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Limestone Pie Vector

She has quite a nasty glare on her face all the time, doesn't she? lol

Vector put together in Photoshop!

Limestone Pie is owned by Hasbro
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Limestone Pie: "Trying to piss me off?"
I'm glad at the end of the episode we get to see the kind side of Limestone Pie after AJ apologized to the Pies and Limestone and the other pies forgave the Apples and at the end of the episode we see Limestone happy and sharing some bread rolls with Applebloom and the others that was nice
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Steve: That's a nice boulder you have there. *touches holders boulder*
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Limestone: DON'T TOUCH HOLDER'S BOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Limestone: *jumps and kicks Steve hard in the nuts*
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Steve: *in big pain* OWWWWWWW.*fainted*
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Limestone: *snorts*
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Limestone is the most sour one of her sisters. That cutie mark fits her character perfectly. She's my least favorite Pie. Pinkie Pie is the best, Maud is 2nd, Marble is 3rd, and she is 100% last.
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For me, it goes Limestone > Pinkie > Maud >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Marble.

Limey is one of my favorites in the show for sure :P
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Okay, I'm just not a big fan of her.... I respect your opinion though.
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Why? Because she's a mean character and not all nice or cute
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"Limestone" is one word, not two.
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