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Hell Girl: Ai Enma: Sakura Uta



Final version of the "fanart" picture of Ai Enma as she walks through the burning village in the penultimate chapter of the first year of Hell Girl. For those who don't know the story, she was sacrificed by her village by being buried alive. Possibly through the aid of the Lord of Hell, she claws her way from the grave and sets the village on fire, destroying it and killing all the inhabitants. Her cousin, her only friend, who left the village after being forced to participate in the gruesome ceremony, returns to see her wandering through the destruction, calmly singing a children's song, "Sakura Uta", which they'd sung together at a happier time.

Here is the original study for Ai [link] Please note how placing her into a more realistic setting necessitated making her more realistic and less kawaii.

Multiple pastels on paper digitally composited. This is a small version--the larger version will be on sale at Katsucon and subsequent anime conventions at my Artist Alley table.

PS: This looks so much like an old "Weird Tales" magazine cover--you can easily imagine the logo splayed across the top of the picture: [link] (a selection of Margaret Brundage covers).
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