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...why the hell do I keep drawing night scenes? Can you even tell it's night time?
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Este superb desenul, si fetita are o expresie care spune multe: putina frica, putina curiozitate, putina singuratate. E foarte reusita mimica ei.

Imi plac mult si brazii, si ceata de printre ei. E facuta dupa vreo referinta, sau complet din cap?
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Partea aia e complet din imaginatie. Restul in schimb e putin inspirat dintr-un peisaj de la Rosia Montana pe care am apucat sa-l schitez putin (nu noaptea, calare totusi. I wish :D)
elven21's avatar
This is somehow very beautiful, in a very magical way...
calinrett's avatar
I must say, that..this one attracted my eye, is very expressive. You have amazing work, keep it up...I'll pass by sometimes :)
GreenSprite's avatar
Multumesc mult. Come again, cookies are on the house. :D
Shiryou-san's avatar
Well-drawn great picture :) :clap:
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Vorbesc serios :P ;) :D
zephyr-rizing's avatar
Beautiful! I love her expression, and the shading is excellent. :heart:
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I'm so glad you like it :)
PrateekRajbhandari's avatar
Elves.... rrrrrr... Is it a rule that all female elves need to be sexy?
GreenSprite's avatar
ALL elves need to be sexy. Or not necessarely sexy, but beautiful and annoyingly perfect in any case :D
If by any chance you mean the girl in my featured deviation, she's human.
Gerridwen's avatar
too much nightwish or does some other band have named their song too as an elvenpath? :D

Her face is so beautifull, I see her little lost somehow. :heart:
GreenSprite's avatar
Yes, it is named after the Nightwish song. I keep coming back to that band even when I think I grew out of it. I guess they're good after all! :)
As for the girl in the drawing, she is maybe tired, a little lost, but not completely. It's not supposed to be a sad, depressing drawing. The message is more like, follow your way even if it might be difficult and confusing at times.
Gerridwen's avatar
great message in great drawing...
Triratna's avatar
Ah wait.

Check this one cas..
Feelin' De Javu?

GreenSprite's avatar
Yes, I saw it while looking through your gallery and thought it's really similar! :giggle:
ciclomono's avatar
Lindisimo!!! Beautiful!
GreenSprite's avatar
Thank you so much! :blushes:
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