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EEVEEON - The Hero Pokemon -


ABILITY: Run Away or Adaptability
HIDDEN: Technician

HABITAT: Not Determined

GENDER: 87.5% Males / 12.5% ​​Females

EEVEE --> Level 40 + High happiness + Undefeated in battles + Use the EXTREME EVOBOOST --> EEVEEON

DESCRIPTION: Eeveeon a new Eeveelution, found in West Maohi. This rare example of eeveelution is hardly seen. This is because your evolution needs to follow a number of conditions suitable for the right time. This is a powerful pokemon, brave, fearless and heroic who has as main feature of his personality, loyalty. They fervently defend their friends and loved ones, always putting themselves at the forefront of battle to protect them. The thick layer of Eevee's fur becomes a cloak when it evolves in Eeveeon, and he uses it proudly as a cloak on his back. They can not fly, but when they leap majestically, they seem to glide through the heavens with their cloak in the wind. To evolve, Eevee must be a good competitor and not fail in battles, in a long sequence until reaching the ideal level, but they need a strong connection with a human who can execute his special Z-Move.
VILLAWNE - The Cold Sharp Pokemon -


ABILITY: Pressure
HIDDEN: Ice Body or Sturdy

HABITAT: Ice Forests

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

It evolves from Weavile when traded holding Frosty Crystal.

DESCRIPTION: Villawne the snow cat pokemon, found in West Maohi. They are more aggressive than their pre-evolved form and so they spend a great deal of time battling among the clan members. Their long frozen claws can strike brutal attacks when they use their full strength. Its soft coat mat the body at a pleasant temperature and works as a thermal blanket, isolating the heat. They are very fast and when they sneak, only a reddish shade can be seen. In addition to the powerful claws, their prey develops and can crush the solid ice. They are territorialists and invaders are not allowed in their domains.
Hmmm, It's... Well... 😅😅😅
I hope you guys become good friends!
Welcome, Scorbunny!
:pokeball: Hello darlings! :pokeball:
Now Maohi Region is on instagram and I will post new fakemon as they are created.
I'll wait for you all there.



Thank you all for everything ever!

:pokeball: :pokeball: :pokeball:


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