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059 - ETHEREON - The Breeze Pokemon -


ABILITY: Telepathy
HIDDEN: Defiant


GENDER: 87.5% Males / 12.5% Females

EEVEE -> level 25 High Places -> ETHEREON

DESCRIPTION: Ethereon a new Eeveelution, found in East Maohi These docile pokemon are lightweight and have reduced body mass, this makes their movements in the air are aerodynamic and graceful. For an Eevee to evolve, they need to train in considerably high places, such as mountain peaks. By doing this, they develop their balance and dexterity. When they reach a certain level of experience they become Ethereons. They have a pure heart and are only allowed to be captured by trainers who show such reciprocity. They can reach great speed when in free fall, however they are seen in beautiful dancing flights in the skies of Maohi.
014 - FOLDAPILLAR - The Origami Pokemon -


ABILITY: Shield Dust
HIDDEN: Overcoat

HABITAT: Fields and Cities

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

???????????? -> FOLDAPILLAR -> level 12 -> PAPPEROTHY

DESCRIPTION: Foldapillar the pokemon cell, found in East Maohi. Quiet and static these pokemon follow life slowly. They are shy and are always on the lookout, avoiding unnecessary clashes. They have a great defense ability and resist more direct attacks after they evolve. When they are about to evolve, these pokemon become more agitated and meet in large groups.
077 - DRASPARROW - The Ladino Pokemon -


ABILITY: Infiltrator
HIDDEN: Speed Boost

HABITAT: Unknown

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

DROATUG -> Level 30 -> DROGOON -> Level 50 -> DRASPARROW

DESCRIPTION: Drasparrow the dark pokemon, found in East Maohi. One of the most difficult pokemon to deal with and train is Drasparrow. Her intimidating appearance and devious behavior make her coexist with a somewhat complex Drasparrow. They do not respect human beings right away and begin to obey their trainer when they recognize their strength and determination, only in this way do they become loyal. They are not found easily in wildlife, so do not inhabit specific environments. Unlike their former form, these pokemon are very fast and light, shifting almost imperceptibly.
076 - DROGOON - The Refuge Pokemon -



HABITAT: Forests

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

DROATUG -> Level 30 -> DROGOON -> Level 50 -> DRASPARROW

DESCRIPTION: Drogoon the cocoon pokemon, found in East Maohi. When they are close to evolution, the Droatugs migrate from the marshes to the tall trees in the forests. These pokemon shags have a thick layer of hair that protects their bodies from the most powerful attacks. They are slow and do not move easily, and can remain immobile for long periods. Their wings are not strong enough to sustain their massive body mass, so the Drogoons can not fly.


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gouchua Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You are an amazing inspritation to me!
I love your works!
Spiffy-Pkmn Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018  Student Filmographer
Hi there! Just found your gallery and wanted to say I adore your fakemon, you have a great aesthetic! You just got yourself a new watcher who can't wait to see more of your cool designs! :D
seblev2790 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just went through your whole gallery and wow is it impressive - you really see the evolution of your skills throughout the years but these are some beautiful and creative designs. Just added you to my watch list I can't wait to see what else you come up with!
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Uluri Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
You've got some crazy talent for creating Fakemons. Your designs are incredible. 
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