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036 - ARMANTIS - The Fluency Pokemon -


ABILITY: Hydration or Shell Armor
HIDDEN: Technician

HABITAT: Forests

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

SHELMET --> Evolved in Level 35 when learns "Swords Dance" --> ARMANTIS

DESCRIPTION: Armantis the Fencing pokemon found in West Maohi. When it does not evolve through exchange, a Shelmet preserves its armor, which becomes light and flexible when it becomes an Armantis. These agile pokemon are fast in battle and have great direct attack power. They use their spears with precision which makes it difficult for the opponent to escape from their onslaught. They are more distant than their pre-evolved form, preferring to live solitary in the depths of the forests. When they move they can be very fast, which causes only a green beam of light to be seen in their movements.
035 - BESOUBURST - The Resistance Pokemon -


ABILITY: Swarm or Shed Skin
HIDDEN: Shell Armor

HABITAT: Forests

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

KARRABLAST --> Evolved in Level 35 when learns "Iron Defense" --> BESOUBURST

Besouburst the Scarab pokemon found in West Maohi. A new method of evolution of the Maohi Karrablasts was observed. Throughout the tense, the evolution of these bug pokemon was not limited only to the exchanges. A Besouburst is very heavy, and this directly influences its extended resistance. They have large jaws that can grind to the hardest rock, and their horn can make way on the ground. Its shell is very resistant to external attacks and does not limit the movements of this pokemon, because it is perfectly fused to your body. It has a second pair of legs that helps to climb and hold the food. They have a calm temperament and can get along with other pokemon.
034 - SPRINGLACE - The Celebration Pokemon -


ABILITY: Flower Veil or Triage
HIDDEN: Natural Cure


GENDER: 25% Males / 75% Females

COMFEY --> Evolved when equipped with the item "Heart Pendant" during Spring --> SPRINGLACE

DESCRIPTION: Springlace the Flower Necklace pokemon found in West Maohi. Light as the breeze, these little pokemon can be seen floating with the air currents on sunny days. They appreciate the blossoming of the flowers and are seen tending the garden, when they inhabit cities. They have a high healing power, so they are seen assisting Joy nurses in Maohi at Pokemon Centers. Your flowers can not be removed because they are part of your body, however when they want to heal or congratulate people and pokemon, they can create necklaces with their floral powers. They are sensitive and fearful of conflict, avoiding whenever possible to enter battles.
033 - OPERYNX - The Operetta Pokémon -


ABILITY: Oblivious or Forewarn
HIDDEN: Dry Skin

HABITAT: Snow Mountains

GENRE: 100% Female

JYNX --> It evolves from Jynxwhen traded holding to Jynxirizer --> OPERYNX

DESCRIPTION: Operynx the Soprano pokemon found in West Maohi. These friendly Pokemon are synonymous with happiness and fun, while remaining always lively. They like to sing on full-moon nights when they gather in groups to form a real choir. Their frozen body can withstand the highest temperatures, because in addition to being strong as solid ice, they have a thick layer of fat. They are very vain, so they spend hours looking after their vast wigs and their pink lips. Another characteristic of the Operynx is the will to seduce those who are around, so they are feared when they act by excess. In one group, the one with the biggest horns is respected as the leader of the pack.
032 - KLEDAMOURKI - The Union Pokemon -


ABILITY: Prankster
HIDDEN: Magician


GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

KLEFKI --> It evolves from Klefki when traded for other Klefki both holding a "Heart Pendant" --> KLEDAMOURKI

DESCRIPTION: Kledamourki the Padlock pokemon found in West Maohi. The adorable Kledamourkis are sweet and gentle nature pokemon who appreciate the relationships between humans and pokemon. They are empathetic in character, always preoccupied with pleasing those around them. Unlike their pre-evolved form, they no longer hold keys, but rather padlocks. They admire these objects because they believe that the relationships created between creatures are intertwined in a definitive way, as a bond that does not break. So to create one of these pokemon requires total dedication, because when they join a human, they can not bind to any other. Ancient legends say that if a couple of lovers present a Kledamourki with a small lock, they will have their love stored forever.

NOTE: The inspiration for this pokemon came from the locks left by couples of boyfriends in bars of bridges, as a way to preserve their love. Habit very common in European cities.


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