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Oikawa X Reader | Happenstance | Soulmates!AU
A/N: AU where the time before you meet your soulmate is written on your wrist
403 days.
You wondered what he looked like. What was his eyes' colour, or how he sounded when he laughed.
He did that a lot, yet you never got to ear it. You had his name, Tooru, and that was it. Anything else was void and trust, said misfits thrown together in the world for you to choose between. Such was the norm for online friendships. 
"Fruitless relationships wither when spring wanes." Tooru once wrote, his cryptic words contrasting with his usual easy-going, heart-warming demeanour.
It somehow tugged at your heartstrings, and you found yourself thinking long and hard about what to answer to that. You were one to like such debates, and you did not want to miss the opportunity laying under your fingertips.
Indulging in your momentary emotionalism, you quickly typed what came to your mind.
"Through screens, you can never be sure. That's why we
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 33 24
Ayato X Reader | Not the perfect Story | Modern!AU
A perfect love story between highschoolers during their third year... The girl working at a part-time job at a library, watching her classmate picking books from afar, a fleeting love blossoming in her heart as she quietly sighs...

That was a great tale. Simple, pure, and relatable.
You liked stories like that.
"You were daydreaming about some stupid stuff again weren't you?"
You sighed in a totally different manner than the cute younger girl you were fantasizing about, irritation replacing admiration. 
"And tell me, Kirishima, the way it could possibly have something to do with you?" You retorted as you picked up the books you were supposed to put back in place.
"Your slacking gives me more work, so could you please have the amability to concentrate, Miss Creepy?" Kirishima, your co-worker, said imitating your tone.
"Actually, I might want to slack off more. And for your information, my voice is not that high-pitched
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 18 3
Oikawa X Reader | Unbreakable Rule | Soulmates!AU
A/N: Soulmates AU where the name of your soulmate appears on your wrist after a random amount of time. 
Please read the description before.

You had been careless.
In your mind, soulmates were something distant and unbelievable, something that could eventually happen, but not before a long time would have passed. Some people never got to know the name of the person whom they were bound to love. Some knew it from birth. Such were the shaky grounds most lives were based on.
That was why you were dating Hajime. In a world where you had no freedom of choice about who you loved, where you could not even make your own decision about that, you had tried to ignore the rules and you fell in love with someone wom was not your destined one.
It worked for a long time, and you dreamed about a life where you never saw a name appearing on your arm.
But you were eventually brought back to reality.
One afternoon, you were helping Tooru out with some biology le
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 42 41
What Heroes don't do | Todoroki Shouto X Reader
Todoroki knew one thing for sure.
You were what he would never become, and he wondered how it felt to be you.
"Ha, I got fired again." You sighed as your finger slowly trailed along your glass' curves. The ice cubes were slowly melting in the amber liquid.
He could always find you at this bar after you would have lost your job. It was some kind of habit that made it easier for him to find you.
You refused to meet his glare.
"(f/n)-san, you have to-"
"I know, I know!" You cut him before he could form a full sentence.
It was not like he would deliver anything new. "You have to understand what it is to be a hero in this place and age." That what he said.
An unsettling silence followed. He did not want to tick you off and you did not want to talk. He took a sip of coffee as you stubbornly stared at your drink.
This sort of silent quarrel happened a lot. As you reflected on the nature of heroes, he was trying to probe into your mind and understand what it was that you could not stand
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 37 8
Iwaizumi X Reader | What Thread? | Soumate?AU
The woman takes a good look around her. Her environment is familiar to her, so she feels at ease.
It does not have to be long before that old thought comes back to her. The same internal rambling,
like an old friend ranting forever, always returning to her, here yet again.
She does not mind that much now, even though it is still as important as the first day.
"Hey, you're (l/n) (f/n), right? You're the one Trashykawa was talking about. Name's Iwaizumi Hajime, nice to meet you."

It is not like her world is dark and gloomy. Really, at the time, it was even more colourful. But that man
brought something else in her universe. A new shade of golden, a new grade on the spectrometer, a
new record on the scale named happiness.
And all their counterparts. But she ignored it. She was optimistic and, desperatly in love from the first second.
It was not any love at first sight, she knows it. 
She saw that aura around him, felt the soaring love pouring forth and on. It was not a
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 31 40
quirk or Quirk | Bakugou Katsuki X Reader
He fell in love.
Those are quite harsh words to explain what he was feeling, but he must admit, there was something more than rivalry seething under his skin.
Who would have thought that a Quirkless could be strong? Not him, amongst all.
Yet here he was, looking at the blue sky, his back forcefully shoved against the green grass, his face reddened by both fatigue and anger.
This girl was already making him see a kaleidoscope of colours, feel more than the usual shades of emotions he was accustomed to.
Her face was above his, pink cheeks twisted by a bright smile. "Come on, you're not out already!" She extended her hand to pull him back on his feet.
He realised.
That hand, he could have accepted it. But he had brushed it aside to keep his pride intact.
He refused to admit that she had beaten him with her bare hands, with refined skills that surpassed his Quirk.
(f/n) wanted to become a cop. Her technique was above any other Katsuki had ever seen.
He was smitten. But was sh
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 90 11
First Christmas | Oikawa X Reader
You blink a few times, just to make sure that the tingling behind your eyelids is not caused by the screen at which you has been staring for now more than three hours straight. Damn work.
You lose your focus and push yourself away from your desk. Your armchair's small wheels make a creeking noise in the absolute silence of the room, but you do not hear it. You are too used to it now.
You look at your phone's screen. One in the morning. It makes you yawn, however, you get up and trail to the sink in your bathroom.
You appreciate the cold sensation on your skin, and as you look into the mirror, you have to squint to get rid of this sudden dryness that is starting to squeeze your throat.
Although it has been over two years now, it still happens. You still think about Tooru at times like these. When silence lasts for too long, and when snow falls.
But your life is quieter now that he is gone, and everytime that your mind wanders toward him, it hurts a bit more. You wonder how long it will
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 22 17
Tsukishima X Reader| My three Soulmates

A/N: Soulmate!AU where the time before you meet your soulmate is written on your wrist

"For God's sake."
Many things were messy in this world. Economics, politics, whatever emotions that existed between people, babies' diapers and making a to-do list.
But you were sure about one thing. One single damned thing: soulmates rule was simple.
A simple rule, a simple outcome, everything was alright at this point.
Then why?
Why did the almighty and alshitty entity who invented this concept still failed to remain simple here as well? Was the world not complicated enough?
They did not think about that situation happening, did they?
"For God's sake."

You had nothing else to think as you stood here, facing three other people, the big and black "00:00" written in the flesh of every left wrist.
Yes, three.
Like everbody, you had taken the day off for this fateful encounter, and spent the day having fun in to
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 70 17
Kuroo x Reader | A Job he disliked
It was a job he disliked.
Kuroo was not a flower person to begin with. And, to most of his aquaintances' surprise, not a romantic one either.
So why would he end up working for a florist ? 
Well, the reasons were rather simple: it payed well and the schedule was not too packed to interfere with his club activities. He never planned it to be his first and last job.
So he started working here.
And he found a new reason to stay here.
He did not want to miss someone.
He did not want to miss you.
It had been over a month since he had acknowledged his attraction toward you. At first, he had refused to accept something so cheesy. However, he had to see it at some point: he was looking forward the time of the day when you passed by the shop, and he found your admiration over the bouquets way too cute.
And that one time when your eyes met through the window, his heart kept pounding until he fell asleep.
You walked by in the evening, probably after school as well. The days you were h
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 45 19
Lukas X Reader | Oddity | Modern!AU
You could not help it.
Your head seemed to turn by itself when a light in particular illuminated your window from outside. Every day, every evening, a neighbour would come back in the building complex, switch on his lights, without fail.
He was the only one to catch your attention. Numerous people were probably coming back around that hour. You did not know. The only one whom would always turn his doorknob at twelve past nine o'clock exactly, and enlighten your living room on the other side of the yard would be him.
He was living below your floor, a bit on the left side when you were facing your bay window. It was convenient. Or unconvenient, if you changed the way you looked at things -or at him. Sitting on your sofa, your own light off, your gaze was magnetized to him. 
No matter what you did, no matter how important or urgent your own business was, once the shadows grew on your floor, barely visible in the dim light coming from his flat, you could not tear your eyes away
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 12 6
Kageyama X Reader | Confessing is hard | texts
5:44 pm
Are you here?
5:46 pm
Yes, what is it?
5:46 pm
You are not training at your club?
5:47 pm
I am texting you.
5:48 pm
But aside from that
Tell me if I'm bothersome.
5:49 pm
I can't be training if I am talking with you. I am nearly finished anyway.
5:50 pm
Urgh. Well if it's your way of telling me to go on
I must tell you something important.
5:51 pm
What is it?
5:53 pm
5:55 pm
I'm going back
5:55 pm
I just
*breath in*
5:57 pm
What are you doing?
5:58 pm
*breath out*
Relaxation before jumping.
5:59 pm
I don't underst
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 54 20
Iwaizumi X Reader | Apart | texts
2:00 am
2:08 am
wtf is this hour
2:10 am
I wanted to be sure you could answer
2:11 am
yeah right
2:12 am
Alright I wanted to use my international phone bundle
2:13 am
What is it this time?
2:14 am
I've received your birthday gift!
2:15 am
Oh, good
Wait why are you texting me that now? Holy, I sent it two weeks ago!
2:16 am
hehehe, delayed, probably!
But it feels so lonely here.
2:17 am
well, it seems I can ask it now: how is it?
2:18 am
2:19 am
Stop with that not-even-a-nickname
2:20 am
HAHA I love when you
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 46 3
Ghost!Oikawa X Reader | A bond with a Mirage
He appeared a Tuesday.
You had just arrived home after your first day at your new work as a screenwriter. When you finished hanging your coat in the entrance way, you looked up and met with another pair of eyes.
A man whom you had never met before was standing in your living room, smiling as if the two of you were good friends.
Although this first statement was already odd, something else bothered you.
This person was translucent.
You could see your couch right behind him. And some empty old chips bag which made you think you had to clean up real fast but-
His sneer grew wider.
"A go-" You whispered.
"A gho-?" He repeated.
He could speak.
"A GHOST!" You screamed.
Truth be told, you were about to say "a God" because he was beautiful and wearing fancy clothes, but Gods don't say "yep." Gods are not translucent. 
Gods don't appear at all in fact.
Nor do ghosts in fact, but, hey.
"I hope you don't mind me staying here for a while."
His v
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 40 25
Ushijima X Reader | Busted | texts
~ Wakatoshi ~
4:26 pm
4:29 pm
(f/n), what is happening?
4:30 pm
4:31 pm
But what's the matter? Did he bother you again?
4:31 pm
4:32 pm
Told me what?
4:33 pm
He didn't tell you?
4:34 pm
I don't know what you're talking about.
4:34 pm
4:36 pm
Then don't ask him. 
4:39 pm
4:45 pm
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 146 37
Iwaizumi X Reader | It was never on purpose
"Yes, Hajime visited me yesterday..." (f/n) said to her long-distance friend over the phone.
She was absently gazing at the sky through the window, ignoring the discreet looks that her classmates were giving her.
"Yes, that happened." She murmured, slightly giggling.
The nearest high-school boys shot her a chocked glare. She was talking about... that, right? And this blushing.
"He came inside..." She added, still innnocently enjoying the chitchat.
This time, the ones who could hear her choked on they drinks, food, words... whatever they had.
"(l/n) is bolder that she looks like." A girl chuckled although her cheeks were flushed.
One of his friend cleared his throat.
"Iwaizumi is one lucky bastard for sure."
Their gossiping was interrupted by a tall student with great looks, but not so great personality as he approached the talking girl. He was obviously refraining from bursting out laughing.
"Oh, I must hang up, Oikawa wants to talk to me. The pause's almost over any
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 107 25
Iwaizumi X Reader | Nothing for you here
Why was he not surprised?
Why was he half expecting you to show up at his door after you had said that you would go out tonight?
"Hajime, let me in I'm freezing." You said while looking away, your teary pout barely observable in the distant light of the street lamps.
You cheeks were a bit pinker than they should be because of the alcohol.
You were squirming, aware that you were not welcomed.
"(F/n), why are you here?" He calmly asked, exasperation slowly raising.
You bit your bottom lip and murmured.
"I went to a goukon tonight and at the end we all ordered some Chinese biscuits. You know, the ones that tell us our fate. And it said "Nothing for you here"! That's not nice! I wanted my fun!"
His eyebrow twitched.
"It's four in the morning and you come because of that?"
"You can't understand!" You whined.
"You're the worst. Get lost."
And here he was, making tea for the both of you.
He sighed, wondering what was the unforgivable mistake he had done in a previous life to deserv
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 63 34
I do not own anything but the plot and Reader. Sometimes created characters. But the existing manga/novel/anime and the preview picture go to their rightful owner! c:


Greenwolves's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Got tagged, welp, as always, thank you for thinking about me kek itbeajen lovely cinamon bun
edit: and SketchyTheSkeptical rose from the dead and tagged me as well

Bullet; Blue I'll start right away (rules? What rules?)

1. Is there anyone, regardless if they write/draw, that inspires you?
Huhhh. parents.
Ah, let's say too that Van Gogh's paintings always make the ideas flow, it's magic

2. Where do you get your motivation from?
Huh... Dunno. It comes and goes, spiking to make me skip sleep and meals, and plumetting to leave me lifeless for days lol.

3. Is there any talent/skill that you wish you could do (sing, draw, dance, acrobatics, etc)?
Just act normal in public? arh arh

4. How have you been?
The best in my existence yet rofl

5. Do you have a fanfic that you'd like to recommend to me to read?
*that  a w k w a r d  moment when you start searching for a fic but it's from the one same person you're answering to*

6. Have you gone to any anime conventions?
Aye aye sir

7. Favorite voice actors in anime?
Kamiya Hiroshi I must say. This guy's talent has no limit, even though he has a recognisable voice, I let myself get swept up by his characters and sometimes doesn't even notice that he's the one voice acting. So freaking great. (but because I'm a trash for those seiyuus' genius I'll mention Daisuke Ono and Daisuke Namikawa Heart )

8. Favorite Opening or Ending song for animes?
Lately, it's been Boku no Hero Academia's first opening and Kiseijuu no Kakirutsu's first ending Heart 
(almost put Shingeki no Kyoujin's second opening or Sakamoto desu ga's opening)

9. Do you watch ongoing animes? Or do you binge completed ones?
I just bingewatched Assassination Classroom (again) and cried (again) and I'm following BnHa season 3 on Saturday Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 

10. Do you bake or cook? And if you do, what's your favorite recipe? If ya don't, then do you want to learn?
I never bake (not a huge fan of sweet things) but I do cook! My fave of all time is my family fish soup (really it has no particular name except literally fish soup but it is not appealing xD). I'd like to learn baking just because I like to look at the cakes. Is cute is cute.

11. Do you play any mobile games? (if you play FGO or FEH, please hmu with a comment and lemme add you)
Beany you know betterrr, I'm on Fire Emblem Heroes and Deemo. Aaaah, Deemo Heart Heart Heart 

12. Do you want to know me better? I promise I don't bite.
Beany I just hope that you have a wonderful day and week and month and year and everything after cause you deserve just that Huggle! Huggle!  Don't ever hesitate to drop a smol note on DA or messenger or any platform really!

Bullet; Red  Thenn, Sketchy's questions.

1. How are you?
Real? I'm so good I wonder how can one be this satisfied.

2. Do feel like life has a meaning?
As a nihilist optimist, I don't think it has a meaning and that's what's good: you give your life the meaning you want. Sure, some can find it frightening, but once you start marching forward and forging your future, you understand that it's the freest one can ever be.

3. Who would you marry? Your favorite anime character or Your celebrity crush? 
Neither. I'm more the "loving from afar" type so I'd be happy admiring them. Like, getting close? too awkwarrrd. I'd friendzone myself I think

3. Do you have any plans over the summer?
Sadly, yes. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to making them happen but I kinda love being a larvic-memeish thing limping from bed to computer?

4. Do you think that you're ready to have a relationship with another person?
I feel like the ones who ever say they're ready end up NOT being ready. So, no? Like is anyone ever ready? Aren't relationships ALL differents? bruh I don't even look for one.

5. Are you on your phone or your computer?
Always on computer. I'm not much of a phone user tbh.

6. Is drama worse than losing a friend of whom you trusted? 
ok that's colliding with a complicated issue on my end so drama is worse imo.

7. Have you ever felt hurt, when someone said something jokingly, but it meant a lot to you?
huh, yes. But it's kinda my fault? So I swallow up my petty pain and accept it as a joke.

8. Who is your current favorite anime character? 
rn? Koro-sensei Papyrus's Tears Papyrus's Tears Papyrus's Tears Papyrus's Tears 

9. What do you look forward in the future? 
tomorrow's reunion for our next project at uni. as a game designer I mean, not for a stupid presentation of sorts.

10. Describe your daily routine. 
waking up at 14, bringing breakfast on my laptop, lurking on the internet, gaming. gaming. gaming. gaming. gaming. And maybe eating in between 15 hours of gaming. sleeping. (one may swap gaming and writing at times arh arh). so i'm currently in my lurking phase and answering this tag for yo Sketchy honhonhon

That's when I'm supposed to tag and find questions but I really have no clue. My mind is so blank from lack of sleep ew.
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