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party mix

color overdose
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Aah si je pouvais vivre dans ce monde tout coloré tout joyeux!! ♥*o*♥
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This is very nice!
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oh my flippin kira
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hahah lol, reminds me of Buzzwerd's art!
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wow amazing!! how did you do the stars :S ??
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just a white star with 5 gradients and played with blend! :D
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sweet thanks!! i love this kind of stuff, do you have any tips on shading/coloring?
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hmmm... i don't know, maybe if you have a more specific question... otherwise, i'd tell you to try a lot and have fun with gradient, gradient mesh and transparency palette!
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haha well with you shadows do you have any tricks or do you draw them straight on with the pen tool ? :)
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i use the pen tool for almost everything so yes also for the shadow! :D
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and how do you get it lined up so perfectly ? :)
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you can change the view for outline so you see if it's lined up. or if you need to copy the same shape and add gradient in transparency for example, do ctrl-f instead of ctrl-v, the shape will stay in its place.
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lets go partyyyyyy omg cute. what program do you use to make this? photoshop? (:
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thx for the comment! :D
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you're welcome! :D
ohhhh i see! i'm really illustrator-blind. i can't even seem to understand of how to use any of the tools. LOL!
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maybe you can search on youtube for tutorials if you really like to understand Illustrator. it's not so complicated and maybe you will fall in love with this program like me!:love:
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really? did you learn how to use illustrator from the videos on youtube?
and thanks for the tip! (:
grelin-machin's avatar
no i studied graphic arts so i learned at school and by myself after that.
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Looking at this...makes me happy :)


Absolutely great!!
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Real life should look more like this. C:
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