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"C'mon, babs! Gizza big smile fer the camera!"
"O-oh, like... like this?"
"Bonzer! They're gonna love ya!"

Heyoo~! So, back in January I started working on a sequel of sorts to Fittttt and Littttt, which I'd already been working on since the previous month:
You can see the similarities in the basic structure, I'm sure. And it generally went better than the previous pic, so I ended up just wanting to finish this one instead! But I felt I should finish the first one, first. You know? And I mean, it took a few months, but it's done now, so it was time to finish these two crocogirls. However, this one's shading had already been finished, so it just needed a background, some backlighting, and some tweaks.

But this time I was inspired by someone else's anthro Sandile - now you don't see anthro Sandile all that often, but this one had very pretty eyes (and grotesquely over-exaggerated proportions, but anyway). So I drew my own. As for the Totodile, she's a design I drew a couple of times in Don't Break the Chain:
She's Australian now, I guess. I don't love how she turned out here (some of the proportions are just off), but it was kind of too late to change them. On the other hand, I DO love how Sandile turned out! She's extremely cute. I think the eyes do a lot for the picture as a whole. Also, look! A proper, fully-rendered, REAL, BACKGROUND!!! Yeah, I originally intended to do a fudged, out-of-focus, vaguely tropical backdrop in the same kind of style as Big Lass' background:
But I suddenly decided to try something a bit more realistic. A view of a beach, looking out to sea, is a pretty simple landscape. The most difficult parts are the surface of the water (which I just fudged since it's not that visible anyway) and the white froth at the shore. I'm actually quite proud of what I managed to do for that. I basically experimented with a bunch of spattery brushes, i.e. fiddling with brush spacing, angle and size jitter, and such, to make them look the part. I found the perfect brush out of the paint spatter brushes I downloaded all the way back in 2015. And to finish it off, I did an Iris Blur around the edges, something I'm not usually a fan of but thought would look nice here if done tastefully.

I have one more unfinished anthro Pokemon pic, this time one I started in April... that one's nowhere near finished, though...
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loving the sandile. shes a cutie

yoyolink12's avatar
Oh my god they're so cute !
Your style is reaally nice ! ^^
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alligators are sweet
RexiMls's avatar
well my freind ;c
arts really not bad
and color too ;c; huh
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Good morning, Those Crocs Are Gorgeous!!!!!!.
AskGoverntale's avatar
Gotta respect the name. Finally some Crocs I want to be seen with!
TheLonePonyboy's avatar
You did a great job.
Totodile is my favorite Pokémon.

Two absolute truths... but in this case they’re clashing. It’s complicated.
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is that a representation of undyne and alphys?
GreenLinzerd's avatar
Uh... no? I guess I can see the similar dynamic, but it's just a coincidence.
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Dey is too cool for da beach. <3 
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I love the thickness of their arms. I love athletic arms!
Insert Steve Irwin joke here:
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This looks pretty cool :P
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