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Depala, Pilot Exemplar

Wooooo, my second Rare card for MTG :)


Art Director: Cythia Sheppard 
© Wizards of the Coast 2016

Check out the sketch on my ArtStation:…


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© 2016 - 2021 Greg-Opalinski
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Amazingly detailed picture. The stairs and the rail are neat, the fine embroideries on the pilot's jacket are incredibly well and evenly made, the tattoos on the woman's arms and the fine embroideries on the scarf are extra examples of the level of detail on this pic. The goggles, cap, and fingerless gloves give an 'action-y' look, yet the fine embroideries shows that the lady both is daring and has been well rewarded for it in her life. Her confident smile and secure facial expression helps bringing it across.
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Nice having less skinny characters in Magic for once. :P

Got a playset of her, I'll have to make a deck with her!
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when we catch the entire airship? eheheheh her captain looks awesome!!!
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I'm really enjoying the style of this new MTG set.
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It was a real challenge but I LOVE what other artists have done :)
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She looks so happy :D
And I really like the design of the stairs and her clothing, especially the patterns.
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Thanks! This set was all about beautiful patterns :D
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Impressive work on the patterns and the railings; must've taken a lot of patience. :noes:
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Thanks! The railing did but for her pattern I just made a custom brush in Photoshop so it saved me some time :)
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Aha, the mystical custom brushes I've yet to get the hang of. :p
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Love the blue tats on her arms and the white face design over her eye.  Would definitely serve aboard her ship.
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Glad you like her! :D
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I am quite fond of Dwarves.
Greg-Opalinski's avatar
Me too :) gotta love fancy beards
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I also like how she is a pilot. Take to the skies Dwarven friends!
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This card is awesome, from the effects to the artwork. So is the entire set. I'm definitely building a Commander deck with her :D
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Awesome! I'm glad to hear it's a good card as I've been told most of my cards are not anything special :P
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