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The Pain Required to Reach Enlightenment
My home was never my home
It never called to the emotions within my heart
I traveled to a faraway land to find peace
But my heart died as I left my family behind
The hope of this new world lay dormant
And I float among the crowded streets
The unfamiliar ways and words of these people
Throws me into a dark confusion
I had to leave the land where I was born
Because its noise disrupted my soul
But I don't understand this new one
And I can't find the secret to its happy dream
The guilt of leaving my loved ones
Fills the foggy recess in my mind
As I vainly attempt to navigate alone
The many things that I do not comprehend here
I don't know where to look
Or who to turn to to find the answers
I continue to struggle to find my true enlightenment
As I deal with pains of who I left behind
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 6 4
I'm On Your Side
We fight with the ghosts of our misunderstanding
Targeting the one closest to bleed the deepest frustrations
Our blindness keeps us from seeing mutual ground
Yearning to come together, our souls cry out in vain
Even through the anger, I acutely feel my love for you
It evolves the hurt into a greater level of inner turmoil
In these instances of epiphany, I receive a sudden jolt
What am I without you, but meager heartache?
I know I can only look like the villain now
When I’m trying to pierce your fortifications
The ones you created to keep out the world
That proved to be too remorseless to face
I worry you are allowing the hurt to encircle you
And crowd you into a permanent corner
I can see you also worry about my happiness
Aren’t you attempting to save me from the same?
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 6 2
No Reason
There’s nothing left here to console the affliction harrowing the marrow
Hope has slipped into the massing murk
The suffocated hull has topped with dirty water
Debris of the shattered heart, dead and dispersed
The raging whirlpool repeats in on itself
Let me empty everything and assign meaning to none of it
If I were to rise above the waves and be saved, I wouldn’t want it
The real fear belongs in living and the succor comes in drowning
The truth is simply that I never asked to commandeer the ship
Only my heart cried to heed the summoning of the glistening waves
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 6 0
When the War is Over
You carry my heart with you to battle
The struggles have forced a distance between us
We fight alone in our isolated worlds
The only want contained in our being is to be united
I see your face most vividly when the fighting escalates
It reminds me why we’ve gone to war in the first place
We must find the strength to soldier on
Against the separation the world has created for us
Resting our minds upon the day when we will surely meet again
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 14 9
A strong and steady hand grips my throat
It is wrought of only fear
I struggle for another breath
My body is overcome with panic
These thoughts have taken over me
I fight against the persisting forebode
As the emotions drag me in
To the dark abyss that marks the end
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 25 9
Lune by Goldenwolf Lune :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 849 0
Trivial like the pomegranate.
Trivial like the pomegranate
But you're smarter than all the other kids on the school yard
No you already have the plan up your sleeve
You are going to tell us how you came to be
To be this fast joker running in the wild
You have your next move
And you pull at the strings in this game of nerves and veins
A title of a psychopath to those baby eyes hungry to learn
How can I tell you what fire I might have and not get burned?
You're going to be really big one day, you said.
So big that you won't be able to see all the fears that crawl up and down your legs
And make you shiver until you back away.
Life seems so hard right?
But I see it with my own eyes and you refuse to take that shiny blind fold off
The one that sparkles even in the darkest places because
We all can see that you're scared, too scared.
Lurking around the corners,
Like a baby fascinated by life you leap.
You take the step and you have already forgotten why you made the move.
Insane firecracker, throbbing like an abused book
:icongingerbreadxcoffin:GingerbreadxCoffin 13 10
The doll keeper by accidentlyonpurpose The doll keeper :iconaccidentlyonpurpose:accidentlyonpurpose 6 10
Goodbye, goodbye
I must run to the bus
It’s my first day of kindergarten
Wish me luck.
Goodbye Daddy, goodbye.
I’m off to class
It’s the first day of sixth grade
Wish me luck.
Goodbye Dad, goodbye.
I’m off to college
It’s the first day of class
Wish me luck.
Goodbye Father, goodbye.
Your heart is still beating
But you no longer want me in your life
I wish you luck.
Goodbye Daddy,
:iconsehenry07:Sehenry07 1 3
baby by ahid13 baby :iconahid13:ahid13 4 4
Spilling over into my mind
The thoughts of us entwined
It drives me crazy
It makes me ill
To seek your soul
It was meant for mine
Together we'll see it
But it will take time
I know it already
I wait patiently for you
Even though it hurts to see you two
Stuck together, just like glue
She sneaks off while you sleep
All the secrets that she keeps
One day when it's over, she'll learn what she had
But it will stay forever in the past
She'll shatter your heart
Just like glass
You'll hide from the world
Even me
I'll stop calling, and showing up
I know you're secretly comforted that I try
But I can't allow my own life to just pass me by
Afraid of losing me, you'll come out
I'll be standing there, preparing for one last try
Not yet ready to say good-bye
Open the door, and there I'll be
In your arms you'll seize me
And gently whisper into my ear;
Spilling over into my mind
The thoughts of us entwined
It drives me crazy
It makes me ill
To seek your soul
It was meant for mine
:iconkawaiibubblekat-chan:kawaiibubblekat-chan 3 4
This is what they tell me
This is what they tell me love is like.
A ray of sunlight on a thigh that begs watching.
A confusion of limbs in the dark that is only natural.
A kiss to a finger and smile at introducing love to those who know you.
A never knowing what alone is, because your heart is always their home.
A stomach leap when they walk through a door with no makeup on wearing your teeshirt.
An absent minded twist of hair in a finger that makes you stare.
A lick of a curve of a neck that gives you goosebumps even after ten years.
A catch light in an eye that convinces you in a light you never believed in before.
A song that is just for you that you dance to like no one else is watching.
An eternity in a moment that never ends.
It is what they tell me love is like.
They tell me.
:iconiheartpirates:iheartpirates 4 4
Seven Year Stretch
Seven years of struggle
Long spanning years of pain
But there was some joy there too
There was laughter in the tragedy
I’ve lost so much
Some days I feel like I’ll never get it back
But I know one thing
I’m still me
I’m tired of playing these games
These tiresome moments of exposure
I just don’t want to do this any more
I think I’m finally ready to let go
I guess some days you just pretend
Get up, put a smile on your face and go
Even when there is no reason
Even when you feel like all hope is lost
The pieces will come back together again
The sanity will fall into place
The love will be there waiting with open arms
While you journey through loneliness and healing
It’s hard to imagine “getting there.”
I’m not really even sure where “there” is
I guess it doesn’t matter
Come storm clouds or sun, I’m smiling today
If for no other reason than to spite myself
To trick myself into thinking I’m okay
I’ll be okay and
:iconcompassion81:Compassion81 1 2
Antonymic Cyclone by alexiuss Antonymic Cyclone :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,798 427


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