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One of my recent artwork being selected for this competition, if you are free, please take a look of the entries and vote the one you like :D ~!!…
My art group CDS and me was having fun on the livestream :), we are testing how this system work. This is the video of our doodle ~ XD…
Greeting ~  ^_^

This is my online badges shop :D, feel free to browse through ~
I will continue to update if there is any new product ~
sorry but due to overwork. I have to close commission again..  :iconohpleaseplz: ... I will inform everyone when i open again :iconyoyocryplz:
Hi everyone :iconkikuplz:

              Recently I received quite a bit of point commission request :iconkikuplz: * thanks for the support !! I'm really happy about that * but due to lots of art works havn't finish yet I cant official open my commission in DA yet :iconimsorryplz: so I'm planning to set up point commission for 3 requester every month. most likely its 200 points per piece. I will set up a journal title like "March Point Commission",I will draw for the first 3 persons who commented on that journal :iconchuuplz: if either of the first 3 players decide to give up the commission request, i will contact the next person in the comments :D. I will create the journal roughly on next Saturday. Thanks for the support again !!! :iconhungaryplz:

some samples for the point commission. :icontinoplz:

madoka x homura by GreenTeaNeko

My Bunny can't be this cute by GreenTeaNeko

LET IT GO by GreenTeaNeko
Sorry but due to heavy commission work load, I have to temporary close the commission >x<, I will open it again once most of the requests being cleared DX !!!
After posted my latest art work * create loli * , I received some commission requests  <--- very happy* <(^^<) finally after 3 years of training, some result is coming out. I'm starting to thinking if I'm capable enough to start commission? =3
The event is coming soon on 11- 13 Nov !!! Have to prepare some artwork before the event start >.< !!! Let me draw more loli !!!
CDS is going to have booth in AFA2011 too !!! check out our studio new product with this link !!…
My second event with C.D.S this year :), i went down to Down Town East for setting up booth with C.D.S and this is my first time selling my product ^^. Gotten lots of good advise, experience and support from my seniors of C.D.S, they are very nice people +_+ and i respect their effort and responsibility for our doujin group ~ of course their drawing skill too^^, still got lots of things have to learn from seniors tachi, i just want to say " thank you, senior tachi ". I will look forward for the next event with C.D.S too ;)
AHhhh !! I didn't update my journal since age ago >.< !!! Recently i joined in a Doujin Group in Singapore, their name is " C.D.S " ^^, this is their website link

lots of skillful artists existing in " C.D.S ". I think its a good chance to learn from them more about Manga/Anime/Doujin in this world. And Of course Art Skill too !!
* waku waku ~ waku waku * 'w' !!!
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Journal -----------------------------------------------------------------  ( -_-  )~~~ * push *

Recently i finally completed my basic physical training * 6 Months stay in camp * TT_TT  .. finally gotten the pose out job - office work :) !! So i can go home everyday now !!! planning to start my digital art kingdom again :D. Recently i accept commission freelance too ^^Y. I trying to finish the CFA * Commission freelance artwork * with digital yesterday and i realize due to long term lack of practice .... Normally the lineart will cost me an hour to complete but ... its cost me whole day to complete the lineart yesterday !!! D: * scream ~ *
I suddenly remember one of my senpai * senior * said ' if you one day don't practice = lost 3 days skill ' ... orz * faint *....
Another week has gone '3', i want to draw something creative and impressive but how some couldn't draw it out * faint * orz !!

This week went to AFA( Anime Festival Asia 2010 ) in Singapore. I went for the stage event too. I saw seiyuu ' Hanazawa kana '. She's the seiyuu for Character ' Tenshi ' in the Anime ' Angel Beats! '. She's super cute !!! I really enjoy her live voice over. Shes good ! Bought a lot stuff in AFA2010 too +_+  like cup, badges, E-zlink card and magazine~

Now have to back to work T_T !! Look forward my holiday next week...