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MLP fim -Royal Metals

Was listening to some Immortal and other various things.

No idea what I was thinking but this is all I got.
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My life is getting better since I started liking My Little Pony and Black Metal! 😍

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That goth makeup fits Celestia so well.
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You can't kill the metal...metal will live one...:iconyeahplz:
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oooooo this is neat :3
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Now this style would look gay on your OC
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
You would look gay on my OC

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Man, this is the coolest metal pony drawing! Gonna listen to At The Heart Of Winter now.
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:D Could use a trip to the heart of the winter myself right about now.
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Make sure to crank the volume high enough to get hit with frosty particles of the north.
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It's always adjusted for a big snowstorm. And fire freezing.
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I'm a black metal, and I approve this.
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black metalHeadbang! Headbang! Headbang! 
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Might be weird to say, but I like the muscle tone you put on them. Makes 'em look even more badass.
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I usually draw the sketches with visible muscles and sometimes leave part of them onto the final version.
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I.... what...... huh?
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Luna looks far beyond epic but Celestia is just uncanny enough to make me want to type this comment and gtfo.
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Black metal ponies. nice!
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