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head hand blue orange

my latest wallpaper design for the masses.

use and enjoy :)
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© 2004 - 2021 gregoriousone
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aw love the textures!!good choice of colours!
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god, I'm obsessed with this piece, not sure why...I adore bright, contrasting colors.
the textures you obtain in these collage-looking pieces are wonderful...give me an idea of your process. do you use brush sets? lots of stock? enlighten me.
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thank you once again.
im quite fond of contrasting colours as well.

my process? wow. you actually think i have a process?
i guess my process is a combination of many things.
layers of my own stock photography or found things ive scanned in.
brush work- (some of my own brushes, others ive found here and there)
and lots of layering and combining layers in different styles-- my favourite as of late are darken, multiply and overlay- sometimes screen.
its my brush work that probably gets me the most texture tho-- i use my brush sets in many ways-- erasing, burning, dodging.
those are the tools that i use to create my pieces and textures.
while im working on a piece i usually build up several layers and when i get it to a point where i like i end up flattening it.. then fiddle around with it a bit more, building up different layers and eventually flattening those.
when i start something i might just start out with applying a layer of colour to the background and choosing my brush tool and changing it to linear or colour burn and paint on textures that way.
or i might just grab random bits of images i have saved on my hard drive and layer them together and see what happens.

i do rely heavily on brushes. mostly using them with the erase tool.
i hope that gives you some sort of insight.
it's weird trying to explain my process because to me it seems a very painterly way of approaching my work.
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very nice brush work

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thanks.. this piece was much fun to do.. i like designing wallpapers.
erkonom's avatar
nice and simple...and very painterly
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thanks... just the result i was going for!
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wow i like the BLUE
cogwurx's avatar
I love the brushwork and the blue. Fantastic job.
It reminds me of someones work...not sure, but I get a sense of familiarity with it.
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as always your comments are so greatly appreciated!
i do love my brushes :)

if i look at it without the graphic images it sort of reminds me of something rothko would do.
cogwurx's avatar
Ah yes! I can see that.
iamabee's avatar
all im going to say it that this is one of my favourite things ive seen so far! the colours and symbols touch me inside my shell!
gregoriousone's avatar
thank you very much... its a bit different from what ive been doing lately.. which i suppose is why it was also so much fun to do! im happy it makes you feel good.
the fave is kindly appreciated as well..
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im dancing like atomic ants in a sonic ant farm! see!
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Very nice! Love the gilt & lapis those instructional manual type illos too. =)
gregoriousone's avatar
thank you! thank you ! thank you!
DigiPixie's avatar
You're welcome! Welcome! WELCOME!!!
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i love that blue! and the title does sound like a maxism. [that's a compliment, btw]
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thanks!!! you are too kind!
violetlove's avatar
:D You're welcome.
fredfree's avatar
super cool image! as is the title!
[did my son give you that one!?]
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