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Since I am a noob at plot, this is an AU version of Magi that takes place before the Second Balbadd Arc


{Personal Info}

Name: Yamauchi (Ren) Tsukino

Age: 25

Birthday: Nov 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 lbs

Race: Human

Nationality: Kou

Current Residence: Kou

Family: Michiko, Nekomi (half/step-sisters/cousins), Kumoko (mother), Yasha, Tatsuta (aunt/stepmother), Nobuo Yamauchi (father)

Allies: Kouen Ren, Koumei Ren, Kouen's Household, Kougyouku Ren, Hakuei Ren

Enemies: Al-Thamen, Nobuo

Personality: Tsukino is a woman with a strong sense of justice and loyalty. She does what she believes is best for her country, even if it would mean being married off in a political agreement. She prefers to discuss matters rather than taking things into her own hands, as she was raised with books and not swords. She subconciously compares the modern world to empires in the past and tries to see where they share strengths and faults. However, she would pick up a sword and fight to the extent of her knowledge to protect her loved ones.

Likes: Reading, Cooking, Spicy foods, Stargazing, Teaching

Dislikes: Conflict, Subjugation, Hot days, Braggarts



Skin Tone: Golden Medium

Eye Color: Violet

Hair Color: Black

Overall Appearance: Tsukino is average height with a curvaceous figure and hair that falls past her hips- which is usually kept in a braid thrown over her left shoulder. Her bangs sweep across her right brow and cover a mark on her brow bone. She has a large bust, hips, and thighs and some extra body fat around her abdomen. Her legs and arms have muscle mass to them however, due to daily activities. She often wears a lilac kimono with a white petal design along the hem of the skirt and wide sleeves and a white obi. Whenever she leaves the palace, however, she wears a cranberry-centered hanfu.

Tattoo(s)?: none

Scar(s)?: Small scar from the right side of her hairline to her brow from running into a corner while reading

Accessories?: A long silver chain with a moon charm on it with 'Kimiko' engraved along it



Alive/Deceased: Alive

Classification: Nobility (former) Royalty (current)

Rank?: none

Maritial Status/Love Interest(s): Kouen Ren (spouse)

Ruhk: White

Weapon(s): Average knowledge on swordsmanship (skill limited to shortswords), Wand

Abilities: Life Magic (centers around Healing Magic) Lightning Magic (minor knowledge)


Power-  3/5

Magoi-  4/5

Skill-   3/5

Leadership-  3/5

Control-   3/5

Physical Strength-  2/5

Strength(s): Healing, Reading (speed, memory), Cooking, seeing in darker places

Weakness(es): Bright lights, hot temperatures, using magic for an extended period of time, long battle, heights, loud noises



Personal History: (More of a chronological backstory, so skim or skip if you please) When she was younger, she stayed alone in the library frequently. When she was three, her mother passed and her father married her sister. A year later, Michiko was born and her mother died in childbirth. After that, he married the last sister and she had Nekomi. Tsukino was seven when Nekomi was born, and often had to care for Michiko when her father was busy, and Nekomi when her mother was out. At nine, Tsukino had begun reading books on history and science, leaving ettiquite books on the shelves. The three were raised with their rank in accordance to the reverse order of their birth. On her thirteenth birthday, her father had a guard teach her on how to use a sword, expecting her to protect her younger sisters rather than be a democrat. When she was fifteen, she put away swordsmanship and began practicing magic to help others rather than harm them. Michiko, eleven, began studying Heat Magic. When she was eighteen, she opened a small clinic to help people that were too financially stunted to get professional help for minor injuries, and helped them with aches, pains, and flesh wounds. When she turned twenty, she began learning lightning magic as she improved her healing magic and began teaching Nekomi, who was thirteen, about life magic as well. Her father had called her an illigitemate child, although she had been the daughter of his first wife, but people began doubting his accusations and treated her as the first child. Nekomi had been raised as the first child, so she began to go to Tsukino for guidance on what was happening. Because her father and her aunt were focused on getting wealth and power, Tsukino, twenty-one, began treating seventeen year old Michiko and fourteen year old Nekomi as her own children, teaching them how to defend themselves and use magic. Nekomi helped heal patients in the clinic while Tsukino helped guards and soldiers, while Michiko began reading more on Heat Magic and learning her affinity of Wind Magic. At twenty-three, Nobuo began requesting husbands for Tsukino to rid of her. That year, Tsukino cared for a soldier that had been injured near the borders and was trying to get to the palace. She healed him and he introduced himself as Seishuu Ri. He spent the night in her clinic to finish healing and took him back to the palace. When they arrived, she was stopped at the gates, but he told her he would put in a good word for her. Weeks later, a campaign for noble women to marry the first prince was opened and a letter was sent out to her.

Introduction to the Plot: (this is an (minor)AU-type fanfiction, so events that happen in my plot are most likely not canon) After the battle with the medium, Al-Thamen and Gyokuen had seemingly left Kou. Preparing to become Emperor, Kouen set out a campaign to become his wife, only concerned with who would look good for the empire and not too focused on loving them. Tsukino, because of Seishuu, was among those women and passed the short series of tests along with one other woman. The final test was relevant to the empire's past economy, which Tsukino had learned in her personal studies. The other woman was more for show, so her parents had never taught her history, meaning Tsukino had succeded.

Plot Relevance: Married to Kouen Ren, current Emperor of the Kou Empire. She acts as a caretaker and brings him late-night meals when he is working. She also helps heal wounded soldiers, and studies the history and economy of different countries. She is a very well-spoken diplomat, and assists in gaining allies and settling disputes.


Magic Affinity: Life Magic, Lightning Magic (minor)

Known Magic Elements: Healing Magic {Life},

Wand: Seven inch silver base with a Howlite stone on the end and a ribbed base for grip

Spell List: Wound Closure{can close external wounds to stop bleeding (scars depend on length and depth of wound)}, Ache Cure {can relive aches in joints, stomach, and head (to a certain degree)}, Ramz {creates a small ball of lightning and sends it at the opponent)


Unique Scent: Broken leaves and honeysuckle

Theme Song(s): Banana Pancakes/Stole the Show

Astrial Sign: Scorpio

Hobby(ies): Cooking, Reading, Drawing or Caligraphy

Type of Man/Woman: Man{A well-informed man that cares for his family and believes in a world of peace} Woman{A gentle woman with a strong personality and a cute face}

Favorite Food/Least Liked Food: Chili Lime soup/Peaches

Favorite Color: Violet

Name Meaning(s): Tsukino{Moon Field} Yamauchi{Within the Mountains}

Lucky Charm(s)/Favorite Item: Her necklace{one in a set of three}

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