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Hey, guys. I am thinking about creating a calendar with my photos. How do you like the idea? ^^
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Great Idea! Price is reasonable at $20 (maybe signed for $25 USD?)
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You could take brand new Photos and release them with the Calendar! So all people got 1 more reason to get lucky :)
PS: Do you sell it soon?
The price really depends on a lot of things.
You should call a printing company and ask about your question. But before you do that, you may want to actually create a sample of the calendar so you can send it to the company for price evaluation.
I believe if you tell the quantity (the number of copies) of the calender, the material of the paper you intend to use, the style you want, etc, the company could approximate a price for you. Be sure to ask some professionals to help you design the calender before the final printing starts.
Then you could contact some stores if they want to sell the calender for you (You may want the company to print one sample for you so the store owners can see what it is).
And you can also sell it on deviantart (I am not sure if this site support it), or eBay, or any other popular online selling sites.
Be sure to ask more than one company to compare the price.
Since you do not have a lot of pictures, you could contact other cosplayers if they want to make calendars and sell them, you can buy out their picture, or they could have a share of the selling. Be sure to take care about the copyright stuff.

Of course, the above suggestions applies only if you want to print a lot of (like 1000+) of the calendars, and make some money out of it. If you just want to print a small amount of them, you can design it by yourself, or your friends, and print them in a local printing store, or even in your own house, and sell it on eBay or deviantart.
Since start something like this is really difficult, especially when you have to take care of school stuff. I believe there are groups which makes calendars for cos-players in a fair (reasonable) price. You could ask/search around on the internet to find some.
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This is a great idea. Also, for price fairness and fan appreciation, I think you should sign them. I would be guaranteed to by one for that.
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you can do what you wana do.Dit it will be on sale?
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Do it, do it, do it!!!
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Great idea. Who would not wanna have a constant picture of your gorgeousness on their wall?
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Thank you. х))
What do you think about the price?^^
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that sounds like a good idea
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Thank you.)
What do you think about the price?
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well here in the UK they go for about £5 - £10 i don't know what that equates too where your from
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Now that sounds interesting. :)
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What do you think about the price?
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With that kinda thing, I always look at it analytically with lots of things in mind..

How much does it cost to make them?
How many are you making? (Affects the above)
How many people are thinking about buying one?
What's the quality of them going to be like?
Is Rev. Ratspeed going to help you make this calendar? ('cause, like, he would totally be all over that. >:3)
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Calendar size 30x42 cm
1 month - 1 page. sheet: one side - the month with a photo, the second - the big picture, poster. Price $ 30
+ shipping cost to your country.
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