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Watercolour Notebook #11: Kero-chan with Sunflower by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #11: Kero-chan with Sunflower :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 7 2 Watercolour Notebook #10: Fluff Tower by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #10: Fluff Tower :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 2 2 Watercolour Notebook #9: Squirrel with Peanut by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #9: Squirrel with Peanut :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 2 0 Watercolour Notebook #8: Okapi in MLP Style by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #8: Okapi in MLP Style :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 5 0 Watercolour Notebook #7: Baby Digimon and Bubbles by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #7: Baby Digimon and Bubbles :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 3 0 Watercolour Notebook #6: Digimon of Hope and Light by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #6: Digimon of Hope and Light :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 8 2 Sleeping Heifermon and Elecmon by Greenpolarbear47 Sleeping Heifermon and Elecmon :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 4 0 Watercolour Notebook #5: Digimon Brothers by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #5: Digimon Brothers :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 5 0 Watercolour Notebook #4: Lilith by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #4: Lilith :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 1 0 Watercolour Notebook #3: Qilin by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #3: Qilin :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 2 2 Watercolour Notebook #2: Fairy Mouse by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #2: Fairy Mouse :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 1 2 Watercolour Notebook #1: San's Mask by Greenpolarbear47 Watercolour Notebook #1: San's Mask :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 2 0 Happy 18th Birthday Deviantart! by Greenpolarbear47 Happy 18th Birthday Deviantart! :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 4 0 Zombie Cat by Greenpolarbear47 Zombie Cat :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 7 3
At the Edge of the Abyss: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Sapphire sat at the edge of the great city, her legs dangling over the edge as she stared down into the black Abyss. The Abyss was where the demons schemed and plotted against the angels or, at least, that was what they were told. The Abyss was a place every angel was supposed to fear but Sapphire found the Abyss a place of salvation, a place of peace where she could be herself; she knew that no one would bother her here out of out of their own fear of the endless darkness below.
Angels were what they called ‘righteous creatures’ but in truth there was nothing more righteous about an angel than a demon. Angels committed sins just as often as demons did but angels kept it more discreet; they hid their sins under fancy robes and smiled but the sins they committed were still there. They were characterized as a human-like creature with large bird wings on their back; wings large enough that they were able to fly. The most common angels had swan or dove wings but some
:icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 0 0
Yvette and Farkas by Greenpolarbear47 Yvette and Farkas :icongreenpolarbear47:Greenpolarbear47 4 0


Card Captor Sakura ~ Sakura and Syaoran by jennylizmanga Card Captor Sakura ~ Sakura and Syaoran :iconjennylizmanga:jennylizmanga 500 46
FEONI [Closed Original Species]
(pl. F E O N I E S )
* Feonies are a CLOSED SPECIES. *
** Please do not make your own without my permission. **
*** Yes, some information is based on true facts about owls. ***

F E O N I E S are human-like celestial beings who can shapeshift into an owl and back at will and who strive for knowledge.

No one really knows how or when Feonies came to be. Legend goes, they were created by one of the ancient gods of the old world, the goddess of wind, night and knowledge Feo, who could take the form of an owl. All Feonies are female and were at first called the daughters of Feo. It is said, they are the goddesse's celestial projection/replacement on Earth, because once the old gods were forgotten by the people, they were no longer allowed to make an apperiance on Earth. None of this can be proven though. Through the years
:iconbirdyblu:BirdyBlu 63 38
003 Feoni Adopt: Lavender [CLOSED] by BirdyBlu 003 Feoni Adopt: Lavender [CLOSED] :iconbirdyblu:BirdyBlu 145 9 Darkstalkers Felicia custom pony by LightningSilver-Mana Darkstalkers Felicia custom pony :iconlightningsilver-mana:LightningSilver-Mana 25 1 October Opal and Goldenrod by Yesterdays-Paper October Opal and Goldenrod :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 14 3 Commission - Fire Salamander Pond by PepperTreeArt Commission - Fire Salamander Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 101 2 Calico Koi Fish Galaxy Altoids Smalls Pond by PepperTreeArt Calico Koi Fish Galaxy Altoids Smalls Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 126 2 Commission - Axolotl Galaxy Tin Pond by PepperTreeArt Commission - Axolotl Galaxy Tin Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 104 0 Large Koi Galaxy Mint Tin Pond by PepperTreeArt Large Koi Galaxy Mint Tin Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 136 2 New Shop Items! by PepperTreeArt New Shop Items! :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 316 16 Dragon Christmas Ornaments by PepperTreeArt Dragon Christmas Ornaments :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 309 21 Spotted Eagle Ray Altoids Smalls Pond by PepperTreeArt Spotted Eagle Ray Altoids Smalls Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 102 0 GHIBLI // Porco Rosso by adrawer4ever GHIBLI // Porco Rosso :iconadrawer4ever:adrawer4ever 37 6 Commission // Rainbow Totoro by adrawer4ever Commission // Rainbow Totoro :iconadrawer4ever:adrawer4ever 79 7 * Mononoke Princess  * by greypandaart * Mononoke Princess * :icongreypandaart:greypandaart 42 3 May reference sheets by Kibbitzer May reference sheets :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 2,998 27


  • Listening to: "Natural" - Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
  • Playing: Howrse - Canadian Server
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I know I haven’t updated my journal in a year and I need to change that. However, the reason why I am writing tonight is because I am mad...actually, I am beyond mad...I am furious. With the news of a NAFTA deal being met has also brought news that my government has made concessions to the dairy industry.

For those of you who do not know, Canada is highly protective of its dairy industry and has something called supply management. Supply management basically means that government controls the amount of dairy that is produced to rig the price; it also puts high tariffs on foreign dairy. By rigging the price, it ensures that farmers get a fair price from their products. This is so farmers can support themselves and take care of their livestock.

With the new NAFTA deal allowing American dairy to flood the Canadian market, it will lower the price of dairy and cause Canadian farmers to struggle to make ends meet. For someone who comes from a farming community, I find this troubling and I have a great deal of anger towards the government for allowing this to happen.

I also want my American friends to know, I am not angry at you. I am angry at your President and my Prime Minister...mainly Trudeau.

Please note: The official deal has not been released yet and the Prime Minister has not spoken to the price. My anger may be quelled tomorrow when I saw the official deal; perhaps not as much of the dairy industry has been conceded as I believe.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Stop Harper Stamp by Greenpolarbear47 Bad Religion Stamp by KyoraSan We Need Love Too by KasaraWolf Conservation by soyrwoo RIP Mr. Layton by stuck-in-suburbia Canada Stamp by NoNamepje Help, please... by PixieRiot Do Something. by manticor save the polar bears by stampsbyjesper I hibernate by yarnluv NDP Stamp by acciosnitch Art at 3 AM by blackdahlia Night owl by prosaix Funny Pokemon Stamp by zafara1222 Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Quoth The Raven Stamp by SailorSolar Leather vs. Fur by alaska-is-a-husky Ravens Stamp by sequelle Oil Spill by dragon-sigma Traditional Art Stamp by darkartificer Revolution Towards Democracy by dragon-sigma Rise Against Fan by Dante3o3 Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold teddy stamp by findyQ 241 - Miltank by Marlenesstamps I Draw Animals Stamp by AmethystKirby Socialism as an Insult Stamp by Spikytastic Punk Means Stamp by Spikytastic Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Animal Right vs Welfare by PaleoClipperArt

Fun Facts about Me
1. I love politics! I often refer to it as my first love. I discovered environmental studies the following year and it turned out to be my true love but politics is forever in my heart.
2. I want to be Prime Minister one day.
3. I have an Honour BA in Environmental Governance.
4. I love animals. I have an interest in endangered and extinct species. My favourite animal is a polar bear and I have a soft spot for elephants.
5. I love animal print and feathers (and I liked them before they were cool).
6. I love foreign films, B movies, and classic films.
7. I’m a punk at heart.
8. My mom always says, that if I was born in the 70’s, I would have made a good hippy.
9. I am an environmentalist that could be described as an ecocentric, pessimistic sustainable developer.
10. My hero is Nicola Tesla.
11. My wardrobe is vegan (except for a few wool sweaters and a jacket) but I am not a vegetarian or a vegan.
12. My favourite author is H. G. Wells.
13. I live by this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
14. I love chocolate and cheesecake.
15. If you want to know anything else about me just ask me! I don't bite!


I got four new pieces of Blue Mountain Pottery today: a Canada centennial mug (now a pencil holder) and three ducklings. After 45 minutes of cleaning them, they are just as shiny as my other pieces.

I have been keeping a betta (on and off) for the last 10 years but I am, by far, not an expert. After the death of my third year old half-moon betta, Albireo, I got a new betta for my birthday. He is a beautiful yellow and black crown tail I named Kaito.

I have been caring for him the same way I have cared for my other bettas. Kaito is eating well and seems generally healthy, however, he only stays on the right side of his tank. My dad and I turned the tank around so he was on the left and he swam to the right side again. The side of the tank he is on is sparse; there are no plants or anything. Is he sick or is just quirky? 

Watercolour Notebook #11: Kero-chan with Sunflower
From my watercolour notebook. So Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favourite anime and manga of all time and I am super into the Clear Card Arc right now which is my I felt like drawing Kero-chan. I decided to draw him with a sunflower because it is mentions in the manga to be his favourite flower. I am planning one with Suppi and poppies (and something with Momo-chan).
Watercolour Notebook #10: Fluff Tower
From my watercolour notebook. This was just something cute, simple, and fun I did on a Sunday. I just really really love it! I would like to have plushies of every single one of them. 
Watercolour Notebook #9: Squirrel with Peanut
From my watercolour notebook. I like squirrels and we feed them peanuts all the time at home; we even have a couple who come to the door when they see us pass by. This was my first time using Koi watercolours so I just did something simple without any ink lineart. I really like Koi watercolours; nice pigment and they go on smooth. 


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