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Wall Chicken

Wall chicken. Classicvania. 
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Bodies has been found inside walls
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How it stays edible inside a wall is beyond all of us Castlevania fans.
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It's everything a growing Vampire Hunter needs.
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It should be tested on mythbusters or game theory. Put some fresh chicken between cement and bricks and give it a taste after a few years. See if it's still tasty. 
TheCastlevaniaChapel's avatar
*bites the chicken* Give! ):<
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The day I whip a wall and get meat out of it I'm going to eat it and post the real life outcome!
GreenStranger's avatar
You'll be sick for days lol.
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I know right? I mean how can anyone eat that, it's been hidden in the wall for god knows how long, not to mention all the dirt and germs it must have collected, it should have been a health down rather than health up lol.
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Lol. I'm pretty sure the castle had roaches and ants that would have eventually got to the tasty wall delights. Who can understand Transylvanian architecture? :P
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Haha, this is great! :D Simon just sitting down on the floor, chowing down on some wallmeat, all relaxed like not a care in the world. You can tell that he knows there's a bat behind him but its like, don't bother me, I'm eating. Either that or he's waiting for it to get close enough then swat it with the meat, splat, greasy bat splattered against the wall. Probably'd eat that too seeing as how old meat stored inside of walls don't bother him.
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Lol I always felt it should have been a pork chop and ale. Simon's a manly man. Nothing like thrashing through hordes of evil monsters then chowing on a pork chop and downing a mug of ale. Somehow that will cure vampire bites, various lacerations, broken bones and possibly internal hemorrhaging.

Either way the wallmeat works just fine and he doesn't mind that has dirt and stucco all over it;)
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Gotta love that wall chicken!
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I would actually dare to eat it;)
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Yes, and half his health will be gone because of the darn bat!
GreenStranger's avatar
Yes! Especially if he's in the last two stages. One hit equals 1/4 power gone. Heavy stuff.
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I must say, I'm a construction engineer and they taught this in school...pork inside walls is actually the best reinforcement, the only thing that can deteriorate it is a whip but how many people use whips on walls. I'm just saying, don't try it...for real
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I totally agree lol. I remember watching some construction workers struggling tearing down a cinder block wall and behold.....a pork chop. No wonder:p
Apparently, those pork chops and chicken legs are made of MAGIC.

On a side note: Green Stranger? Are you friends with Christopher Bee and Boris Karloffice?
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That we are;) We were hanging out the other night eating a buffet out of a wall.
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