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old postcard by GreenSprite old postcard by GreenSprite
Something I lazily doodled while listening to radio. I do draw better things these days, but I'm working to fill a bunch of galleries with unique content (long story) so I'm posting doodles here for now. The site's finally starting to feel dead to me as well. I don't even know who's watching anymore. Shout out if you're alive, will you? It's pretty lonely around.
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homeworld4 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015
Got more?
GreenSprite Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015
 nope, and it's a good thing i don't, i hate this shit already
Dead-Duelist Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
Beautifull colors) 
GreenSprite Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015
Thank you :)
Splinterlight Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does it count if I shout one and a half months late?
Wait, wait, I can explain! Witcher 3 has some sort of MAGICK HEX in it and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be May now, not June! I was cursed! Full-on swamp witch newt's eye child stew cursed! it even June now..?

For whatever it is worth, I still dig your art.
GreenSprite Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
Aw, thank you :) It sure does count. Though meanwhile I migrated to tumblr and latched tightly onto a single fandom, and that's pretty much all I've been drawing lately. Gotta remember to log in here more often, sometime nice people comment, like now.
I'm sure Witcher 3 is full of all kinds of alluring twisted magicks, your predicament is understandable.
GeeMassamArt Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like it too, especially the stonework! Personally, i find it tough to keep everything ticking over (DA, Facebook Page, Twitter, youtube videos etc.) with the time there is in the day, thats why i just find time to look at some pics but not much else.
GreenSprite Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Thank you!
Yeah, you're right, I had an easier time keeping up with DA because I had very few other accounts and didn't post art anywhere else. Now I branched out into other sites and I find myself spending far less time here. I also feel like I've outgrown this account. Almost like its purpose was to take me this far, and now its job is done. It's been 10 years so I probably won't deactivate it, but I do feel the need for a fresh start.
Aeonna Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Wonderful colours!
I know what you mean about DA. It doesn't feel like there is much going on and I don't visit as often any more : /
Feidhelm Featured By Owner May 1, 2015
I'm still here as well :noes:
As in, I check my messages every day, but no longer do much around here, such as posting comments or getting involved in the community. i think that's one reason I don't get much feedback on my works lately. Either that or all my watchers have died :cries:
Stripwalker Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
I like it :)
AmandaMyers Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
I'm still here.
LilyScribbles Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Student General Artist
I'm still around? This is sublime, the color scheme is so soothing!
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