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Después de dos años y algunos meses, volví a subir un fotomontaje. La verdad que si he hecho muchos montajes pero nunca me terminaban de gustar para subirlos. Después de mucho tiempo y un gran bloqueo creativo (con el que todavía estoy viviendo) pude hacer esto, que me gustó lo suficiente como para subirlo. Apreciaría un montón sus comentarios y críticas!

  After two years and a few months, I sumbit a new photomanipulation. The truth is that I did a lot of manips but I never liked that much to upload them. After a long time and a huge creative block (I'm still struggling with it) I was able to do this, which I liked enough to upload it. I would appreciate your comments and critiques a lot!
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Focusing on the concept itself it's very mysterious and enchanting to a certain extent. All those attributes are beneficial to make outstanding art piece and I applaud you for implementing those in your artwork. I find it little bit troubling understanding what is actually "Lost". Is she lost in the forest or has she lost something and now looking for it, that, I can not answer by looking at this piece. Expression on her face and her pose are indicating she could be running or hiding from something/someone, but holding that illuminating bottle do give us a certain clue that she might be looking for something or that she has found (the bottle) what she was looking for. That tad bit disconnect in concept can be improved by using a different stock to better fit your idea you are trying to portray.
Speaking of idea, there is a certain lack of originality that does not give us much to look at mostly because there is quite a lot similar images with model/background concept. Storytelling is important and this story is a short one.
You can improve those by adding interesting elements, details that will help you carry on your story, that will make a certain pull and make the observer pay closer attention to your art. Which leads to the technique. The challenge presented here is depth of field which is not very realistic so it makes your work flat to a certain point. Your model's dress has a very sharp edges and your background is blurred to a point where it looks like there has been very little thought put into it. Sometimes when we work, we need to use photo reference to see how actually things work realistically so that we can mimic that in our work. Lighting is off also. The source of light seems to be the bottle, yet it doesn't look like there is an actual source - there should be more glow inside the bottle so it could emit more light and make it look more realistic in a magical kind of way. Model's dress and face do not seem to catch light in the right way. As a photomanipulator you have to be aware that even different types of fabric will catch different amount of light or/and bounce it back.
Conclusion is that lot of things are really great, the idea seems strong yet tad bit disconnected and the flat impression does not give a great impact. You clearly are able to make great art, but paying more attention to realistic aspect of how things work in real life and giving more thoughts to details will make your future works stand out!
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It looks like out of Irish folklore. This is an irish forest inhabited by apparitions and the girl is a fay, one on the "bright" side.
So, you are lost in a haunted irish forest and night is already painting the sky. Souls are to break lose, etc.

Or she is the one lost, this conundrum makes it more mysterious.  

 critic is fair
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I'm only a newbee sketcher and I don't have an experienced critical eye, but I must say, I find your pic 'Lost' mesmerizing and enchanting and I totally enjoyed viewing it. To me, her eyes are illuminated beautifully and shows her expression of expectation as if she was going to meet someone secretly, but has lost her way in the forest. I also love her dress, it's crisp and the fold falls are so feminine. And the background has taken second place, as if out of focus ensuring that the main focus is the character.
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As you requested it, I've provided a critique :)
If you need any reference points in regards to the critique please do let me know.
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Fine work...mystic...
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This is awesome! Great job :D Clap La la la la 
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Awesome piece!   Outstanding 2 by SCPhotoArt  
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I do not know much about this style of art but I think you smash the light and how it falls up on her face and the casting shadows from the hair
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A wonderful work! A beautiful woman and an interesting intriguing scene. Hug Heart 
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This is very beautiful!!
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Very eerie expression on her face.
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Gorgeous work! :heart: 
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Nice work on your part.  :nod:  :painter:

:+fav:  :dance:

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