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¡Hola! Al fin subo algo a mi cuenta. Como soy fan de las fonts y tengo una carpeta con miles de ellas de diferentes tamaños y estilos, quise compartir 6 fonts tipo caligrafía (que me gustan mucho y uso para muchos proyectos escolares). Asique espero que les gusten o les sirvan. / Hello! I finally upload something to my account. As I am a big fan of the fonts and I have a folder with thousands of them of different sizes and styles, I wanted to share 6 calligraphy fonts  (which I like a lot and use for many school projects). So I hope you like them or serve them.
6  fonts tipo caligrafía / 6 calligraphy fonts.
Espero que les sea util. / I hope you find it useful. 
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Thank you. I used  your lovely fonts here:  God is love by LadyoftheApocalypse
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Thank U so muchhh

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i was looking after this, thank you <3
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