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I just set up an INPRNT account to sell prints :)
To set it off, you can get 15% OFF on all my prints this weekend by using the code GMJIYT…

Here's some great advice on painting from the main man John Singer Sargent.

Free PDF with some GREAT info on how Sargent painted and taught:…

Here's the entire book (free) that the above PDF references if you're interested:…

And 2 great blog posts from James Gurney with some tips:……

There's so much good info in these, and I hope you find it helpful :) Oh, and if you have any sources I haven't mentioned here please let me know! I'd love to include them in the post :)
New quick video. 3 minute head sketch, real time :)

Hi peeps! I just put up a little YouTube video of me painting a digital still life. It's nothing fancy, just pretty basic stuff. Next videos will be more interesting to watch :)   Enjoy! <3

So I finally realized the importance of Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to spreading my work out there. If you'd like to see some progress shots, sketches, and other things I don't post here you can find those at any of these sites:

Thanks and stay awesome! :D
Hey all, I don't really write Journal entries but I just wanted to let you know that the Daenerys Stormborn painting is now available as a high quality print from Zen Monkey Studios. It's a limited edition print run so get yours before they run out! Thanks for looking :)…

Cast your vote!

The CGHub CharacterFORGE 2D Challenge just went up for voting. I submitted my recent zombie piece, but you should check out all the other entries as well. There's some great work there! If you've never tried the challenge yourself, you should definitely consider it. It gives you a deadline which is a great motivation to actually finish the piece.

The poll will close on Friday, August 10th at 6:50PM EST so take a minute and cast your vote for your favorite zombie!

Here's the link:…

I'm trying out some prints, so far only "Chick in armor", "Flame on" and the recent "The new Infected". Unfortunately they're all pretty small, since I never think to have my work in really high res (something to consider in the future I guess :P )