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The Last Vampire Astronaut

:iconj3concepts: invited me and many other great artists to create a piece based on his Last Vampire Astronaut character and all designs are featured in a downloadable wallpack which includes 20 different wallpapers all at 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 resolutions.
You can download here : [link]

made with Illustrator CS4
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Great idea and an awesome drawing style. I love it :D And also, I would love to see a movie with that title...
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Es tan bello, ojala dibujara así...
AdinaLintu's avatar
You have an awesome drawing style!
Xevixeis's avatar
pachunka's avatar
This is the coolest thing ever.
newbee-work's avatar
Waou ! j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance et le traitement graphique c'est vachement original et efficace ! (et Uber classe par la même occasion ! )
YIYI9556's avatar
Amazing. I like how you did the hair.
cxmb's avatar
this is so amazing! (: something somehow different from wht u usually do!
grelin-machin's avatar
thanx! these are not themes I used to work with but sometimes it's good to be out of your comfort zone. :D
cxmb's avatar
yeah! i need to force myself out of my comfort zone :P cuz im getting bored of my own stuff, lol
grelin-machin's avatar
hmm this is not a good sign, you need to do something about that! :eager:
cxmb's avatar
i know :/ but im kind of blocked out ATM
grelin-machin's avatar
when I'm blocked, I let it down for a while and I start something else. Some works need time to evolve in our unconscious
cxmb's avatar
Yes! i agree (:

So i'm not pushing it ... just chilin':iconrelaxplz:
rscopel's avatar
Waa! I loved!
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Magnifique ! J'adore =D
Split-Lives-Manga's avatar
I love that retro 60's feel here with the gothic look amazing :3
Kumico's avatar
awesome!!!!!! i love it!!!!
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