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I use Inkscape to do these wallpapers. I don’t plan to post anything here anymore. Hope you understand!

You are free to download these wallpapers for your personal use only. If reposting, kindly include link to my dA. Do not sell them, thanks!

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Kinda sad that you don't make wallpapers anymore. You were one of the artists who inspired me to do that myself, and the reason why I even joined DeviantArt in the first place.


Yeah sadly I don't plan on continuing, pretty busy irl and the pandemic changed my situation a bit. But thanks for the kind message!

I wish you well. Have a good life!

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Hi! I’m sorry I do not plan to make wallpapers anymore, hope you understand!

What a shame! Anyways, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work, and hope you have a wonderfull time.