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Another personal piece. Hope you like it :)
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Very cool and very badass. Interesting armor. (And as the other comments said: It looks like real armor and no chainmail bikini. That's a big bonus.)

The dagger out of the shield looks dangerous and I realy wonder how efficent it is in a real combat on a shield of that kind. (Things to try out in a future fencing lession, because I see issues in some movements. But that are details, I have to find out in practice for myself. I don't criticise that, I'm just realy curious, how good that would realy work.) is a cool female fantasy character and she looks realy awsome. And she is left handed! Hard to fight against such opponents...and she doesn't look so kind, to let you the time, to adopt yourself to her fighting style.

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She looks awesome. I always did like women fighting in practical or bikini armor
Love how practical everything looks, from her armor design to her short hair. And, yes, her amused mocking expression.
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Thanks! Really focused on functionality for her. No cleavage!!
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This is one of my favorites of yours :)
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Thanks! I learned a lot from painting it :)
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I love her armor.  I really...really like the design of it.  It looks like something a medieval warrior would wear.  I also love her confident look, like she is mocking her next opponent to try and fight her.  Great design, awesome armor, and kick ass character you got here.
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Glad you like it ^^
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Now that's what I call a badass sword maiden. Many props, this one is awesome!
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oh nice! great armor design... really!
two things tho. The hand guard of the sword has weird angle. And I can imagine the background could look much nicer with richer colors and shapes. Maybe also the horizon could be lower to better fit the figure.
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These guards men...had...bad luck...I lvoe the vicious idea with the hidden spike in her shield.
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i love the idea of a blad stuck to the end of a sheild great job
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Badass! I love seeing a realistic depiction of a battle maiden
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Really amazing armor she has on; none of that fantasy-skimpy stuff. 
Great work.
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That was my main thought while painting. "NO CHAINMAIL BIKINI, don't you dare!"
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agreed. for my own female fighters in my fantasy world i go with armor like this based on their class, knight, ninja or samurai. I'm glad there's a few other people who draw who feel this way too. :)
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Preach it brother! ; V;
We need more yous in this world.
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A woman who actually looks ready to kill, and without being half naked with little to no armor. :iconclapplz:
I love this piece it is BEYOND AWESOME! Great work!!!!~~~~
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