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the end of innocence

made with illustraor cs4

edit: omg!! thanx for the DD! and for all faves!!!:woohoo:
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blackheadgehog's avatar
love youre style it is freaking awsome ^^
blackheadgehog's avatar
welcome i really love youre style ^^
Docilus's avatar
wow amazing...nice :D
GloomyStarWitch's avatar
omg u live in quebec?:3 me to well montreal to be specific.> u > chill.xDD
grelin-machin's avatar
montréal aussi! :D
Jammyy's avatar
Beautiful!! =D
SOilWOrkeR-82's avatar
insane toys but AWESOME work/concept.... :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I can also describe it as the previous "episode" of an heavy metal artwork from SAXON titled "Innoncence is no excuse"

PS: blame nightwish XD
Reilune's avatar
Strange.. but way cool ^.^
Brujitaloveskurama's avatar
Oh por Dios..... .___.
unmerwe's avatar
unique! Congrats on the DD!
whoistoknow's avatar
Reminds me of little big planet. XD
CDSH's avatar
Sausage? xD

Hmmm... interesting concept and art style. I'm likin' it. c;
Jay-Girl's avatar
This is why I plan on staying a virgin forever, people. I do not want a clownish wang-o in my face.

Haha. I get it.
OoRaimaeoO's avatar
I love all the little creepy things in the background and the blue highlight is gorgeous! Poor soul looks a little scared.

Great work and congrats on the DD!!!
sevenofeleven's avatar
There is a great Foo Fighters song for this picture.

Looks great.
Glisean's avatar
Something about this stood out at me. I can't put my finger on it but I love it.
mekisyo's avatar
interesting style : D
KillerOfSoup's avatar
Great work! It's color is amazing and it makes me happy inside! ^///^
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