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Shin-Ah V3 (Akatsuki no Yona) Minimalist Wallpaper

Third Shin-Ah minimalism, which I will need for my Four Dragons wallpaper :)

by NINE (Sapphire)…

Made using Adobe Illustrator

Akatsuki no Yona by:
© Kusanagi Mizuho Hakusensha / Akatsuki of Jonah Production Committee
Character design by Maho YOSHIKAWA
Official Website:
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Hi! Your art is so great!! I love this anime series ^.^
Also, I was wondering if there's somewhere you learned how to do this type of art- and what program do you use? 
Thanks so much!! :D
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You can check out the group called TheMinimalists, they're the ones who inspired me to do these artworks :) and I use Adobe Illustrator

Thank you so much!
This is just a suggestion so you don't have to do it but you should do one for his squirrel aoi :3 unless you already thought of it hehe
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So you plan on doing one with all 4 of them?
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Yup, just like the Elementario wallpaper (all thanks to your idea :salute: )
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Aha sweet, maybe this time instead of having different coloured background between them, just take the characters.
Put them on a new canvas and have the same background. Depending on how they work together.
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