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Rp stuff. by GreenShadow069 Rp stuff. :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 4 3
Mature content
Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 6 :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 1 1
THIS IS OUR ANSWER! (template) by GreenShadow069 THIS IS OUR ANSWER! (template) :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 1 0 Saiduq (Smeargle) by GreenShadow069 Saiduq (Smeargle) :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 2 2
Mature content
Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 4/5 :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 0 0
Mature content
Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 0 :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 0 1
Mature content
Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 3 :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 0 2
Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Signs of danger
"...W-Who would do such a thing?" Asked Vincent, fear-ridden from the sight of the destroyed developing city.
"Attacks made by the feral... and non-feral." Replied Mixed, just as horrified by once again seeing the sight, which made her choke up poisonous gas.
"I can understand the feral... wild pokemon, I bet, but why non-fera-" Vincent asked before being cut of by Quiver's sharp reactive instincts.
Beforehand, he took a deep breath while Vincent was talking, then started...
"...Calm down" Vincent responded to Quiver's hasty and horrifying words. "But now I am just as horrified as you!" As his two now temporary 'companions' could see by his body shaking within the veil of leaves which kept him floating in the air due to his inability to walk. "A... drought... it can cause this much misch- no, chaos..
:icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 0 2
Mature content
Star-Crossed Heores - Chapter One :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 1 0
Captain Kirb by GreenShadow069 Captain Kirb :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 0 3 The Lightbringers by GreenShadow069 The Lightbringers :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 6 8 Jet's costume...! by GreenShadow069 Jet's costume...! :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 3 2 Light's Halloween Costume! by GreenShadow069 Light's Halloween Costume! :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 7 9 Vincent 'The Rogue' the Minccino by GreenShadow069 Vincent 'The Rogue' the Minccino :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 2 4 Uh... unfinished Geno... by GreenShadow069 Uh... unfinished Geno... :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 2 3 Light the Shinx by GreenShadow069 Light the Shinx :icongreenshadow069:GreenShadow069 6 3


I... don't remember painting this by raikoart I... don't remember painting this :iconraikoart:raikoart 12,414 1,356 Merry Christmas Shinx by AnySketches Merry Christmas Shinx :iconanysketches:AnySketches 41 33 Pokemon Christmas Carol : Page 12 by TechJolteon Pokemon Christmas Carol : Page 12 :icontechjolteon:TechJolteon 4 17 Left Hand Series: Shinx by Uluri Left Hand Series: Shinx :iconuluri:Uluri 672 39 You Can Be Cute AND Badass by TamarinFrog You Can Be Cute AND Badass :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 590 58 ES: Special Chapter 8 -Cover- by PKM-150 ES: Special Chapter 8 -Cover- :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 393 670
Promoting Positivity: Vol 4
Hello, and welcome back to another Promoting Positivity article. 
Unfortunately, like last week, there was no problem submitted to go over nor any new submissions. So, instead, I will pick a problem myself and we will discuss it.
The Problem
Telling the truth is sometimes very hard for people to do. I personally do not understand it because I can't lie. I feel too guilty if I do. However, I know many people who make a habit of it. Why do they lie? Some feel like if they don't, no one will like them (because their true self isn't "good enough"). Others started with one lie and just kept going until it became a habit so they stopped realizing they were lying. These are only two examples.
What do you think?
Have you had experience with lying? You don't need to specify if you do it or know someone who has. I'm not here to blame anyone for somet
:iconrtnightmare:RTNightmare 3 12
Adventure Never End: 4-3 by DarkrexS Adventure Never End: 4-3 :icondarkrexs:DarkrexS 49 10 Appreciation (Gift) by TechJolteon Appreciation (Gift) :icontechjolteon:TechJolteon 9 9 Excelsior! by TamarinFrog Excelsior! :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 2,812 0 BeFrie is 21 by Skitea BeFrie is 21 :iconskitea:Skitea 1,401 30 [SFM] - Winter Session 2018 by ScoutEevee [SFM] - Winter Session 2018 :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 202 7 Many hours later... by Xael-The-Artist Many hours later... :iconxael-the-artist:Xael-The-Artist 254 206 Snow Day by Robotato-the-Umbre Snow Day :iconrobotato-the-umbre:Robotato-the-Umbre 13 8 Custom Smash Bros Stock Icons Deluxe by Colourfulruby Custom Smash Bros Stock Icons Deluxe :iconcolourfulruby:Colourfulruby 425 58 Pokemon Christmas Carol : Page 2 by TechJolteon Pokemon Christmas Carol : Page 2 :icontechjolteon:TechJolteon 5 19



First of all... It's been a while. Quiiiiiiiiite a while.
Second of all, Happy Valentines day (for those who like it, to me it's just another holiday the government uses to guilt trip people into spending money) Third of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AWESOME GUY And fourth of all, sorry about my hiatus, school, debate team, and trying to better my art has taken some time. I'll try to be more active, alright? Anyways, thank you for reading this,
Rp stuff.
Characters that are from an rp I'm in.

Green (Victims) Belongs to me ((hmmm the name))
Greenboi (human) Belongs to Mosquite#1804 on Discord ((The name is a coincidence))
And Ashie (Vessel) Belongs to Sonicadriel#8275 on Discord ((...What should I say?)) 
Still lazy as heeeeeeeecc. Anyways, happy new year, y'all

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Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 6: Purpose? Nah.

As Vincent stared at Terra in shock, scrambling thoughts of how she managed to get her, seemingly with no injury, Terra just spoke into some object, a radio of some sorts? Although he could barely hear her, and by barely, I mean hardly, he could see her concerned stare at Vincent. The now half-blind Minccino was just yearning for help, but could hardly speak it out, or not hear himself. <Haha... damn, I must have gotten hit good> he told himself sadistically, laughing in his head. Terra, after finishing speaking into the object, advanced towards Vincent. She seemed to be saying something, but Vincent was just unable to hear. Since he was not getting anything, he did not care, and as such weakly rolled onto his front, his face into the ground. Nothing mattered at this moment, as he can not know anything. Though, as he felt himself being lifted by different sets of paws, he forced his eyes closed. Might as well die, he already proved he had nothing to accomplish here, right? Nothing, no purpose, no nothing? Heh. Neat.

Then, as he was lowered after what felt like an hour of being carried, though it could be shorter, he felt very comfortable after a while, soaked into the feeling of... foam? Cloth? Whatever it was. He felt himself drifting off to sleep, but forced himself awake, which he regretting after feeling immense pain near the side he was injured on. He was seemingly forced up by instinct as he saw Ryuki and Epona nearby, shocked at his sudden reaction. As Ryuki was mouthing something, Vincent replied with "I CAN'T HEAR!" Although he could not hear himself at the time.
Star-Crossed Heroes - Chapter 6
Will be updated in the future.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Ahhhgh... So I started having some troubles breathing in school today, but it did not last as long as 3 months ago, where it lasted to the point I went to the closest hospital. I may be getting asthma since it's big in the family, so just letting you guys know in case something comes up. I'm prepared for if something happens, so don't worry much, please, just telling you know since it might halt drawings and Star-Crossed Heroes
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Thanks! I'd expect the bad parts to be the most mentioned, but I do attempt to put in some comedic relief. It was meant to be PG-13 but funny from the first part. Thank my first version of Quiver for allowing me to do that.
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