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Army Soldiers Sprite Sheet 3

By gregah
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Third rendition rendition, Army Sprite sheet.

New sprite-sheet, with some modern era soldiers.

This time I decided that drawing some modern soldiers would be fun, so I started drawing a regular soldier and an officer (sort of).

I made three poses, one is standing still, one is running and one is on it's knees.
The weapons are some sort of assault rifle and a sniper rifle, and a pistol.
There is a binocular there too, but it came out pretty poor.

As you also can see, I drew some sort of modern-era tank, I guess the inspiration were some sort of mix between the Leopard II tank and an M1A1 Abraham.

You are free to use these characters that I draw, if you remember to give credit and not copy it and say that you drew it.

Constructive Criticism is gladly accepted. :)

Note; Added three muzzle flashes (one darker, one brighter for tanks) and one for a 20mm canon.

I also added a helicopter and some sort of APC (helicopter is based on the Apache Longbow, the APC is based on a swedish APC.

And as you can see I drew a soldier in a lying pose, turned out pretty bad, also fixed up the assault rifle and the tilted cannon.
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GardevoirtheShroobStudent Digital Artist
Used in Story of Alexia, a game project I'm working on. It is edited a bit, though. I hope you're okay with it! I like these sprites!…
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Sure! Hit me up with a link once the game's finished, I'd love to see what you've done :)
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GardevoirtheShroobStudent Digital Artist
Sure I will. :P
Thanks for showing your interest, Gregah.

Are you still spriting, by the way?

Cause last time I checked your profile it said everything's 'old stuff' or something. (don't quite remember it well tho, so excuse me if I'm wrong)

I mean, I like your sprites, so that's why I'm curious.
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I sprite from time to time, I can't say I'm doing it as often as I used to since I started making music though! How's the game progressing? I've checked the link from time to time and I have to say I'm rather intrigued by the story and how it looks, has a very cool retro style to it :)