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RIP CSV by greenleo94 RIP CSV :icongreenleo94:greenleo94 4 1 Jumping Sharpei by greenleo94 Jumping Sharpei :icongreenleo94:greenleo94 3 0 Trotting Horse Sketch by greenleo94 Trotting Horse Sketch :icongreenleo94:greenleo94 1 0
Losing Ground
you remember back when
it used to snow here
crystalline monuments
to the cold braced against
dark round-shouldered pines
the earth could bear that burden
the silence of december
the cloak of dazzling white down
hiding a shy smile
in early morning starlight
january used to roll over
blending into all the passive
winter months
now your boots sink into
piles of leaf litter and muck
deep into the soil
yesterday I walked into the forest
the creek swollen with rainmelt
and the ground shivered
and slid out from beneath me
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 1 0
three days is an ache
in my lungs
swallowing the sea
swimming to you
come home
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 2 5
is that lazy old dog
basking on the porch
in the new sun
not quite hot enough
to ease his joints
the mornings are heavy
with the sounds of
traffic and baby birds
rasping brooms
frost on the lawn
and a chilled breeze
lurking between the hills
all the windows
the burrows and nests
are flung wide open
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 1 8
Landing not Falling
that one girl in school:
first chair violin
with a voice
like wind through reeds
her eyes moss green,
shiny like river stones
jaw sharp as a knife
but her smile kind
the one who
sits with you
during study hall
sits so close
across the table
you can’t speak
except she asks you questions
and you must
my soul
carved out a niche
in the desert
and i bloomed
like a cactus flower
you were
a brisk winter morning
shocking my lungs
i had no clue
staring at your lips
hooking my chin over your shoulder
hands on your waist
coming alive at your smell
wanting to rub against you
like your cat
finding my sagebrush skin
covered in frost
could mean one thing
it took years and
one night seeing you
dressed up at your recital
dancing with another man
i think i’m at least bisexual
what do you think?
i ask around
the bubblegum snapping
in my mouth
my arms are spread
like the stripling limbs of a tree
as i walk along the curb
you know that’s wrong, right?
i stare at her walking
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 3 5
Adult Ribs Break
toddler on the table
bleeding out from
a .22 to the gut
nicking the aorta
and bursting open
but there’s no blood
not yet
not with the hurried
bandage and stitches
covering a brutal incision
6 inches long
the surgeon rips
through the gauze
and the blood pool
spills and his intestines
gleam deep sickly mauve
shoved aside for
gloved hands that plunge
deep into the cavity
fingers slipping
over the vessel
applying pressure
a tech starts CPR
hoping to squeeze
a heart back to life
and you can feel
the little rib cage
and you can feel it
against the aorta
beneath your finger tips
pumping pumping
for over 20 minutes
in vain
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 3 13
days old
no tube in that mouth
just eyes taped shut
and one long incision
clavicle to pubic bone
they took your heart
and carried the body
down to the morgue
it was the size of a large strawberry
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 4 0
i don't believe in luck
and I look at him like he's
dancing around crying
three heads and
you don't believe in luck
luck some magical force
hovering above everyone's heads
altering events like a mad gnome
no crystal balls here
just probabilities
all these people going to this deli right
one of those mom and pop places
but you're the only one who ever
finds a hair in your sandwich
improbable but most definitely
it doesn't actually happen to you
it just happens
that’s not luck
but it still happens
it's uniquely your experience
to pull some tendril beard vine
woven between your molars
into the light
has to happen to someone
if a hair exists someone has to find it
maybe you or joe
or not in your lifetime
just like one person
will never find a hair
in any of their sandwiches
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 1 2
Untitled II
dirt like a second skin
was braided into his chipped
nails along with the ragged edge
of his sweatshirt sleeve
his fingers almost brushed mine
as his fist closed around the fruit
I've never met someone so willing
to accept help from a stranger
humble grateful you could see it
in his eyes like the banana was
some colorful bird of paradise
alighting on his hand
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 2 2
a feeling like
birds nesting
building my body
from twigs and straw
where once
there was brick
you, woodpecker,
peck peck pecking away
then flitting
through the forest
dropping feathers
on the needle carpet,
pine cones, silver firs,
great boughs laden
with snow, bears
sleeping beneath
the ice while
the sun hold hands
with the mountains
the stars were
never so bright, love
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 1 0
Golden State
mom was pushing me
up Via del Lobo
in my stroller
my pudgy baby hand
stroking the long grass
folded with dew
over the low-lying
yellow brick wall
it was cold that morning
the sky white
before the sun burned
all the sea-fog away
and so early
there were still
snails lining the sidewalk
i leaned out
deftly scooping up
one poor fellow
and turned
prize in hand
so show mimi
but we had stopped
dead in our tracks
snared by the gaze
of a coyote
across the street
those yellow eyes
like pale light
reflecting off of
high desert sand
eight hundred
miles away
a lifetime later
but nothing a
fourteen hour
drive northwest
couldn’t fix
the waters around the bay
are always cold
pulled from the northern pacific
and iced along the way
people all along the beach
give me the strangest looks
when i plunge in without
much hesitation
up to my shoulders
dancing with the surf
diving for sand dollars
but the truth is
the water is painful
shocking me to
the point of asphyxiation
i just miss it so much
it hurt
:icongreenleo94:greenleo94 4 5
The Gang by greenleo94 The Gang :icongreenleo94:greenleo94 0 0 Butterfly by greenleo94 Butterfly :icongreenleo94:greenleo94 3 2 Castro by greenleo94 Castro :icongreenleo94:greenleo94 1 0


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I'm an active, outdoorsy person with an incredible lazy streak. :P Also I want to be a surgeon.

Oh and, you know, just to get this out of the way: I'm gay. Simple as that. ;P
Ah sorry for dropping off the face of the world for a while. I checked my recent activity and it said "unknown" so I guess it's been a while. XD

I'm pre med and majoring in Chinese as well as working and trying to balance a social life so DA kind of went bye-bye.

For those of you who remember me and/or just want to feel free to comment about what you guys have been up to! :heart:

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