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Commission : Peach Lose

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Commission for :iconcrushermania:
Too Bad Peach !
Daisy Winner ! :D

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Excellent châtiment que Daisy a infligé à Peach pour bien lui faire comprendre qu'il faut savoir perdre honorablement pendant un match de tennis et non être une mauvaise perdante.
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I guess Daisy just won
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Oooo, I loves me some angry damsel-Peach! She looks sooo good!
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That’s how to finish a tennis match 😏
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Peach's ropework by you looks fantastic! It's also refreshing to see her extremely angry here, something pretty rare for her personality. Daisy being the one that bound and gagged her is awesome! And being ballgaged on a sports field like that has to be extremely embarrassing for Peach too.
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Not just that, but the humiliation of seeing her exposed with the panty peek after all ;)
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Oui, ^^ les textes sont toujours dans ma langue.
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Talk about a high stakes game! 
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Absolutely Awesome :D:D:D I Love it :D:D:D!!!
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Thank :D I add Daisy.
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Jeu, set et match.
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Peach looks good in everything. But tied up with pink ballgag. This suits her better. Love 
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Mets la balle de tennis dans sa bouche !
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En vrai, j'ai cru qu'il y avait la balle dans sa bouche à la base. xD
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Niiice, I’ve always been a fan of Peach’s sports looks.
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