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SSB4 Newcomers sprites

Hi everyone, how have you been? its been a while since the last time I make some sprites, so I decided to make some just for fun, I didn't have much references for some of the characters when I drew them so probably some details are missing, I'm probably not going to make full sprite sheets of any of this characters mostly because Windows 8 paint SUCKS!!!, IT SUCKS SO MUCH I HATE IT DX....anyway, if anyone want to edit this ones feel free to do so but give me credit for them, that's all for now, hope you like them

Characers (c) Nintendo
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Can you make the Sprites for Lucina, WFT, Shulk and Palutena

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Hi,can a use your lucina for a base of my sprites?
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Sure, just give me credit for it, good luck with your project
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Shulk Sprites by Andx1251  Me and one of my friends used your base to make a full monado 3 sprite sheet.
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plz i use this shulk
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it's a good thing i use Linux Mint and Kolourpaint, it's feel like a real treat to use due to how accessible it is while being simple and fast like Paint XP/Vista. (transparency, recolor tool, effects, etc.)

too bad you have to use the KDE thing for windows to use it, it's really great.
Well done on the JUS Sheik and Lucina. Loving those sprites.
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If Sakurai ever made a Smash for the DS or GBA, he'd use those sprites. Good job!
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i like this style.
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hi man remember me kingofnintendo9?
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The name sounds familiar
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Fine, a little busy but fine, what about you?
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Awesome Man =D
Yeah, I understand what you're going through same here, the Window 8 Paint is so hard to make sprites I can't even press the delete button or use any tiny size.
Window 8 Paint is not so good I barely make sprites =(
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Dude that lucina sprite is amazing, Your talent blows my mind.
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Haha, I love to hear others complain about Windows 8 paint. Geart sprites, Lucina's sword arm looks a bit wonky to me, but still pretty. I would love to see a sheet of her taunt animations
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OMG! Ame tu Sprite de Palutena!!!
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me gusta shulk talvez lo intente hacer :p si me dejas hacerlo jeje XD
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Man, they're looking good! You're an awesome spriter!
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Just thought I would mention, it is possible to download Windows XP Paint on windows 8
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Have you considered using
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