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Hello all :wave:

I'm still alive.  I know I have not been very active here lately.  My daytime work has been ridiculously busy for the past month or so and that wont change for the foreseeable future.  Still, could be worse I guess......  

Just wanted to pop in briefly to announce that I have completed my first ever timelapse video.  If you have followed my work for a while you will know that one of my favorite places to go and image the night sky from is Mt Buffalo near where I live in Australia. I recently put together a collection of timelapse sequences from Mt Buffalo that I have gathered over the past few years. This is my first go at putting together a video like this. I'm much more comfortable just doing still images. I hope you enjoy it. 

As always, please feel free to share and make sure you watch in Full HD for best quality.



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Hello all, :wave:

Finally have a little bit of time to catch up on all things DA.  It was a great surprise to receive my 6th Daily Deviation a couple of weeks ago for my image "Before The Storm"
Before The Storm by CapturingTheNight

I once again must give a huge :hug: and a big THANK YOU to the legendary Nancy :iconanoya: for featuring the image and an equally big thanks to :iconellysiumn: for suggesting it.

On a sour note, I am so disappointed in how DA displayed my last image "Burning The Midnight Oil" that I am thinking about leaving here for good.  For someone who almost shoots exclusively night time images where subtle shadow detail is important for the overall feel of the image, the continued use of the horrible bright DA green to display our art on, which does absolutely nothing to display a piece in it's best light, is disgusting.  I have a properly calibrated computer monitor and I recalibrate it every week so I know exactly what I want to show the public in my photos but for some reason my last upload has been considerably darkened and it is not helped by that horrible background.  It looks heaps better on Facebook, and that is saying something.  Also the constant, pointless, site updates and "ads" to a long time fully paid up member is beyond a joke.  So please DA, lift your game soon and show some respect to your members and display their work in the best light possible, or I for one will be following countless photographers before me and leaving for good.  


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IF I held another contest what would you prefer the prize to be.

113 votes
Premium Membership
A print of my work
A one on one web chat with me on photographing the night sky
Other (please suggest something in the comments)
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Thinking about holding another contest. What would you like it to be?

87 votes
Photography (something to do with night photography of course)
Any art (night theme of course)
Written word (maybe something like- Tell me in 50 words or less what you like most about the night sky)
Other (please suggest any ideas in the comments)
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Hello all :wave:

After basically pulling an all nighter last night taking images and conducting a night sky photography workshop, I woke up at lunchtime today to discover a very pleasant surprise.  I have been awarded my 5th Daily Deviation for my image "Taste The Rainbow"

Taste The Rainbow by CapturingTheNight

Huge thanks must go to :iconlaurelin-cosplay: for suggesting the image and the legendary Nancy :iconanoya: for featuring it as a DD

It is quite surprising to me how much this image has been accepted by the public, both on here and elsewhere on the net.  For a long time I hesitated to even upload it as I thought it was just another standard "Milkyway Bow" image that are a bit overdone these days (But I guess you can say that about a lot of photography).  I came across it again recently after it had been sitting on my computer for over half a year and I decided to finally upload it.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the comments, watches and likes.  I'll hopefully get around to answering all the comments soon.


I have been involved in a few interviews lately.  At the start of the year I was filmed for a documentary on astrophotography in Australia.  The filmmakers interviewed about 15 fellow astrophotographers over a few days and are currently sifting through the mountain of footage they collected to produce the final film.  I'll let you know when it launches.

Plans are also under way with a local reporter who wants to film me out under the stars for a feature on me and my work.  We have had to cancel and reschedule the filming a couple of times due to extreme fire danger periods, but now that things have cooled down here in Australia that project will hopefully happen soon.

:iconirphotogirl: the founder of the new group :iconstellar-landscapers: recently asked if she could interview me for the group.  If you are into night sky scapes (and lets face it, if you follow my work, you probably are) then I can highly recommend checking out the group.  It is only small at the moment but I hope to see it grow exponentially soon.  You can read the interview here:

<da:thumb id="434047664"/>


Finally, whilst I have you.  The Light Inspired Group :iconlightinspired: through its sister group :iconphoto-contest: is currently holding another Nature Photo Contest.  I will once again be on the judging panel and there are some amazing software packages up for grabs as prizes.  You have to be in it to win it.
Details here:
Photo Contest 2014
Updated 31.05.2014:
We have changed the rules and select for future four polls -> 6 images per Category (6 x 4 = 24) because we have a lot of "equivalent" hi-q images..!!!
Nature provides us with a never-ending supply of inspiration for photography. Technical quality, clarity and composition are all important, but so too is a flair for the ability to capture a picture-perfect moment when an interesting or unusual lighting opportunity presents itself. Light creates shadow and shadow in return, enhances the appearance of a subject. The interaction of the two is fascinating. Light can make a subject feisty or dull while shadows can make it mysterious or terrifying. The position and strength of the lights and shadows always set the general mood of an image and showcases the creativity of a photographer in capturing their vision of the nature that surrounds us all.
For the past 4 years, our LightInspir



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