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Not Impressed by GregorytheImpaler Not Impressed :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 7 2
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LOK Fanfic Pg. 5 - Trail of Blood :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 2 0
My Pillars of Nosgoth by GregorytheImpaler My Pillars of Nosgoth :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 5 3
DisQord Part 5 - In Q Fashion
DisQord – In Q Fashion
Sighing with a thoroughly considered decision to make the most of the situation, Twilight, with Spike on shoulders, marched alongside Captain Picard through the streets of Ponyville. If the citizens were already wary of the stranger from the Federation, they were now doubly so, with the presence of yet another human. Very few eyes even made any manner of connection to Twilight Sparkle save for the cutie mark badge upon her chest. The only pony to express a demeanor of curiosity, rather than keeping a safe distance, was a strange green unicorn with a lyre image upon her flank. She followed the Captain and Twilight closely, but keeping her distance, as it was certainly evident that they were in the middle of something serious.
Together, the trio approached a clearing where a grandiose, circular building resided. Nearing the door, Twilight stood featuring a look of contemplation. Facing the Captain, she explained with a degree of amusement. “Um, Captain?
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DisQord Part 4 - Into the Q
DisQord - Into the Q
Twilight beheld the absolutely slightest expression of confusion on her face as the Princess darted off in a rush. While Captain Picard clearly had even less grasp of what was currently going on, he knew he had little choice but to trust these clearly honest and benevolent equine beings. From a scientific perspective, he found it all very interesting. The fact that there were so many parallels between their people and his, regardless of biological structure and evolutionary traits, was astounding to the Captain.
Even more fascinating was the seemingly magical aspect of their land. While his travels through deep space and vast uncharted reaches of the stars had shown him things of science and things of evident magic, he had never seen a society so in touch with this magic, that is was not only accepted, but a natural part of their existence. After a moment where both Twilight Sparkle and Captain Picard alike took some time for inward contemplation on the matter, the
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Shadowbolt Airsoft 2.0 by GregorytheImpaler Shadowbolt Airsoft 2.0 :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 12 7 Map of a Solar System by GregorytheImpaler Map of a Solar System :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 2 0 Red Planet View by GregorytheImpaler Red Planet View :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 3 3 Shadowbolt Airsoft Helmet Tag by GregorytheImpaler Shadowbolt Airsoft Helmet Tag :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 12 9
DisQord Part 3 - Just Like Q
DisQord – Just Like Q
The Captain accompanied the young pony as they passed through the main gateway of Canterlot’s royal city. Everywhere, ponies stopped and stared, speaking in hushed voices amongst one another. Picard found it strange, yet had been accustomed to this manner of reaction in more civilizations and races than he could remember. After many years of galactic travel, he knew that being the visitor, meant he was an alien being to whichever society he happened to be stopping in.
Most of the expressions were those of curiosity, while other reflected a look of concern. Being a Canterlot pony, born and raised, many of the citizens recognized Twilight. Those who knew her, also knew that she was quite obsessed with her studies, even to some degree now, and that strange things may follow her from time to time. Not surprisingly, the guards seemed to watch Picard with more vigilance than the citizen ponies had been.
Twilight wasn’t oblivious to Picard’s demea
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DisQord Part 2 - InQuiries
DisQord - Stars
“Twilight Sparkle?” The Captain of the Enterprise reiterated, eyes still wide. The young pony nodded her head happily, always excited to meet new faces from strange places. “That’s right. Where exactly is this ‘star ship’ of yours? Where are you from?” She asked, curious about the man’s appearance, background, and obviously his presence in Ponyville. “Me?” Picard answered, still adapting to this strange community of equine inhabitants. He had seen many strange life forms in his day, but such a colorful and expressive civilization of horse beings was certainly something unique. “I regret that I don’t actually know. I was with my crew,” He began, correcting himself for the sake of the pony being unfamiliar with the human creature. “My people. We were traveling through deep space on a mission of exploration, when someone… or rather, some THING took me from my ship and brought me here
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DisQord Part 1 - EQuestria
DisQord - EQuestria
“Oh, come now Picard.” The ever agitating voice of the ever present being known as ‘Q’ bemoaned to the captain of the starship Enterprise. “After all we’ve been through, and after all that you’ve seen in your time, you can’t tell me that you’re content to just sit here drifting through space without any sort of rhyme or reason.” Captain Picard placed a hand to his brow, massaging the bridge of his nose. Q’s antics were far irregular to the crew of the Enterprise, and the fact that this was so only served to make the situation more stressful to the Jean Luc.
“Q, I thought we finally had reached an understanding. How many deals must we strike before you leave us be?” Captain Picard demanded. Q offered a hurt expression. “Jean Luc, you don’t mean to tell me that for better or worse, you didn’t enjoy the strange and absurd you’ve seen thanks to me! Isn’t that what
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Playing With Myself by GregorytheImpaler Playing With Myself :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 4 4 Oh hey, didn't see ya there by GregorytheImpaler Oh hey, didn't see ya there :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 1 0 Bayman Leg Sweeps The Jester by GregorytheImpaler Bayman Leg Sweeps The Jester :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 3 0 Jester Breaking Bayman by GregorytheImpaler Jester Breaking Bayman :icongregorytheimpaler:GregorytheImpaler 2 0



So it has been AGES since I've updated my stuff here. And since I keep talking about my LoK fan fictions, but am not good at checking back in here, I've decided to make a slight change.

I will be uploading (and transferring my old LoK fan fictions) to my new account on…

What this means is that I will still try to upload them here as well, but in case I don't, or if I just forget, you can always locate my LoK fan fictions (and new fictions) over there. At the moment, the only old fictions I'll have there is my Legacy of Kain ones, because I'm bringing that back and want to get it more life, since people seemed to enjoy them.

Also, keep an eye out for some neat Hellsing fictions coming out, too.

The 'new account' system means nothing can be uploaded yet, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have at least the LoK ones up there. Then I can get my Hellsing ones started (I have a little written already), and the next chapter in my LoK fiction series.

Thanks for checking in!
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Gregory Lewanski
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Tustin, California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium/large
Print preference: Whatever works.
Favourite genre of music: Classical.
Favourite photographer: Currently no clue.
Favourite style of art: Classic paints, I suppose.
Operating System: The Moon.
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Shell of choice: Giant Pacific Clam Shells.
Wallpaper of choice: Oceanic (reef, waves, sea life), MLP, Warhammer 40K, LOK (Legacy of Kain - not frickin THE Legend of Korra), HOTD (House of the Dead, not High SCHOOL of the Dead), cyberpunk, cosmic (space, planets, galaxies, etc)
Skin of choice: Dragonskin.
Favourite cartoon character: Applejack of MLP:FIM
Personal Quote: "Funny business!" - lol seriously. No clue why I started using that.


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NotoriousNoire Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav! :wave: Love your LOK fanfic too ^^
GregorytheImpaler Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017   Writer
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! I was going back through this account (since I made my new one, I've dramatically neglected this one) And I forgot how much I actually enjoyed this one. I'm hoping to finish it, or at least continue it, soon! I think there's a sad neglect of original characters in fan fiction for LOK. That's why I though it would be neat to get some of our major players from the series in as leaders like they would be, and feature some fun stuff in the ranks to read about. :)
NotoriousNoire Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! That's the good thing about the lack of back story in between Soul Reaver and Blood Omen, it leaves plenty of room for fanfiction. I really like Zuriel so far and look forward to reading more :) I neglected da in general and now remember how much I love deawing and the LOK community here. Facebook can only do so much hehe XD What's your new account?
GregorytheImpaler Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017   Writer
Oh, yes! I totally agree. I'd LOVE to touch on Blood Omen at some point, but I do like where the Soul Reaver eras let us see as well. And thanks so much again! It really is such a great little hub (haha, hub. Elder God.) of LoK, isn't it? I'm working on two books, but when I'm out of motivation and inspiration for that, I'll be getting to a next installment of my fics. :) 

Oh! And my new account is :iconmidnightsprint: . It was originally for pony stuff, but it ended up with more and random things. So there's some cosplay and scuba diving photos in the mix there now, too. XD
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Scarledian Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday, man!
Scarledian Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
GregorytheImpaler Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014   Writer
This answer is late, but thanks very much! I appreciate that you took the time to say that!
Scarledian Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
any time :)

I hope you had a good one :D
Anubuis Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the fav. :headbang:
really glad you like it :D
Scarledian Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday, man! :D
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