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Published: February 23, 2006
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Yeah, just a note, live this up because this is prolly the last TT thing I'll do, like EVER. Unless I get a killer idea, even then prolly not since I've produced so much TT stuff. :nod:
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So adorable.

But Raven, you better not throw a tantrum, missy!
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The expression is unique...XP
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RHEMORAHobbyist General Artist
awesome work, you´re great :D
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ALL Wiggly art is good in MY book, TT or not.


... *pinches Raven's cheeks*
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She act's so tough on the outside because she's insecure on the inside, I friggin know it! I bet deep inside, she really, really, really likes dressing up like that.

For some odd reason, I like the idea of a chibi raven.

At least now we can crank out more of that One Piece stuff, amirite??
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Awh I luff her!<3333
*cuddles and probably gets her face gnawed off*Still cute.:3
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That's such a great mental image. XD
GreenWiggly's avatar
Oh you know it. ;D
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katarthisHobbyist Writer
I have never been a massive huge fan of teen titans... in fact I had to read comments to figure what tt was about and that clued me in to who your avi really was.

So you had an attack from a rabid fan girl eh? That must really be a wonderful curse.

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Not as wonderful as you'd imagine. XD but it helped me decide to stop drawing tt stuff. I've got tons of other fandoms to indulge myself in anyway.
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katarthisHobbyist Writer
Probably would have been much better if she'd come up waving her arms screaming about how you must draw nothing that wasn't AC related right? :p

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Even that would hve been a little disturbing.
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Your Teen Titans stuff drew me in, but your work in general is what convinced me to add you to my watch list. So I guess I'll survive your not doing TT art in the future.

But I'll probably pout. ;)
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I've been drawing it for a few years now so I'm a little burned out on it, plus the series is over and all. I may do 1 or 2 come august when otakon rolls around since i get requests at cons from my regular customers for more, but for myself I'm tired of drawing the characters.
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aww but your tt stuff is so cool! but its your decision, funny pic btw
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
LOL Ravens all cutesy button and such :D
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And seething with hatred for all creation inside. =D
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she's all like I STAB YOU NOW BITCH

hehehe cutieee
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ZansakeHobbyist Digital Artist
....O....M.....G.....CUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEE!!!!!! GAS.....P! *heart stops*
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Aww no more TT fanart? X3 I think I'll live, your TT art though is supremely cute :heart: I loved the Mother May-Eye episode!

Glad to see you so busy busy <3
GreenWiggly's avatar
I'll do more before the next big con, but just a little. =D
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Nothing like a TT fan waving her arms like snakes at you in some bizzarre attempt to intimidate you into her way of thinking to kill the fun, huh?
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