed into her, unable to stop his speed and she was sandwiched against them in an uncomfortable hug.
“Get off, your heavy!” She jabbed at him and was rewarded with a smile, a smile she knew because at the moment, everyone was safe and alive.
“And you're noisy sister, perhaps you can talk the orcs away.” Kili welcomed the blow to his shoulder, but turned just as Thorin joined them in the hole, noting the glare at his accidental slip of the tongue.
A horn sounded from above and soon, the sounds of Orcs and Wargs screams filled the air. Someone or something had come to their rescue, but they didn't know what or who.
Druili quickly turned to Dwalin, who silently indicated to his cheek. She reached up and wiped her own, noting the blood splatter that was not her own.
She nodded at him and grinned as she whispered,
"Two in One."
He did not scowl or glare, merely grimaced at her and whispered back,
"Does not count."
She stifled a laugh as her attention was drawn back upwards toward the hole. A figure suddenly came tumbling down from above and everyone moved aside as it rolled before them. The body of the Orc stilled at their feet and they raised their weapons, everyone ready for a fight.
Gandalf reached forward with his staff and nudged it with the end.
"Dead as a Dormouse." Druili loosened her grip on her hammer.
Thorin reached down to the body and everyone observed him reach towards the wound, pulling on the arrow protruding from it's neck. When it came loose, he held it up in front of him and for the others to see.
"Elves." He threw it aside, scowling in disgust at the very word.
"I cannot see where the pathway leads!"
Everyone turned towards Dwalin, who had ventured further into the cave, indeed finding a pathway.
"Do we follow it or no?"
"Follow it, Of course!" Bofur quickly led the way and everyone else began to follow obediently.
The pathway began to get narrower and narrower, until some had to sidestep around the jutting pieces of rock. Druili placed her hammer back onto her back, facing downwards so it wouldn't impede her moving forward.
"Are you alright?" Bilbo was walking behind her, his voice full of concern.
"Aye...why shouldn't I be?" Druili had to breath in when going by some particularly pointy rocks, especially when one nicked her in the shoulder. She was just wondering how Bombur was making it through.
"I never really got a chance to check after that first Warg...attacked," he hesitated and Druili knew he meant to say 'attacked her' and not Dori, "I just wanted to make sure everything was...ok?"
She sighed but glanced over her shoulder at him.
"Aye...I'll let you know when we're out of this cave."
Following her Fili, who followed Kili, she observed the intricate twists and turns of the pathway. She couldn't see an end just yet, and when she looked up, the narrow pathway seemed to go up for hundreds of feet.
She heard the sound of water falling and eventually, everyone came out to a larger path.
"Brilliant, I'm parched!" She ran quickly to it, bypassing the others as her hands cupped the water falling. She drank three handfuls before turning back to the others.
"Come on you lot, this stuff is clean!" She looked at their backs as they continued to descend the steps by the small ridge near the water, "Boys?" She caught a glimpse of what they were looking at and immediately hopped away from the water.
'No. It can't be.'
Everyone stood gazing in awe at the sight before them. The sun was low and cast a faint, orange glow on the side of the mountain, where white rooftops were spiraling up.
She knew this place, even before the other's spoke up, just from the sheer memory her mind had conjured up from her mother's description.
"The Valley of Imladris." Gandalf's voice carried from the back somewhere, but no one turned to look.
"In the common tongue, it's known by another name."
Both Bilbo and Druili spoke at the same time, without needing to look at one another.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Accomplice
In which there's a lot of scowling, glaring, food talk and bloodshed
The men pulled the boat farther into the sea, until half the company jumped aboard. The last few stragglers were ensuring that the boat was out, the ropes were in and no man had forgotten anything.
"Erik, someone wants to say goodbye to you," Dag nodded his head behind one of the men who was just pulling himself into the boat, "again."
Erik turned and his eyes widened as he caught sight of her. 
Britt, with her dress hitched up to her knees in one hand, and the other holding onto her large stomach that held their child, was running full pelt down the sand and towards the sea.
"Erik!" She screamed, laughing as she splashed her bare feet into the water. Erik was only just shaking himself from the shook when he made his way to the front of the boat and met her as she came up to meet him. She still laughed as she now became submerged in the water, up to the stomach.
"Britt, get out," Erik laughed along with her as she reached for his hand, "The Water is too cold, you'll freeze!"
"Not without a kiss and a promise!" her hands grabbed his face and pulled him down into a brief, but passionate kiss. Pulling back, she held her hand over his heart and used her other hand to pull his to hers.
"When I get this babe out of me, I PROMISE you, I will come meet you in battle and fight by your side!"
The company of men in the boat cheered with this news.
Erik could only shake his head and smile at her.
"I couldn't change your mind to stay home and safe with the infant?"
Britt scowled and glared at him, though he could see a sparkle in her eyes, the kind she had when she teased him.
"One month. Nor more. Ann can take over the feeding, the changing. But YOU," as she let go of his hand and finally allowed the boat to pull away, "You will have me. Beside you, fighting. Until death parts us. 

"Min Kjærlighet." He called to her and sat down, beginning to row, but not taking his eyes from her.
She waded quickly back until the sand met the water, and there she stood. Waiting for the boat to disappear from her view. As he left, she sang.

"I am the ocean,
I will carry you,
You are the shoreline,
You will be my home.

Nothing will keep us apart,
My Stars. 
My Moon.
My everything."
A Determined Dip
kjærlighet means love in Norwegian.
And Min means My.

Don't ask me why I wrote this. It was just an image I had of a woman, standing on a shoreline, bidding goodbye to a boatload of men.
C4: We fight for our right~
The day had not been kind to them this time. The clouds had been a warning sign.
As the ponies trotted on through the mud, the rain hammered down all around them. Druili was thankful for the cloak she had brought, because whilst it wasn't keeping her dry or warm, it was at least protecting her armor she wore. Her chain mail shirt had been specially designed for her and she would not like to see it rust.
Dori had called out to Gandalf, asking him about the possibility of stopping the weather, to which Druili looked at Ori, both of whom shared the back today.
"I think we already know the answer to that."
Ori chuckled and readjusted his bag again, trying desperately to protect the parchment inside.
"Did you want my cloak, Ori?" Druili may not have wanted to get her Armour rusty, but she didn't want to see Ori's writings become ruined by the rain.
"No, no, keep it," Ori tucked the bundle back inside his coat, "It's perfectly safe now, it's just awkward to hold the bigger it gets."
Druili smirked when he realised his phrasing and he stammered awkwardly as he began to backtrack.
"No, no, it's alright Ori," she gave him a wink and pulled ahead of him slightly, "I bet you tell all the maidens that."
She didn't see his face, but suddenly, the day seemed not so bad as they went on.

A short while later...
The rain had stopped thankfully and they were nearing the end of the day. Over the rocks and hills, they clattered and clanked, their swords swaying against the ponies. Soon, they came to a ruined old building and slowed down.
Thorin turned his horse towards the party.
"We camp here for the night."
Druili got closer to the other's as they dismounted and she too hopped down off her horse.
"I think it'd wiser to move on." Gandalf turned from examining the remains of the house and Thorin approached him. None of the others paid much heeds, now engrossed in their chores and thinking of food. But curiousity compelled her and she moved ahead of them, quickly pretending to inspect her bedroll as she listened to the two converse.
She listened with growing anxiety as Thorin and Gandalf talked of going to the elves, with her Uncle becoming more aggressive and stubborn. Whilst she did not want to admit it, she found he had good points about the elves.
"I did not give you that key for you to hold onto the past."
"I did not know that it was yours to keep."
The bite in his comment made Druili look up and she saw the fire in her uncle's eyes.
'Oh no.'
Gandald shook his head, turned away and began to work towards her. He barely looked at her, so caught up in the moment he had just had with Thorin.
"Everything all right? Gandalf?" Bilbo was tending to the horse with Balin and looked as nervous as Druili felt, "where are you going?"
"To seek the company of the only one around here who's got any sense!"
"Whose that?"
"MYSELF, Mr. Baggins." Gandalf did not even turn to face him. The other's could only look on in confusion as he wandered away from them, avoiding him as the tension seemed to roll off of him like the darkness he had surrounded himself in at the dining table on the first night they were all together in Bilbo's house.
Gandalf muttered something to himself that Druili did not hear, but she quickly picked up the stuff she had dropped and turned to Thorin.
"Uncle...I'll keep him safe." She took one step back as he glanced at her, seemingly forgetting she was there (as usual).
"I don't think he needs protection," Thorin scoffed at her, "and I doubt you'd be much help."

If only you'd trust me.

Turning quickly, she walked away, going by her friends and horse but didn't get far when Kili called her.
"Where are you going?"
"I'll be with Gandalf. I doubt he's in a good mood for any company that disagrees with him, so I best go with him." Druili stopped but her body swayed as she wanted to keep on going down the way of the wizard.
"You agree with him?" Fili looked at her, concern written over his face, "You know Uncle won't like that. Why not stay with us?"
Druili glanced between them, then back at Thorin. He was still watching her, his features indistinguishable from this distance, but she knew he was glaring. It seemed to be his staple expression.
"This wouldn't be the first time I've done something that displeased Thorin. I seem to do that a lot. Even if he knows he's in the wrong." She grinned at both of them before turning and dashing off after the wizard, who was already at the bottom of the hill they had just climbed.
He barely looked at her as they continued walking, but he slowed down when he realised she was practically running to keep up with his long strides.
"I could have sworn I said I wished for my own company."
Druili cast him a sideways look, amusement sparkling in her eyes.
"Those weren't your words. You said you wanted company with someone who has sense."
Gandalf actually smiled a little and he looked at her quickly before turning his gaze back on the forest they were entering again.
"And I suppose you have that sense?"
"Oh yes. I get it from my mother."
"But not your Uncle."
"No," Druili paused as she contemplated her next few words, "he's not...sometimes he doesn't know what's best, even when there's a decent amount of evidence right under his nose."
Gandalf stopped and turned to her, leaning on his staff as he did so.
"Eloquently put, my dear."
Druili granted Gandalf with her biggest smile and bowed her head.
"Thank you, sir. Now, if you don't mind me," she dropped her bedroll and glanced around her, "I'm going to find some grub. I'm starving."
Druili darted towards the nearest tree and pulled out her small, hidden weapons. Two pickaxes, just large enough to kill a man, but more convenient for helping her climb trees, such as now.
"If you find any bird's nests, let me know what kind," Gandalf settled himself down against a large slab of rock, "rare feathers are so hard to come by."
Druili carefully scaled along the thickest branch and looked around her, contemplating the events that had just occurred. Thorin would be mad at her, but maybe, just maybe, he's forgive her like he'd done so long ago.

Dis was busy making some more Stone bread (with beans to make sure the three of her children ate properly) with stonegrass soup, whilst Thorin sat in the next room, reading over letter' he had finally had a chance to, after weeks of ignoring them (and then getting badgered by Dis). He'd chosen the quiet spot in the corner, out of sight and peaceful.
So of course, when Kili ran in to his mother, he never thought to check where his uncle was.
“Mother! Mother you have to come quickly!” Kili grabbed at his mother' skirt and attempted to pull her away from her work, forgetting she herself was much stronger than both he and Fili (and sometimes Thorin when she was cross) and she didn't bat an eyelid, but carried on stirring her ingredients into the soup.
“You'll have to wait boy, I'm going to finish this and then put it away so you, Fili and Druili cannot get your sticky fingers on it just yet.”
Thorin sighed quietly and rubbed at his nose, hoping that she wouldn't take her children' disobedience (and downright sneakiness) out on him. Which she probably would.
Kili grabbed at her arm with both hands and tried to pull her again.
“No, please mother, we were playing and a human boy came over and Druili hit him and another boy tried to hit her so Fili hit him and they were still fighting when Fili told me to get you because Druili' face was bleeding and-” Fili stopped short when his mother turned sharply to him at the same time Thorin appeared from the corner, both of him startling him with their unison shout of, “What?!”
Dis began to rub her hands on her towel when Thorin' hand came on her shoulder.
“It would do you no good to be there. I shall calm this situation.”
Dis turned to argue with him, but immediately silenced herself and turned again to Kili, who seemed to feel like a wee baby again before his mother' gaze.
“You come straight home and you make sure you do as uncle Thorin tells you.” Kili knew they were all going to get an ear bashing from both parties, but he watched his mother turn away and put her attention back to getting out extra ingredients. When she was VERY mad, she always made extra food.
“Come lad,” Thorin' large hand took his shoulder and led him outside, “lead the way and be quick about it.”
Kili didn't need to run, they were only over the hill, down by the river as they always were.
But needless to say, his feet felt heavier. Heavier with guilt? Heavier with the burden that he hadn't stayed to help?
What felt like an eternity of painful silence stretched by, before Thorin and he could hear the clear and distinct yell of a familiar voice just beyond the gathering of trees.
“Don't come back you ugly slug, or I'll make you eat more of the mud! And take your ugly Pig's backside with you!”
Kili was the first through the trees, followed by Thorin, who stared at his nephew. As normal, Fili was filthy, covered, head to two in mud, with bits of sticks and leaves and all sorts in his hair and growing beard. What was knew was his ripped shirt and the side of his face that had a deep gash, cut across the cheekbone.
“Fili!” Thorin didn't yell, but his loud voice was enough for Fili to jump a mile in the air and stumble backwards as he faced the two of them.
“Uncle-uncle Thorin.” Fili had that look on his face that said, 'I'm going to die...I wonder if I could run?' and Thorin just gave him a disapproving look.
“What happened? Where is she?” Thorin looked around for Druili, only spotting a discarded toy boat she had built to play with, all broken into bits by Fili' feet.
“Right...urm,” Fili looked around genuinely concerned and ever so slightly panicked, “The thing is... .”
Thorin rolled his eyes.
“Druili!” Thorin shouted out and waited for a response.
When he didn't get any, he knew she was either to far too hear him or hiding.
“Druili if you are there, I suggest you come out now!” Thorin growled lightly, looking around to see if she was in sight.
“Uncle Thorin, her foot prints!” Kili was pointing towards a small track running along the river, “Druili!”
Fili made to dash off to go first, but Thorin steadied him.
“We all go together. We're sorting this out ALL together.”
And so, quickly, they all followed her tracks, calling out her name as they went. She did not answer, but they had only walked a short while before Kili found more evidence. He bent over into the stream where something was clinging to a rock in the water. Pulling it out, he showed it to Thorin, whose face matched his own.
A lock of Druili' hair hung wet and limp in the boys grasp.
Thorin lost himself for a moment, he stomped on ahead, calling out her name, louder and his tone switching from desperate to worried. He hated showing his emotion, especially in front of his nephews, but that damned child...
Suddenly, listening carefully, Thorin heard a small voice from his side.
“I'm here.”
He turned and finally took in Druili' appearance. Her dress was torn at her sleeve and her face was as bloody and bruised as Fili', but what made his blood boil was the state of her hair.
Her long, wild red curls she'd been so fiercely proud of, now lay uneven against her shoulders and ears and her beard and sideburns that she'd been growing and showing off to her family and friends now lay as long stubble.
“What happened?!” Fili stepped forward and grabbed her arm.
“That boy...when he chased you off, he held a knife and cut off my hair and my beard.” Druili replied grumpily and wiped at her cheek where she could feel her cut begin to bleed again. Fili stepped over and offered her a rag which he'd ripped off from his coat and dipped into the water. She held it against her face and smiled at him.
“Where is he now?”
“It's alright. I kicked him off and broke his nose. I also stuffed a rat down his trousers and he ran away screaming that it was biting him.” Druili smiled at that, despite her dishevelled appearance. She just wanted her brothers calm so they wouldn't go off on a mission to hurt him.
“Oh Dru, you're beard,” Fili looked just as sulky as if it had been his own beard, “you were so proud of it. Look what he's gone and down!”
“It's alright, I tried to rectify most of it,” Druili reached up and touched her chin, “he'd left it horribly uneven, but I think mamma-Eh, Auntie Dis can sort it out.”
At her little slip of tongue, she switched her gaze to Thorin, who had been staring at them in silence, watching them converse.
A strange feeling had come over him.
And she watched him shut his eyes and take deep breaths.
When he opened his eyes, she felt Fili and Kili' hands in hers and they all prepared themselves.
“You three, are the most stubborn, ignorant and fool-headed children,” he gritted his teeth as if to squelch his anger, “and I call you my blood? If I had fought this way alongside my siblings, and then treated it as a game, I would have been severely punished.”
“We're sorry Uncle,” Fili spoke first, trying to keep his voice steady, “they were  showing disrespect for our family and calling us names. We tried to ignore them, but they attacked first. They throwed a rock at Druili-”
“It does not matter!” Thorin roared and the three of them seemed to meld together as one in shock.
“We will face many prejudice from many humans and creatures in our world,” he growled at them, “yes, we dwarves are known to fight back when challenged, but not now. Not in times of desperate need where we don't have an army to declare war. In future, you stand down. If someone casts a stone or rock at you, you walk away. Is that clear?”
He knew that was a big fat lie, but he didn't care to see them getting into trouble, so young. Especially when his sister blamed him.
Fili and Kili nodded as expected, but Druili looked at Thorin and he glared down at her.
“I said, is that clear?” He growled at her and expected her to instantly shrink and nod.
But instead, she shocked him.
“It is clear, but I won't do it.”
Thorin was stumped.
“You have given me life and a family and have taken care of me when I was sick, I won't repay back my debt to you by allowing others to speak ill of you,” she looked between him, Fili and Kili and then back at him, “any of you. If I'm to be punished, then punish me, but I can't make that promise to you uncle Thorin.”
Her small, uneven chin jutted out stubbornly.
"He called me filthy and told me that I should not have a beard. The next person to say that to me gets another rat in his trousers."
Thorin didn't quite know what to say. He was dwelling on his words when Kili cleared his throat.
"And me. I'll not let anyone by who dares besmirch our family."
Fili then looked at them both and sighed, more out of defeat than anything.
"I suppose I agree also."
Thorin let out a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding in. He turned quickly to the side, trying to hide his bemusement.
Finally, after what seemed like a tortuous ten minutes tops for the children, he turned to them, his voice heavy in disbelief.
"I have the most stubborn, blockheaded relations standing before me," he shut his mouth in a tight line and turned his back to them, "and if my father was here, he'd be I am."
The last bit was muttered low enough that he hoped they hadn't heard, but they all gasped in unison. Before they could say anything, he glanced over his shoulder at them.
"Now come on, we best get you home before your mother comes to find us with a skillet."
He marched off without looking back at them and they obediently followed, their small hands clasped tightly together in a chain that was currently, unbreakable.

A short while later...
As Dru sat in her room, she kept glancing at herself in her mirror. She'd been washed, shaved and tidied up by her mother, who clucked around her and pretty much said a lot of words that Dis was saving for later when she wouldn't be around to tell her off. No more sideburns, her cuts were already healing and her hair was now cut below her chin. She looked very much like a little human girl, were it not for her large ears, which were now poking out of her shortened hair.
She was thinking about putting a scarf on her head like an old woman, when there was a knock at the door.
"Druuuu," Kili's voice rung out, "are you decent?"
"She's never decent, that's why mother says she has bad manners." Fili chuckled at his own joke and Druili just rolled her eyes. She hopped off the bed and made her way across the room to open the door.
"What do you two blockheads want? You can't have my dessert, I already ate it and-" her words stuck in her throat when she had opened the door and looked at them. They stood before her, smirks on both their faces. No beards. And their hair cut as short as hers.
"What...what have you done?!" She stepped forward and reached a finger out to either of them, poking their bare cheeks and chins.
"We asked mother if we could grow ours back like you." Kili winced as she poked a sensitive patch.
"That way, you won't be the only one and now, we can start measuring and racing who gets the longest beard when we're 50!" Fili gently slapped her hand away, but continued to smile triumphantly. Afterall, he had been the one to think of it.
Druili stood there, perfectly still for a few moments, looking between them both.
"You're both mad."
She returned their grins and flung her arms around their necks with full force. They all immediately crashed to the floor and landed in a heap.
"You're both utterly, UTTERLY, MAD!" She laughed as they both squirmed beneath her, unable to push her off even with their combined strength.
"Oh, get off!" Kili laughed and tried to dislodge himself, "You did eat your dessert, you weigh a ton!"
"Mother! Druili's crushing us!" Fili laughed along and hand managed to wiggle his neck free, but still had his torso captured by her. Dis had found them in fits of laughter on the floor and eagerly joined in, wrestling and tickling her young ones. She'd told them all that she had never been prouder of them.

Druili continued to gather what fruit she could find, mostly apples from the trees and some berries, smiling all the while at the thought of her wonderful brothers. She'd never tell them, but she wouldn't swap them for the world.

Later that night...
Druili and Gandalf had awakened in the early hours of the morning after falling asleep a little before nightfall. He'd calmed down enough to see that whilst he was in the right, that didn't necessarily mean Thorin was wrong. He did have a right to be mad, but Gandalf would just have to think of a...sneakier way to get him to see and meet with the elves.
Druili pleaded that he not mention that he said this out loud to her, feigning ignorance at his scheming.
It was with surprise and worry when they got to the camp, only to find it seemingly abandoned.
"Where is everyone?" Druili dropped her bedroll and wondered over to where her horse should have been. She found only her hammer on the ground and a dropped satchel.
"Gandalf, the horses-" he turned to him, but he held up his hand to her face.
Druili strained her large ears and heard nothing at first. The longer she stayed quiet however, she could JUST make out the faint sounds of...something. Voices on the wind.
"Into the woods. Now. Quietly." Gandalf took giant strides and Druili armed herself with her hammer, hurrying after him.
Deeper they went and whilst the voices became louder, the trees around them made it hard to distinguish from where the source originated. Gandalf looked for a clearing, in the vein hope he might be able to see better.
Gandalf spun at her hissed tones. She was standing still, but her head moved back and forth, her chin raised and her nose in the air. She was smelling.
"I smell a fire and...something cooking," she turned her head to the left and inhaled deeply, "this way." She sprang ahead, her hammer still held between her hands, ready to strike. Gandalf followed her, trusting her nose more than anything. He could have laughed at the whole thing, had it not been for the fact she was unsure of what she smelt being cooked.
Druili saw it first. The faint glow from a fire against the trees. She slowed down and kept to the shadows, creeping forward, knowing Gandalf was right behind her.
Their were three conversing that she easily recognised as trolls, even before she saw them. Their were the others, but with everyone muttering and shouting all at once, it was hard to listen.
She peeked over the edge of a round rock and quickly saw the situation. Three tolls had indeed captured the party, and whilst a majority lay in sacks on the ground, Bilbo was standing addressing the trolls. She also realised that most of her friends were currently being cooked as they slowly roasted on a stick.
"-Is to skin them first!" She caught Bilbo's voice as he was apparently finishing that sentence and everyone else immediately began to complain. One of the trolls actually seemed to believe him and went to get a knife, whilst the other members of her party shouted curses at Bilbo.
"Bilbo is distracting them. Stay quiet and hidden. We don't need another dwarf put on a stick to be roasted." Gandalf crept away from her, quietly and disappeared before she could even register his direction.
Bombur was suddenly picked up and she had half a mind to ignore Gandalf's warning and jump out, hammer ready as he was lifted high above one of the trolls' mouth.
"Not that one! He's-He's infected!" Druili was glad of Bilbo's quick thinking.
The trolls stopped and turned to him, one of them seemingly in disbelief.
"Yes, he's got worms in his...tubes!"
Druili was wondering what on earth he was talking about at first, but when Bombur was unceremoniously dropped by the troll in a panic, she realised he was putting them off by making them seem inedible.
'Quick thinking, Mr. Baggins'.'
"In fact, they all have, they're INFESTED with parasites." Bilbo continued on, REALLY selling the parasites. Unfortunately, a few of the blockheads (including her brother) began to argue that they did NOT have parasites.
She peeked from behind her hiding place and spotted Thorin with his head turned towards her. She put her hand up and waved to get his attention and when he saw her, his eyes widened briefly, but not being able to say anything, merely signaled at her to go.
' Fat chance. I just need...a distraction.'
Bilbo was now loudly proclaiming the parasites they were all infested with. She looked around as that gave her an idea and ducked low to the dirt.
She picked up the nearest stone and hurled it at the backside of one of the trolls before quickly ducking back down.
"Ow! Something bit me!"
"It was one of our parasites!" She threw her voice over the boulder she was hiding behind, deepening it to sound like anyone of the males.
"I've got parasites as big as my arms!"
"Mine are the biggest parasites, I've got HUGE parasites!"
The boys seemed to have finally caught on and everyone was now happily proclaiming their parasitic infestation. If this wasn't such a severe situation, Druili could laugh.
She peeked back over as the leader of the trolls stepped towards Bilbo.
"What would you have us do then? Let them all go?!"
She already knew what the outcome of this would be. Trolls were stupid, but surely not THAT stupid as to just let their food get up and walk away.
"You think I don't know what you're up to?! This little ferret is taking us for fools!"
The trolls briefly argued amongst themselves, but they were interrupted when a familiar voice boomed from above them. Gandalf stood up a rock, overlooking the trolls.
"The dawn will take you all!"
The trolls looked at Gandalf in awes and confusion.
"Who's that?"
"No idea."
"Can we eat him too?"
"Bad Idea!" Druili jumped out from behind the rock just as Gandalf raised his staff high. With no great force, he thrust it down until it tapped the middle of the rock. Side stepping away so as not to fall through, Druili was caught up in the amazing sight of the large boulder splitting in two. The dawn had come. The light quickly landed on the trolls and in less than a minute, they were completely turned to stone.
The shouts of joy and celebration were like music to her ears, but she noticed that Dwalin, was beginning to look a little red from his place roasting on a stick.
Hurriedly, she doused the fire beneath them with dirt and mad sure they weren't cooking anymore.
"That's strange, I could have sworn I smelled boar being cooked." She glanced up at Dwalin, who merely glowered at her.

A short while later...
After helping everyone down from the makeshift spit-roast, she made her way over to the small group attempting to pull themselves free of the sacks. Since Bilbo was standing, she helped him out first.
"That was the best quick thinking I've ever seen, Mr. Baggins." Druili used one of the trolls knives to help cut some of the bag away where it was tangled.
Bilbo actually blushed.
"Well, thank you," She began to work her way around the group with her knife, Bilbo still talking to her, "I just thought...what would I not want to hear when cooking."
She chuckled at his joke as she helped hoist Bombur to his feet, which in itself is an amazing feat.
Eventually, everyone was up and out of their sacks, though Dru looked at her brothers and her nose wrinkled.
"You two smell awful, I'm surprised they wanted to eat you at all!"
Kili and Fili threw her a dirty look.
"It's not us, it's the sacks!"
"It may have been the sacks at first, but you boys smell awful NOW," Druili tossed them some garments that were lain strewn on the floor, "Good thing there's a stream for you lot to bathe in. ALONE."
"You've always bathed with us in the past." Kili raised a quizzical brow.
"Ay', but I'm not in the habit of doing that now. I've seen enough of you with your 'parasites' than I'm used to. By the way. I think the sack suits you. You should wear it on your head though." She began to shake with laughter.
"Why's that?" Fili caught the mischievous glint in her eye.
"It will will flatter yer' better." Dwalin walked by and noticing her laughter at the situation, took a swipe at the top of her head, which she dodged easily.
"And how big are your parasites again?" She dodged a second swipe but fell against Bifur and had to maneuver herself behind him as all three made a move towards her.
Thorin looked on at the scene, but quickly turned. He did not want the group to see his smile.
C2: Luna Plena
“Last stop boys and girls, we're here!” The bus driver yelled back the short distance and sure enough, came to a rough halt which jolted Victoria forward in her seat. She may have had her life saved, but a whine from in front of her told her Keisha hadn't been so lucky with something of hers.
“That was my last bag of gummi bears Phil! You could have done that gentler.”
“I would, but I think I'm speaking for everyone here when I say,” Phil the bus driver stood up and was waving everyone off the bus, “bathroom' are just across the road next to the town house everyone!”
The few passengers that Victoria didn't know piled off quickly and followed Phil to the said bathrooms.
Victoria took the time, making sure she had all her bags and books and easing her feet back into her shoes.
Pretty but painful.
Just as she stepped out of her seat, an unexpected bump caused the books balanced nicely in her arms to plop down onto the seat, one sliding to the floor.
The voice behind her said, deep and familiar.
She turned but only caught a glimpse of black hair disappearing below her eye line. The figure kindly picked the book up for her and stood up, finally making eye contact.
Shocking electric green eyes met hers and she found herself flustered. Because it felt like a sudden swoosh had moved through her being. Like a tidal wave had smacked, straight through her soul.
And she almost giggled like a schoolgirl when he smiled down at her.
“I'm Aeron. Sorry, I was in a rush to stretch my legs,” He pulled away from her and made a space between them, “after you my lady.”
Victoria giggled at the little hand flourish he had said with 'my lady' and carefully made her way to the front of the bus, with him close behind.
“It's alright, no one likes to be kept cooped up for too long.” She happily hopped off the last step and was thankful of the breeze on her face.
Turning to face Aeron, she caught sight of his whistful expression. His eyes were shut and his face looked more peaceful, bathed in the warm rays of sunshine with the cooling wind against his face.
He was very handsome and pretty, but she knew she hadn't come this far too get a boyfriend. She was on a vacation from all of those troubles, even if Keisha disagreed.
Speak of the devil.
“Oh, I see you've met Aeron,” she suddenly appeared inbetween them and lowered her voice only for Victoria to hear, “and he is a dish, I can see you checking him out. Subtle girl, real subtle.”
Victoria of course was the bigger adult. So she only nudged her friend in the shoulder a little bit, Keisha laughing and sticking her tongue out as she turned back to Aeron.
“Aeron, have you ever been to this part of Ireland before?”
They made their way to the lower compartment of the bus, where the suitcases were kept.
“A long time ago. I haven't been here since,” Aeron made to say something but stopped himself and instead choose a simpler phrase, “younger. Much, much younger.”
Keisha gave Victoria a look that meant they were obviously going to gossip about the cryptic handsome guy later, but for now, they were very thankful when he offered to carry their suitcases.
“Chivalry is not dead it seems,” Keisha turned and cast a quick glance around, “unlike some.”
Victoria felt almost sorry for Daniel, Keisha' boyfriend, but really, it was his own fault for drinking so much whilst they were on the bus and couldn't stop.
She heard a small voice a few feet away and noticed a woman at the front of the bus, beckoning everyone to follow her to their allocated sleeping quarters.
“I think, next time, I'll put myself in charge of drinks.” Victoria turned away and made to follow the other two towards one of the buildings, when a small but firm grip held her arm fast.
She turned and had to look down to see a frail old lady holding a sprig of wild Rowan.
“Take this my dear.”
“Oh, for me?” Victoria happily excepted them and sniffed them gratefully, “Thank you for welcoming me.”
“They're not for welcoming my deary,” the old voice was like something out of a Disney cartoon, all high pitched and croaky, “they are for protection.”
“Oh...but I thought they had a different meaning-”
“AY deary,” the old woman lowered her voice and wet her slim, crackled lips, “here they do. But THEY hate them.”
“...They?” Victoria wanted to step away. She felt as though she had stepped into the twilight zone, but the old lady had a very good grip on her.
“Wolves deary. Protection from wolves.” As if to reassure her, the old woman loosened her grip and patted her on the other arm with her now free hand.
“You have Wolves here? Around the town?”
“They're everywhere deary. Around and INSIDE the town. Beware the wolf my dear.”
Before she could question her any further, the old lady scuttled off in a hurry, Victoria surprised at how fast the old woman could actually move.
“Hey girl, come on, I'm starving!” Keisha pulled her back to her senses and she turned around to catch up.
“You're always hungry!” She retorted and linked arms with Keisha as they were joined by Daniel, who quickly apologised and took his and Keisha' joint bag off of Aeron.

“Come here you pesky little buggar!” A shout came from behind a bush, followed by a loud rustling.
A second later, a large, furry white rabbit shot out one side and ran straight into a bolt.
A few moments later, a figure popped up from the middle of the bush and she looked on, flustered as to the animals escape.
“Bloody thing,” She grumbled and pulled out the bits of twig from her hair before stepping out of the bush carefully, “looks like turnip stew again tonight.”
She made her way slowly back through the bright wood and out the other side.
She watched as the rabbit seemed to mock her, standing on it's bottom and back legs for a bit before calmly hopping away, but into the safety of the dark wood.
Places like that were safe for the animals of the land. But for her and her mother-
A sudden shiver caught Mona unexpected and she turned around several times, trying to catch sight of what might have caused it.
Seeing nothing amiss, her heart still beat frightfully fast as her vision landed on her house.
Mona ran as fast as she could and found herself in the doorway of her home with a few moments.
“Mother! Mother, are you safe?!”
Mona called out several times. She ran upstairs and downstairs, checking the basement, the cupboards and even under the beds. Hiding places where always important for both her and her mother to know, but it was doubtful that anything had occurred here. Nothing was amiss. It was just the way she had last seen it.
'You grab dinner, I'll fetch the herbs.'
That's what she had said whilst she grabbed her red cape.
And suddenly, Mona felt sick.
She knew where her mother was.
She grabbed for her own red cape and tied it securely around her shoulders before running out of the house. Standing at the edge of the forest, she looked in, hoping to catch a glimpse of her mother.
“Let me in.” She whispered and stepped forward when the two trees in front of her yielded and bent apart from one another.
Walking cautiously along the forest floor, everything was silent around her. She expected that. She knew she was walking into what some considered a trap. But she couldn't be dragged off by anything. Not whilst her cape was on her body.
And then a soft hum came from behind her and she knew, she wasn't alone.
“Hello Mona.”
She slowly turned and came face to face with the large, grey wolf, someone very familiar to her.
“Cassius.” She hissed out his name, hating the way his tongue flicked out at her.
“Clever girl,” he admired her cape and tiled his head as his eyes shone at her in the darkened wood, “If only your mother had been as clever as you.”
“What have you done with her, you monster?! She was wearing her cape!” Mona stepped forward, her fists balled into the fabric of her skirt.
Cassius growled as a warning to her but she wasn't scared.
“You're mother was foolish to think that a creature of the wood would guard it for her as she swam. But we have allies everywhere. From the smallest, fluffiest rabbit, to the greatest of our hawks.”
Mona gritted her teeth and tried to remain calm as she finally noticed the long red material draped across the wolf' back.
She knew what to do.
“The rules state that if I come and challenge with two days, she may return home.”
The laughter grew darker and he threw his head back.
“You can try child, but that's if the wolves of the north don't tear out your throat. They don't abide by our customs.”
Mona sneered at him.
“No, you just steal people from their homes and force them to become like one of you.”
A step too far, she had the wind knocked out of her as the wolf flew forward and pinned her against the tree.
“If it wasn't for your cape, you know I could bite into your flesh without any trouble on my part,” his nose almost touched her skin and she felt him inhale deeply, “your soft, juicy flesh.”
Feeling his tongue come out and lick her neck, she'd had enough. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her hair pin and planted the sharp end directly on the beast' paw.
She felt herself knocked sideways and her vision blurred white briefly as a sharp pain exploded in her arm.
She heard the creature howl and roar with all it's might and focused her sight, not wanting to miss out on the show.
It batted it's paw against a trunk before giving up and turning into his human form.
Cassius stood before her, naked and with the pin still sticking in his hand where she had put it.
“You'll pay for that, mark my words!” He growled at her and quickly pulled the pin out with his other hand.
She found the strength to stand and ignored the throb in her arm.
“Try that again and I'll show you what I can do.” She had no clue what she could do, but whatever she thought of wouldn't be pleasant for him.
He snarled at her and immediately shifted back to his wolf form, his eyes fixing hers in place.
“We shall see in two days my dear,” he began to walk around her, purposefully keeping distance between them, “until then, keep yourself safe. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you before I get to you.”
In the next moment, he was gone. Mona finally looked down at her arm and grimaced at the large bloody gash he had given her.
“Bastard.” She muttered to herself and quickly made her way back to her house.
If she was going to leave, she'd not only need supplies, but the appropriate care for her arm.
“Don't worry mother, I'm coming for you.” She scurried as fast as she could inside, gathering the things as she went.
Before closing the door she stopped herself, remembering something.
Running into her mother' room, she scooped up her mother' brush and found the strands she needed.
She needed a talisman on this journey and maybe, if she was lucky, someone might help her on her way. Or something.

Victoria stood in the darkest patch of forest she had ever seen. She gazed up to see if she could spot the stars to guide her out of the maze, but the thick shrubbery seemed to move when she fixed her eyes on particular patch of sky.
She looked around her, not wanting to believe everything was more alive than normal.
It didn't seem right.
And then, out of no where, a girl around her own age was standing before her.
Completely covered in a long, red, hooded cloak, she held her head low, so her face was obscured.
Victoria stepped forward, as if her body was controlling her and her mind was elsewhere.
'You better beware child and listen,' a disembodied voice called to her, but it was as if the voice was coming from all around: from the forest itself, 'he Wolves are coming. They are hungry. They will stop at nothing until their hunger is quenched. And if you're lucky, it will only be your juicy flesh they are after.'
The girl' hands came up and she pulled it back down to reveal the head of a wolf.
Lunging for her, Victoria felt herself falling backwards, her body hitting the soft bed beneath.

Her entire body jolted on her mattress. She sat up in bed, gasping for air and trying to calm her beating heart.
She'd had plenty of dreams before, but this one was different. Her mother had always told her that although dreams had meanings, some where warnings from far away, people sending them to us for protection from great evil. A storm that was coming.
Victoria spent the next hour sitting by her temporary bedroom window, gazing out into the night and trying to urge herself to sleep again.
She noted the full moon outside and swore she could hear, in the distance outside, a dog howling.
Or what she hoped was a dog.
Lupis Veniunt: Luna Plena
Chapter 2 'Full Moon'

I'm lost and I'm found...

I'm going to be honest...I just found this in Stash and don't remember writing it.


Sarah Williams
United Kingdom
'The fountains mingle with the river,
And the rivers with the ocean;
The winds of heaven mix forever,
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine
In one another's being mingle;--
Why not I with thine?
See! the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower would be forgiven,
If it disdained it's brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea;--
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?'
Percy Shelley

'There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.'
Friedrich Nietzsche

'Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.'
Bruce Lee

Current Residence: In a world of my own *_*
deviantWEAR sizing preference: UK
Favourite genre of music: Accoustic, rock, Asian pop, Electric
Favourite photographer: Chelsefuss hehe
Favourite style of art: Abstract
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Skin of choice: My own! >.<
Favourite cartoon character: Yumie Takagi/Alucard...Raziel? XD
Personal Quote: Shh, it could be filled with chocolate ohkay! I am not a shrimp, I am a KING PRAWN, OHKAY!
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This has been an awful week. And an awful start to the new year. I'm sorry that I've come back here after such an absence due to the worst news I ever heard.
I'm ok. I'm doing better than I was. I'm...emotionally numb. I keep crying. And I probably won't stop for a while. But I'm smiling again and that's ok. I came here today, because I needed to see the beautiful pieces that I was expecting to see.'re wonderful artists and wonderfully weird.
He would have loved us.

'I'll be free...Just like that bluebird.'



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