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Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, somehow had her Alicorn power and form taken away, and has been given to Trixie, now known as Trixie Lulamoon, The Princess of Everything Great and Powerful!

This can be viewed in several ways. It's up to you. lol

I wish there was a future episode where Twilight and Trixie switched places in an interesting way.

Twilight Vector Done By :iconquanno3:
Princess Trixie Done By :iconjeatz-axl:
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you better fix it Trixie
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"Trixie stole Twilight's alicorn-hood"?

Huh. Would've figured this was more of a reference to the IDW-mirror universe. :shrug:
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Is it wrong that the picture makes Twilight look like she's trying so hard not to laugh in Trixie's face? Like she knows Trixie is just "borrowing" it, and it's the funniest thing ever?

- Polecat
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That's what I was thinking too! Glad I'm no the only one.
"Kneel before your betters, Dorklight Snarkle! Get used to it, for you have been chosen as Trixie's indentured handmaiden. It is my preorgative as princess to make you tend to my every whim as you watch in awe while the Great and Powerful Trixie proves herself a greater princess than you ever were!"
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Twilight Sparkle, "Good riddance. I never WANTED that power anyway."
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Twilight never asked to be a princess, but I'm pretty sre she enjoys being an alicorn now and woldn't be happy about this situation.

Unless she's acting like that to make Trixie see it's not all fun and games?
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Trixie: "Wait...WHAT?!?"
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"I never ASKED to be a princess! I just wanted to learn and understand! I hope this power makes you HAPPY Trixie."
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"Trixie...thinks it will. VERY much--may Trixie indulge herself in a brief bout of triumphant laughter? It may SOUND villainous, but Trixie believes it is appropriate."
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"Just watch out for whatever Celestia drops you on as senior Princess."
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"...Why does Trixie feel that she will face karma for her craving of power all of a sudden?"
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"Don't ask me, find out what the other Princesses want to do with you. This is what you WANTED isn't it Trixie? To be an Alicorn Princess?"
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"Trixie DID, but....she can't help but feel this will bite her in the flank somehow.."
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Cant tell if shes laughing or in pain
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She's trying to force a smile for Princess Trixie, but is in real pain. lol
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