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The rainbow of death and despair!
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rainbow of shit laughing joking numbnuts

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This company will always be remembered as one of the worst videogame 3rd party companies to ever exist.
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LJN thought it would be a great idea to produce a line of realistic water guns than there were  incidents in which law enforcement officers shot and killed children toting toy guns, claiming to have mistaken them for actual firearms in  addition, there were report incidents of criminals utilizing toy guns in robberies of retail establishments and even banks.
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Now that makes this logo edit even more logical!
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I like their old rubber WWF figures and ring more than their games. 
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I agree, I had a lot of those as a kid.
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*cleverly describes each color with atributes of the company* Yeah!
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Purple for putrid gameplay, blue for bad musical abomination, green for graphical farts and garbage, yellow for piss poor lack of source material, orange for orange you fucking idiot, and red for high stress anger induced mechanism.
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Put that all together, you've got all the colors of the Shit Rainbow. Hooray, LJN.
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