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tradigital painting.
some of the textures and lines were created using corel painter ix.

full view, now cruelty free
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im only rookie .... but "Extra" thats mean slowakia language " parada " ...
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very cool stuff
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I used this as the background for my myspace and linked to one of your galleries. If you'd rather i didn't do that just let me know (
Obviosly I think its a very nice image.
It seems like a great deal of discression was used in deciding what colors, textures, and images to place in different areas of the piece.
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well I couldn't check out your myspace since you have it set as private. I would have preffered if you had asked me before you set it as your background. I really hate to come off as all high brow artsy fartsy.. but I would prefer my work not be used for something that it wasn't intended for-- im happy to hear that you appreciate it and enjoy the piece-- and you are right there was some deliberate choices made in texture and colour and image placement.

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Excellent color choises. This ones added to my favorites.
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thank you for the fave.
that red is just delicious isnt it?
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Love this piece.........colors are fantastic!
TAm :smile:
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You are welcome Shweetie :manhug:
Thanks for sharing your art with all of us.......
Tam :)
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[gotcha!] you're featured [link]
hope you'll like the stuff !
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well gosh.. thanks for the feature... tis much appreciated!
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glad you like this :)
i love make these little featurings
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they can be fun indeed.
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man. that's potent.
i'd love to see this printed and hanging with a large white border.
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me too.. that's why i need to get off my ass and do some uploading to my print account.
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this combination of yellow and red in your works is stunning
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thanks.. they are two of my favourite colour combinations to play around with.
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really interesting composition
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This is awesome work. Love the colours!
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