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Our Company's Alright
Our Company’s Alright
(from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Safe Zone.)
Somewhere familiar,
Somewhere peculiar,
I can sleep anywhere:
I'm cat-napping alright!
Tuuri's enthusing,
Things are confusing,
But I'll sleep anywhere:
I'm cat-napping alright!
Nothing for dreams, nothing for cats;
Bring on the bedrolls, blankets and mats!
Old incantations,
New resting stations,
Not one who’s precious or polite;
Travelling tomorrow,
Cat-napping alright!
Searching extensive,
Looting intensive,
Anything valuable:
We’re cashing in alright!
Tomes and treatises,
Cultural prizes,
Anything valuable:
[covers mouth conspiratorially] We’re cashing in, alright!
Nothing for kicks, nothing for free;
Bring on my glory, status and fee!
Old dissertations,
New valuations,
Nothing illegal or polite;
Travelling tomorrow,
Cashing in alright!
Something that’s agile,
Something that’s fragile,
Seating fo
:icongreenwoodgoat:GreenwoodGoat 1 1
The Year-0 Folk
In the lonely forests,
On the billowed seas,
We daren't go back home now,
For fear of this disease;
Strange germs, bad germs,
Feeling not too clever,
Green mucus, red rash,
Fall down together!
Down upon the rocky shore,
Aksel's on the phone,
Calling up his grandma,
In her flat alone,
For to persuade her,
A rough trip to take,
Tossed about on Gunnar's boat,
All night awake.
Crying on the ferry,
The stout man sits,
He is now so unemployed,
He's nigh lost his wits.
With the bridge closure missed,
To Bornholm he crosses,
On a one-way journey,
While mourning his losses.
The boat-clan out on Saimaa,
Their cold store's all right,
They'll sup well on pizza,
'Neath the gay Redtails' Lights.
Stig stole a newspaper,
But not for very long,
Then when he came to open it,
All the news was gone!
They won't be going back,
Not tonight or tomorrow,
Though his parents might object,
Causing them much sorrow.
They have kept them ever since,
In their cabin near a lake,
With their windows sealed up tight,
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