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A lot of people tend to get this incorrect, so I created a super quick few images to clarify what a grem's eyes are supposed to look like when angry or upset, as well as the do's and don'ts of colouring in your grem's eyes!

Eye changing does not apply to hybrids or cypherus grems in anyway, this is only applied to Grem2 ONLY

Correct Eye Colour 2016 by MrGremble

This is a correct way on how to colour in your grem's eyes. The area that is dominant only changes into the recessive colour, this applies to where ever the dominant colour shows in the eyes.

Incorrect Eye Colour by MrGremble

when a grem's eyes change, they recessive colour does not fill the entire eye, does not switch colours, or does not change shape when angry!!!

For special cases like heterochromia, this is what a grem's eyes should look like. (heterchromia is not a trait that is off limits, anyone can do it!)
Heterchromia Grem by MrGremble

the dominant colour MUST BE SHOWN IN BOTH EYES, they can be whatever colour you want, but the dominant colour in both eyes is mandatory

when angry or upset in anyway, the dominant colour is the only colour that changes within the eye to their recessive.

there we go! hope that clarified things a little better for people.

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is eyes changing still optional?
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I'm having a dilemma Dx
So, I'm working on updating my grem2's reference and I'm working on her eyes right now- her dominant blood color is green, while the recessive is like a deep, dark purpleish black. Her sclera is the dominant green color but her iris and pupil is also basically the same green but with shading added to it (cause that's just how I like to draw eyes) and I was hoping I could make it so that the entire eye changes to the recessive blood color when she's upset- since the whole eye is green, just in the iris its shaded and a slightly different hue I guess? But I would want that to change with the sclera... 

If you need an example of what I mean I can provide one!
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it is mandatory for your grem to be updated to the recent blood rules if you wish to overhaul them! so you would need to choose a dominant colour and recessive colour then would need to stick to that! All old gens rules are needed to be updated regardless, so making that change makes it a whole lot easier on us c: 

What you would need to do is pick that dominant colour and make the ears, somewhere in the eyes, nails, claws, tongue and inner mouth that colour

The recessive would be the leg colour, for the angry headshot you need to have your grem's dominant blood colour in the ears, inner mouth, tongue and eyes (optional, where the dominant shows only) to change into its recessive blood. Hope that answers your question!
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aaa I should've clarified- so this wouldn't be for the overhauled Grem2, it would be for this one which I recently got back as well: #549
She's got green eyes as that's her dominant blood color, with the pupil and 'iris' (green around the pupil) being a darker green, and I was wondering if the whole eye could change to be that dark purple on her feet! While still retaining a darker purple pupil and 'iris' when it changes so it stands out. ;o; If that makes sense.
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ooh!! ok so, that lighter colour shown in the ear is the light colour that would change in her eye! the whole thing wouldnt change, just the light green would to dark purple!
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Ah okay!! Gotcha. :0 So- I am working on an updated reference sheet for her and I'm making just some very slight changes to her design (slight hue changes for the colors and just some slight adjustments to her markings). I will note you with the reference for approval once I have it all finished! (I do hope it okay for me to change her a little- her current design was done in 2016 and before that, I believe her original design was made either in 2014-2015 or so I belieeeve).
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I have a question. Do their eyes change only when they're angry or for like when they're sad as well? u v u 
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whenever they feel negative emotions!
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Thank you a bunch < 333 
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Hello! I just want to ask if the grem eyes is still relevant? I see a lot of official grems passing with the sclera changing rather than the iris ;v; 
Guest Grems AUCTION CLOSED // Totally-Not-Halloween Grem2 Auction [CLOSED] // Camp-Based Grems AUCTION (CLOSED)
(Definitely not attacking anyone! these are literally dream designs, they were just examples <3 ) 

Is it an optional thing to have the iris/ sclera change?
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Basically, anywhere the dominant blood color is, the recessive color will take over.

Let's say, my dom is pink, my rec is blue

So if the sclera is pink, it will turn blue. If my iris is pink, it will turn blue etc.

Could even just have a spot in the eye that's pink and the rest a different color and onlythat spot will change~

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ah okay, I and a few others thought this was just a reference saying that only the iris is supposed to change but knowing the sclera can as well clears a lot up ;v; thank you! <3
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it cant changed anywhere int he eye, it doesnt have to change in the sclera!
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hey, does this grem follow the blood rules?

I'm not sure if they do or not and if they do could someone let me know what their dominant and recessive blood color is
just a little confused when I look at the blood refs and my grem
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Looks like they do~ 
dark blue is their dominant, bright blue is recessive

that means their pads,claws, inside the ear and somewhere in their eye (pupil) is the dark blue~!
when angry, you can have the eye not change at all, be all light blue or maybe just a very small bit of that star showing~!

hope this helped!
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ahh thanks so much ^^
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omg I'm so sorry
so with my boy here

Rigil- Grem2- NFT by Belfryluna

would all of his eye color change to recessive/should I update his eyes to have a defined sclera and iris? 
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Actually, it would more or less be the inside of the ear that would be important to change. 
You can choose to not have his eye color change, if you don't want it to~!
But if you do then yes, the entire area that has his dominant color (light blue) would change to his recessive (dark blue).

Also keep in mind that the inside of his mouth/tongue also changes!
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What should I change about the inside of his ears? I thought they should be the dominant color? 
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When they are angry, the recessive color raises up in the ears and all that~!
Here is a visual to help you out. 
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OH!! I misunderstood! By 'change' I thought I had to update his visual reference aha!
(8 Thank you so much for the help!
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Oh no hah! 
Just noticed that your angry version didnt have its ears the right color is all~!
Im glad to help out! Sorry for the confusion! 
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