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Hi everyone, remember when I said that I needed to learn how to use Photoshop to paint my own draws? well, here´s my 1st try XP, at the time I was drawing this in my notebook I didn't have any image to use as a reference, one of my favorite artworks of X is this one: [link] So I tried to remember how this artwork looked like but as you can see I didn't remember it well enough to make it 100% alike to the original one, anyway, I choose X because his design is very basic, with few colors and details, so I tought "Drawing X in photoshop can´t be that hard", and yeah, it wasn´t that hard, but it was somewhat difficult, specially with the layers!!! one error and as soon as you clicked on the "Step Back" button the program automatically send you to a different layer!, if you don´t notice that in time you will end wasting a lot of time and effort...

Anyway, I hope you like it!, take care!

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