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SSBB Mario Sprite sheet

Edit 24/Mar/12:
For some reason DA covert the file to .jpg every time i tried to upload an updated file, so i will upload the updated file on ImageShack, you can see it here:

Finally, FINALLY!!! i will go back to play Kirby eh EHEMM...well, as you can see, i finally finish my Mario sprite sheet, almost all him moves are there, except for the Final smash (that's a shame...) and the end frames for the Mario Tornado (never-ending Tornado! 8D), some changes where made since the last preview, more frames where added in the punch combo (thanks to :iconthe85ification: for remember me this all the time XP) and the Win pose, also, the win pose now have a better shading (thanks to :icongaroukobushi: for notify that), make this sprite sheet was fun and painful at the same time because sometimes i ended up doing some weird-looking animations while trying to make them look good (that also cost me much time and of course that ended up giving me back pain, that was the painful part of the job), and of course, you will notice some "oddities" on the proportions in some moves....but before someone cone to tell me that please remember this: Mario has demon-like metamorphic powers (i mean SERIOUSLY! how someone ended up making his punch BIGGER than his face and then back to normal in the 1st place!? Mario is weird XD), well to conclude don't expect Luigi to be ready soon, the last thing i wan to see now is MS PAINT! i been in front of the screen for hours XP so all i want now is relax and play some games XP (those challenges in Kirby return to Dreamland could entertain me for a while...), also, next week i have exams in school so i couldn't do much for a while, well, i think that's all, write you soon, take care!

(Note: the reason i made this sprite sheet was because of the great amount of people asking for it, so make me fell proud and use them in something awesome! 8D)

Also....i wanted to put a preview image like i did with Dedede and Ganondorf, but because they where animated gifs....someone knows how to put them for png images?

Another thing: here's the moves for normal platforming games: [link]

Edit: 6/Mar/12:
Fixed the aerial down attack and the Intro, added the ending of the Mario Tornado and the Taunt

Edit: 22/Mar/12:
Added Metal Mario Palette V1, optional Fire ball (more little than the 1st one) and minor fixes

Edit: 24/Mar/12:
Added the rolling, defense and free-fall animations


PODERES METAMORFICOS DEL DEMONIO!!! 8D (Sorry, estoi muy cansado como para reescribir lo de arriba denuevo XD, cuidense mucho!)

Mario (c) Nintendo/Shigeru Miyamoto (come on! isn't this obvious? XP)
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Gregar, ImHomieJayDev just stole your sprite, recolored it to look like Devil Mario and didn't give credit to you.

hey gregar, for some reason the new link does not want to open. Can u fix it?

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May I use these for a future fangame? I'll be sure to credit you!
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to you too for the sprites :) good luck my buddy
Fredgamer11andpayris's avatar
can i use it and luigi one, ill give credit.
Gregarlink10's avatar
Sure, good luck with your project
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Ay gregar, Its meh fredgamer11andpayris, i forgot the password. so nice to see ya again chum! i would like use mario and luigi sprites back again?
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Claro, solo dame creditos en alguna parte de tu trabajo, suerte y gracias por usarlos
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Heya gregarlink10, can i use your sprites to create a fan game?
How do you make this ?
Erokuso's avatar
can I use this? I'm tired of regular Mario sprites :D
Gregarlink10's avatar
Sure, just give me credit for them somewhere in your work
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Espera, tu eres el que hiso los sprites que mario tiene en Super Smash Bros Crusade?
(Se pone de rodillas)
ALABADO (asi se escribia?) SEAS.
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*se arrodilla con el * prro :v
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You do know this very sprite sheet was used in the famous Smash fangame, Super Smash Brothers Crusade, right?
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Give me credit
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Sweet sprite sheet of Mario.
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Can I use these? I'm making a homebrew port of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for DS, as an idea for what Smash Bros. Brawl would look like if it was given the Smash 3DS treatment.

I might change them slightly to be in the style of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I'm just asking permission. I'll give credit.
banjothewutaikuma's avatar
May I use this sprite sheet?
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