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I know I haven’t updated my journal in a year and I need to change that. However, the reason why I am writing tonight is because I am mad...actually, I am beyond mad...I am furious. With the news of a NAFTA deal being met has also brought news that my government has made concessions to the dairy industry.

For those of you who do not know, Canada is highly protective of its dairy industry and has something called supply management. Supply management basically means that government controls the amount of dairy that is produced to rig the price; it also puts high tariffs on foreign dairy. By rigging the price, it ensures that farmers get a fair price from their products. This is so farmers can support themselves and take care of their livestock.

With the new NAFTA deal allowing American dairy to flood the Canadian market, it will lower the price of dairy and cause Canadian farmers to struggle to make ends meet. For someone who comes from a farming community, I find this troubling and I have a great deal of anger towards the government for allowing this to happen.

I also want my American friends to know, I am not angry at you. I am angry at your President and my Prime Minister...mainly Trudeau.

Please note: The official deal has not been released yet and the Prime Minister has not spoken to the price. My anger may be quelled tomorrow when I saw the official deal; perhaps not as much of the dairy industry has been conceded as I believe.

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I'm off to Prince Edward Island again tonight! I am beyond excited! With everything that has gone on this year with Pugs and with my brother, it will be nice to get away for a week. I honestly just need a break from the craziness at work and the impending craziness at home that we can all feel coming. I hope I have a great vacation! I will be back August 20th. 
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So this is a preview of my newest project called "Home." It is a combination of a graphic novel and a traditional novel. The hope is to have "Home" running beside a spin off novel. I am hoping to releases this before the end of the year and I am hoping to start working on "Rebellion of the Commons" once again. "Rebellion of the Commons" still has some issues and I will address that in a later journal.

Anyway, here is the Prologue from "Home" without the graphic portion of the project. I am hoping for some feedback, good or bad. I just want to know what you honestly think.


     It happened so suddenly, they didn’t see it coming. In the middle of the night, a bloodthirsty pack murdered their entire pack. The sound of screams and the whimpers of agony fill the quiet night air mixed with the chorus of snarls and blood curdling laughter. It didn’t matter whether they were male or female, young or old, sickly or healthy; they slaughtered them all without mercy. The only two who survived were Genesis and his mate, Eden.
    When the attack began, Genesis took Eden and they hid in the hollow of a tree. He would not allow anyone to harm his mate. He was determined that she would survive regardless of what happened to the rest of the pack.
    When the sun rose it revealed that their entire pack was dead. The ground was soaked with blood and the bodies of their pack mates littered the landscape they once called home. There was nothing left for them anymore; they had no reason to stay. The world was silent; the only sound that could be heard was Eden’s sobs as she saw what had happened to her beloved pack.
    “Come on, Eden,” Genesis said as he began to walk away from the carnage that was once the place where they had lived their whole life; the place where they had met and where they had dreamt of starting a family. “We’re leaving.”
    “Where are we going to go?” she asked in a small voice. She was unable to take her eyes off the horrible scene in front of her.
“We will find a new home,” he said as urged his mate forward, “And start a new pack.”
After traveling through wastelands and deserts for many moons, Genesis and Eden found a forest. Traveling deeper into the forest, they found a clearing with a beautiful crystal clear lake. The land was fresh and untouched. There had never been another pack anywhere near here.
    A smile spread across Eden’s face as she pranced towards the lake ahead of her mate. She stopped suddenly and looked back at her companion. “Genesis, I love it here!” She ran to the lake and looked down at it. “Wow, look at the all the fish.”
    Genesis watched his mate’s child-like excitement with amusement. He had to admit that it was nice to see her smile again. The male considered the area for a few long moments. “Do you really like it here, Eden?” he asked seriously.
    She looked back at him. “I do,” she smiled.
Genesis walked over to Eden and rested his head on top of hers as he looked at the beautiful lake. “I think that this will be our new home,” he stated.

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So Pugsley has been coughing a lot lately so we decided to take him into the vet. At first we thought it was tracheal collapse. He is a Chihuahua and it is very common in small dogs; he has also had it ever since he was a pup.

The vet told us today that it is congestive heart failure. The coughing is caused by fluid in his lungs. He had a heart murmur in the summer and it was stage I; now it is stage IV.

The vet gave us a diuretic to give him to try and get some of the fluid off his lungs. Tomorrow morning he is going in for x-rays and a blood test. We will have results by tomorrow afternoon. If everything else looks healthy, he can live a long life with medication.

I just hope everything works out! I love him and I don’t want anything to happen to him!

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So I haven’t written those in a long time. Before anyone asks, yes, I still make art; I just haven’t posted anything online in a while. I have a half-finished water colour/marker piece of a unicorn, I just completed an ambitious journal entry called “Machine,” and I started sculpting. I have also been working on and off on “Rebellion of the Commons” and an unnamed project which is just in the baby stages. So yes, still keeping myself busy.

I recently decided to try sculpting and I discovered that I really enjoy it. I used to sculpt using homemade salt dough when I was a kid but polymer clay is so much nicer. I am pretty proud of my first attempts so I will have to photograph them and put them up for you guys to see. *Hint: they are mini-figures of almost everyone’s favourite Studio Ghibli characters*

Let’s see, next week I am going to a specialist to be tested for carpal tunnel; if that is not what’s wrong with my hands, then I am going to have to go back to the doctors. I am seeing a specialist at the end of March to see what that mysterious whatever, that I thought could be cancer, is. Other than that, my health is pretty good.

Work is work and I absolutely hate it. I keep to myself most of the time; not like I could interact with the other employees anyways since they are interacting with each other in another language. I have totally stopped caring when it comes to wok and, to be honest, it was the best thing for me. I go to work and do my job, when my shift ends, I punch out and leave. Two weeks ago, I stayed for an extra hour so another person could get there because there were only two of us on a Friday for lunch; no one said thank you or that they appreciate it. When people are ungrateful, it makes you resentful and that is how I feel.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

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I have decided to revamp “Rebellion of the Commons” for a third and final time. I am going to be revamp a bit of the story, the characters, and finally the title. “Rebellion of the Commons” was supposed to be a clever title base on The Tragedy of the Common but I have decided that that no longer applies to this novel. So over the coming months, there will be no character art. I am also looking for a new title so please, if you have any ideas, let me know.

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So today after three long months of waiting, I finally had my specialist appointment. I had this nasty looking lesion on my breast and I was worried that it could be Paget Disease. The doctor said that it was probably not cancerous and did a biopsy just to be certain. So I now currently have three stitches and can’t do any heavy lifting tomorrow at work. Now, I just have to wait for the results.

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I’m leaving for vacation tonight at 9pm. I will not be on the internet at that time, I will probably check in but I doubt I will write or respond to anyone. I will be back August 14th. See you guys soon! 

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"It doesn't really matter how my day has turned out?
I always end up living in this world of doubt
And sanity is a full time job
In a world that is always changing
And sanity will make you strong
If you believe in sanity."
-"Sanity" by Bad Religion

So work is really starting to get to me. My new owner is the strangest person I have ever met and I mean that in a bad way (that is the nicest way I can phrase that sentence). One day he is nice as pie to me and the next he is overly critical. He is constantly “critiquing” me in front of customers and I’m getting sick of it. I have been doing this job for two fuck years, if I was no good at it I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I did. I feel unappreciated and I just wish that for once he was say “You did a good job today” or “Great job on bread.” Instead it’s all “Wear smaller gloves” (for the record Medium gloves are too big for my hands and the small is too tight...sorry I have weird sized hands) or “Why didn’t you set the timer?! You should have looked! BREAD COMES FIRST” (no, customers come first! Customers always come first) or “Why didn’t you ask for a meal? You should have asked if he wanted a meal” (look, this guy has been coming twice a week since I have been working here and he never gets a meal. It’s a pointless question).

I was at the other Subway getting supper for my parents and me. To make a long story short, it was cheaper for me to get it at the other subway because the owner of my store is a cheapskate. I was talking to the manager who had been begging me to come work for her for months now. At the same time, I thought things were getting better at my store so I told her I would think about it. Today, she offered me the perfect shift since one of the ladies (who I worked with at the other store and I adore) is leaving. I’m not sure if I can pass this opportunity up. Would I be a bad person if I left my current store to work at the other one? Or do I have to do what’s best for me?

I don’t know what I am going to do but I have options. I do have enough money to pay off my student loan so that’s a plus. I just fear if I stay at my current store, I am going to have a nervous breakdown. He makes me feel crazy and I get anxiety just thinking about that place. If I do leave I will miss the staff and the customers but it all boils down to the crazy owner and my hours. I hope I will figure out what to do soon.

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If you get that title, chances are you have listened to "Welcome to Night Vale" at least once!

So this journal will be about how “Welcome to Night Vale” stopped me from leaving Subway in the most dramatic fashion. A few months ago, through dA I discovered the delightful podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” and absolutely fell in love. If none of you have ever listened to it, I highly suggest it (it’s also available of YouTube, in case, like me, you don’t have iTunes). “Welcome to Night Vale” is weird, frightening, and funny; there is no way to describe it without listening to an episode.

“A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.”

I know what you are thinking, “That’s all well and good but how did that stop you from storming out of work and causing a scene?” I’m getting to that. In Night Vale, the most bizarre things happen and the townspeople, just accept it and move on. That is Absurdism!

Absurdism is the idea that life is meaningless and despite a need for meaning, we will find none. There is three ways to deal with that: 1) suicide (I do NOT advocate suicide as a proper way to deal with it), 2) denial, or 3) acceptance. I am not an Absurdist but I applied this train of thought to subway.

So this is how the subway version of Absurdism works. Subway is crazy, the new owner is cheap and crazy, and nothing that we are told to do makes any sense. I have three options: 1) I can quit, 2) I can keep thinking that things are going to get better, or 3) I can accept it and move on. So I decided to just move on and I have adopted the new catchphrase, “Fuck it!”

So like in Night Vale, the people know that their town is crazy and frightening but they just accept it and live their lives. That I what I have decided to do with Subway! And if I had never listened to. “Welcome to Night Vale” I never would have made that connection. So I still work at Subway but I am trying to not to let the craziness bother me (trying is the key word).

Seriously though go listen to "Welcome to Night Vale" right now! Here's episode 1 for work involved!

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I am alive! Yay! I haven’t written one of these in a while so I guess I should do that.

I was sent to the downtown store for a couple of days last week because one of the staff members quit leaving them short on staff. I hate that store; it is so slow, so loud, and the customers are the rudest piece of trash I have ever met; I didn’t know where anything was and I had no idea how much bread to make. I was totally lost. The manager downtown is under the impression I will be covering more shifts at his store and I was like no. I told my manager I never want to work at that store again...I can’t deal with it right now.

The new owners of the store took over just before Easter. They seemed nice at first but everything in the store is changing and it is a bit too much to handle. I came back after being downtown and the whole bain was changed around. It may not seem like a big deal but it has been the same way for two years. It kind of like rearranging your furniture at home and then walking around in the are tripping over everything!
Also my other co-worker seems really chummy with the new owner since she has worked with him more and he seemed to be favouring her. Or I’m just PMSing and it’s all in my head...that is a very good possibility too!
I don’t know, I’m going to give it a few days. My friend, who still works at the other store that is still owned by the previous owner, says they are looking for more staff there. I may apply there if things still suck at my store...we’ll see!
Speaking of my friend, she found out she is having a baby boy. His name is Mason! I absolutely love his name. I have to find a baby present for her now. I still have until August but still I want the perfect gift for her.

Things have been really stressful with everything going on with my aunt’s house too. I’m not sure if I mentioned that. Anyways, my aunt lived in my dad’s childhood home and had a life lease on the house but my dad still owned it. She became a hoard and completely destroyed the house! We had cleaned it out before but in 10 years, it got back exactly the way it had been before.
She became sick due to an improper diet and decided to go into a nursing home (she is only 66 years dad is 72 and he still carries in wood for our woodstove every day). We were left to clean out all her junk for the house and because we cannot keep up two houses, we have decided to sell it. It broke my dad’s heart. We have been working at it since Christmas and it is still not cleaned out.
My grandmother was a collector of Blue Mountain Pottery and I wanted to have it. Out of the dozens of peice she had, we found four: a tiger, two deer, and a vase. I remember she had two huge stallion book ends, a turtle, a leaf plate, a bison....we couldn’t find any of them. We think they were either thrown away ten years ago or her boyfriend sold them.
Needless to say, this is all extremely stressful and the worst part is, my aunt shows no remorse for what she did to her family home nor does she show any gratitude for us helping her. I am totally done with her!
Of course, when my parents sell the house, my mom promised she would pay off the rest of my student loan which means, I WILL BE DEBT FREE!!! And I will be free to go back to school so I can finally escape my own personal hell known as Subway.

I had been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for the last month or two due to everything going on. At the same time, I decided to take up art journaling because a lot of artist found it very therapeutic and actually help with anxiety. I really enjoyed it and I found it helped to sort out a lot of issues I have. I am still suffering from them somewhat and I probably should go to the doctor about it but who has the time...

Well, I guess that is it for now...I can’t think of anything else! I will keep you all updated.

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So it looks like my boss is selling out store...well, he’s already sold it. The new owners take over next month and I have heard nothing but horrible things. My boss is making the announcement tomorrow but I already know because I’m friends with the area manager. I am really nervous about the changes so it is going to be a rough couple of months.

Speaking of the area manager, she just found out a few weeks ago that she’s pregnant. She thought back in December that she miscarried but it was actually hemorrhaging of the placenta or something like that; anyway the baby is fine. She almost five months along and I have never seen her so excited. I’m really excited for her for her too.

I really have nothing non-work related to talk about. Well, I guess that’s it for now! 

Also, why is there no longer a mood option?

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Okay, so I want to do a few MLP art trades. I will open three slots and I will post the rules below.

1) My Little Pony OCs only. No canon characters. Ponies only please (no dragons, gryphons, etc.)
2) You must have a ref that includes a cutie mark (if your ponies has one).
3) First come, first serve.
4) I will have my piece done in a week (at most) and I expect the same from you.
5) Please fill out the information below regarding your OC and I will reply with the same for mine.



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Wow, a lot has happened since my last journal. Work has been long and horrible! We hired four people since November; three were fired and the other quit! And we had to fire another staff member because of an incident. We are so short staffed it’s not even funny. And in January one of the staff is going home to India for two least our night guy will be back from paternity leave by then.

Also everyone at the store, me included, has been receiving phone calls in the early hours of the morning all within the same fifteen minute period from an unknown number. On December 8th, I got one at 4:25am and on December 16th, I got one at 12:51am. We are pretty sure that it is from our crazy ex-manager. But seriously, it has been four months, she needs to let it go.

With the season finale of “My Little Pony,” I found myself in serious case of pony withdrawal so I decided to return to reading the comics. Why is it that I cry every time I read a comic in which Sombra makes an appearance? He is just such a sad character! He is the Darth Vader of ponies and I can’t help but feel sorry for him.

Speaking of Darth Vader, I am super excited to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (even if someone spoiled the villain true identity for me). Also, don’t spoil it for me...I will block you! I have five days off at Christmas so far so I will probably go then. I also wanted to see “The Heart of the Sea” which means I will have to make a hard decision.

I do have all my Christmas shopping done early for once. I even have most of my presents wrapped...I just need to wrap one more! I had to wrap my mum’s first because she is a snoopy snoop and I can’t trust her not to rummage through my room, looking for presents, while I’m at work.

Well, I guess that it all for now! I can’t think of anything else. I hope to make another journal before Christmas but if not...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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I am looking for anyone who would be willing to give me a (or send me a link to a free) generation 1 (or gen 2) My Little Pony plushie pattern. I would like the Butterick pattern preferably but I have not been able to find any online sadly.

Here’s the reason why I want it. Back in the 80’s my brother loved My Little Pony and his favourite was a white Pegasus named Baby Graffiti. I would love to make a plushie of her for his Christmas present. I contemplated using a gen 4 pattern to make her but after some thought it would lose the nostalgic feel I wanted to give him.

So if you could offer me any help, please comment or send a note! 

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Wow, what a week from hell! A lot has happened since I last wrote a journal so let’s get that out of the way first. So my friend, the girl who was assistant manager, was promoted to area manager so now she looks after all three stores. Sadly, this means she is only working at our store twice a week. I miss her. However, since she isn’t there all the time, she recommended me to work her shift (9am – 3pm) on Thursdays and Fridays. I absolutely love getting off so early but the other girl I work with isn’t happy that I got that shift but that’s her problem. So now all of that is out of the way, onto my week of hell.

On Halloween I ended up working a 9 hour shift because the manager at the other store had an emergency; her fiancé called off their wedding (because he’s a cheating asshole). I get a call from my friend asking me to stay so the person I was working with could go to the other store to cover their manager’s shift. So I did that but I only did it because she was close to a nervous breakdown. I was not happy about that.

Then Tuesday November 3rd was “National Sub Day” which was marked on my calendar as Subway Doomsday. It was absolutely fucking awful! For those of you who don’t know, on National Sub Day, if you purchased a sub and a drink you got a second sub free! We had huge lines that never seemed to end. I ended up staying past my shift to help because it was unbelievable and I would feel horrible leaving them like that. I worked 10.5 hours that day and I was so exhausted. What made me really made is that two people who started after me (at 11am, I started at 9am) left before I did. However, I was too exhausted to care; I came home and went to bed.

There were other things like stupid co-workers and stupid customers but after National Sub Day they all seem so minor that I am not even going to discuss them.

So for anyone wondering my responses online were slow or non-existent, that’s why!

Oh, I ordered a Totoro print scarf online to go with my new winter jacket and I am really excited for that to come in. The scarf is really cute so I’m excited.

Also, I am obsessed with this song:

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If you are 18 or older, please go and vote tomorrow! Last election, voter turnout was the lowest ever. Despite what you think, one vote can make a difference! You can still vote even if you did not get a voter information card in the mail; all you need is to take the proper ID to your local polling station (check here:…).

Voting is not a right, it is a privilege! Remember, there are people in other countries literally dying for the chance to vote!

If you aren’t sure who to vote for, try the vote compass:   
It’s a helpful tool for first time voters and/or people who have no idea where to start!

When you don’t vote, you let others decide for you!

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Today, I am going to talk about fat shaming; this is something I want to talk about because it makes me mad. I am a big girl, I always have been but I am healthy and active.

Firstly, people have this idea that all plus-size people are lazy; that all they do is sit on their asses and eat all day. I am on my feet for eight hours a day, no breaks, and I work laps around the other people at my work. When I come home, I want to sit down and relax because I am exhausted...I’m sure you would be too.

Secondly, people think that plus-sized people are slobs, have no hygiene, and take no pride in their appearance. Hahaha, have you met me? I shower twice a day, every day. Sure, I may not get all dolled up to go to work but when I go out, I look get. I spend money to buy nice clothes that fit my body type. I like to look nice, we all do.

Thirdly, people think by fat shaming, you are going to make people lose weight. No, you’re bullying. I have been bullied about being fat my whole life. It turned me into a shy, cry baby. It wasn’t until university and working at subway afterwards, that I was able to break out of the shyness. I am me. I am a good person. I am fun and artistic and hardworking. No matter what size I am, I will always be those things.

I am going to tell you about a close friend of mine and that is why I wanted to talk about this. She is a big girl too. We went shopping together a few months ago because she needed a nice outfit for a party and she wanted my advice on fashion. After looking at a few places, she broke down. She told me that she used to be thin and she hadn’t been able to lose weight after the miscarriage. She hated that people made dig about it. I felt really bad about it and no one should have to feel like that. And of course, I told her no matter what size she was, I was going to find her something fabulous (which we did) and at the end of the day all that matter is that she was happy with herself. 

I am happy with my weight and I am happy with the person I am. I wish I could go back ten years ago and tell thirteen year old me that. I am a wonderful, beautiful person. I am not defined by the numbers of a scale. I am me and that is who I will continue to be.

And if you want to know how work is going, listen to this song:

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God, it’s been a long three weeks!

To start off, on September 3rd, my dad had a car accident. I was at work and got a call from my mom saying my dad was in an accident. Obviously, I thought the worse but thank God, he was fine (and no one was hurt) but our car was totalled. The old lady who hit him was charged with the accident for trying cross four lanes of traffic unsafely. So the long weekend was ruined for us and we are still trying to find a reliable second car (which would be our primary car).

In other news, the new manager for our store had been announced and I am really excited. The new manager is the assistant manager from the other store and my friend is assistant manager once more. We have a lot of issues to solve before our next evaluation but I feel that we will pull together. The store is much better now that my old manager is gone.

The last few weeks, I have been working long hours and I have been pushing myself to my limit during those hours trying to make the store shine. The last half of my shift consists of “babysitting” three new employees. I have been teaching them things, making prep lists for them, and even a bread list. It is exhausting doing all this during and after dinner rush. I think they are good people and they might work out but with two of them there is a bit of a language barrier and with the other guy well...he asked me, today, where New Zealand was...

I have been working weekends and evenings while the girl who started at the store almost six months after me doesn’t work past 4pm and has weekends off; I think this is unfair. Why should she have these fantastic hours and I have these crap hours? The answer is very simple; I know what I’m doing hence I need to train people and do other miscellaneous things while she gets to go home and relax because she doesn’t know crap. Screwed up logic but that’s the reason. Here’s a fun fact: I live in my parent’s house but because of my hours I only see my mom 15 hours in a five day period; I spend more time with my co-workers.

Anyways, I am jaded and exhausted! Goodnight everyone! Perhaps my luck shall change!

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*Sigh* Another day full of Subway drama but, at least, this might be the end of it. Today, the owner of our store called and told us the manager had been fired. There was no elaboration. The area manager came by and posted a not saying that the manager was no longer and that she would be acting manager until a new one was hire. I’m cool with that because honestly, I love the area manager. That is not the drama, however.

At 2:30pm, I got at text from the former manager saying, “Thanks for stabbing me in the back.” My friend, who was the former assistant manager got one saying, “You didn’t want my job eh...liar.” Another co-worker got one in which the former manager called her “a two-faced bitch.” Yup, this is how a 46 year old woman handles being fired. I didn’t respond because that was the smart thing to do.

An hour and a half later, I got another text from her saying, “This aint over trust me on that.” That is a threat! I am really nervous that she is going to do something now and she is crazy. Apparently another one of my co-workers got the same text.

Everyone else got nice text wishing them well and to watch out for the “slimeballs” they work with except for the three of us. We have no idea why but I don’t care anymore. I just can’t wait for this to be over and our jobs to get back to normal.

Well that it tonight, I will keep you updated.